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Rikara one shot healing her


” no shivaay it was wrong. You should have not hid this from me ” said omkara firmly. He was truly disappointed with his brother and sister in law.

” om, gauri did not want you to

know and she had pleaded with anika not to reveal this to

you ” explained shivaay.


” but still you should have let me know. I could have comforted her. You don’t even understand shivaay how failed I felt when I came to know the whole thing with others. My wife was molested in my house and I did not have clue of it. You people hid that from me when you people knew that gauri could needed me more than anyone that time” he retorted angrily.


” om.. ” shivaay being to explain but omkara cut him off ,

” you don’t understand shivaay. God forbid, what it was anika bhabhi instead of gauri and we had hid the things as you did. You finally get to know the whole thing with the audience. Won’t you feel like a fool? Won’t you feel that you have failed as

a husband ?. Then when you come for an explanation I would have repeated the same reason which you

gave? ” asked omkara , his gaze hardening .

Shivaay was furious at hearing omkara’s words but he realized analysing the situation. He could have been angered if anything like that happened to his anika, he would have never forgiven anyone nor himself for letting anika go through this.


” I’m sorry om ” he apologized to his brother feeling guilty for not letting omkara not knowing the truth on time.

” we are sorry om “added anika.

Omkara shook his head negativity and walked away. None of this apologies will make him forget that what had happened?.


Gauri closed her eyes in misery as she remembered what had happened today?

” no I will not break . I’m strong ” she reminded herself.

She could not believe that she fell so weak in front of someone. She was all ready to let him go. She never was like this.

” gauri ” omkara walked in.

” ji omkara ji “answered gauri turning towards her husband with a smile.

Omkara did not fail to notice her tear strained face but did not speak anything.

” are you alright gauri? ” he asked her holding her arms.

” ji omkara ji Hume kya Ho sakta

hai? Hum bilkul teek hai ” gauri said taking a step back.

” gauri ” omkara leaned into her but gauri flinched as he touched her making omkara worried.

” omkara ji Hume sona hai ( I want to sleep) ” said gauri.

She closed her eyes pretending to sleep. Everytime she closed her eyes, all she could remember was the incident and how helpless she was.

” why? “she cried softly.


Omkara woke up in middle of the night by some noise and looked around to figure out what it was. He looked beside him and realized it was gauri sobbing.

” gauri ” he called out. She did not give a reply instead she continued to sob. All of sudden she started coughing making him worried.

He lowered his hand to her forehead and realized she had a high fever.

” water ?” she asked him.

He hurriedly poured the water in the class and offered to her. He watched her drinking the water for sometime.

As she handed him the glass back to him, she looked at him ” I’m sorry omkara ji because of me. You had to endure a big loss ”

” gauri it’s nothing like that. Did I not tell you. I would cancel hundreds of deals like this. Any deal is not worth your dignity gauri ” he said to her.

He took out of the medicine box from the drawer ,rummaging through the medicines until he found one.

” you did not have dinner? ” he said to her. It was more like a statement then a question.

” I was not hungry ” said gauri. How could she tell him that she was ashamed of facing everyone now.

He felt like scolding her but one look at her face stopped him. She was burning with fever.

Without waiting for her answer, he walked out of the room. After few minutes, he was back with plate of food.

” eat ” he ordered her.

” I don’t want to ” replied gauri.

” you can’t have medicines with empty stomach and you have a high fever gauri ” he said her.


He sighed sitting next to her, he started feedingnext to her, he started feeding her up and once he finished he gave her tablets which gauri took reluctantly.

” I’m sorry for worrying you ” she said to him.


” what has happened to you gauri? Why are you thinking yourself as a burden. Where has my gauri disappeared who had the guts to stab Kali thakur? Why have you become so helpless Now? Where has my rebellious gauri disappeared? You are not the one who would bear

injustice? Where has my dabang gauri disappeared? ” asked omkara.


He was disappointed with his wife.

She was one of the strongest woman he had met in his life. She was not a coward and was a fighter. She was innocent but not native. Her dignity was not a trade for him. Hell with his family reputation.


” I thought you would be in loss because of me. Our family reputation would be ruined. Your career will take a backseat ” gauri answered unsure about her actions. She did think this things right.


” do you think I care about it. Nothing is more important than you for me. Sometimes I do feel that my love has weakened you instead giving you strength. You are not the same gauri whom I met in barilley. I bet that gauri could have not let anyone break her but either teach him a lesson. Your my inspiration in my works. Do you know why? It’s because you have the rare combination of innocence and bravery in you. Don’t ever ruin it for anyone or anything ” He cupped her face as he said this words.

Gauri could not help as she looked at her husband amused. She never knew this things.


” I’m sorry omkara ji ” she whispered.

” promise me gauri. You will not repeat this and if anything like this happens. You would come to me first. No matter what I will here for

you ” assured omkara.


” I promise ” gauri smiled at him. Omkara kissed her forehead before they retired to sleep.


All of sudden omkara was again woken up from the sleep and turned around to gauri and found her distributed , frown settled on her eyebrows and she shook her head a little from side to side as if trying to push away her thoughts.

His heart ached when he heard her whispers ” please leave me, don’t come near to me, go away “. He immediately understood she is having nightmares now.

Instinctively he wrapped his arms around her and spooned her from behind. Feeling his touch, gauri slept feeling ease and content and stopped her whispers.

He moved away her fair from the face and embraced her closer. He looked at her as she slept.

He knew it was not over. Gauri had just plastered a fake smile on her face in front of everyone. This incident had deeply affected her both physically and mentally. The wounds are depended on both her soul and body. It was not easy for her to forget. It was not easy for her to get healed.

The nightmares were just the start. There was more to come. He knew he was ready to fight for her. He knew he will heal her one day with his love and warmth. He knew one day he would make her the same strong woman she was once. He knew one day she would realize that she was his first priority as he was Hers. Till now she had moved mountains for him and he will not back off when she needed the same thing. He will heal her one day.


Me too track and the expectations?

I do regret excepting so much from gul like really? Trust me I avoided watching it from days but the praises I heard made me watch.

Shrenu was fabulous but except there was nothing to watch in the track.

I still don’t understand why did they choose gauri for this?. Out of all the characters gauri was the strongest for me at least. She being victim really was serious character butchering for me.

Did I expect a rikara conversation private one? Silly me too much to ask right? Did I expect the track will have full focus on gauri?

I do love myself for watching this track in hotstar I could at least fast forward the other lame things . I’m disappointed with the track.

I don’t hold any grudges against shivika but is it necessary to glorify sso in every track like really? ShivaayShivaay’s speech was ott. Omkara discovering the whole thing with audience was worse. I did feel angry with anika when she asked to hid this from om. I do get she was not totally wrong but she should have realized that more than anyone gauri needed her husband at that time.


I won’t watch ishqbaaz but just turned it on in hotstar for this track only because I wanted to watch shrenu performing. I do regret watching it. Why did I even a except well written track? Ib and well written tracks for other couples except shivika is nothing less than miracle.


The track was rushed. Gauri was almost molested and she was being all normal next day. Don’t tell me she does not get any nightmares after this?. They are making fun of molestation or what? Telling the woman will be all ok after slapping the molester? Like really it will take days for woman to recover.


The producer can rot in hell. Sadly except shernu performance nothing will stay with me in this track. The revolution is total failure because of poor execution.

The effect which they wanted to create on the audience they failed to.


I did write this os just because I did want this to happen in the baseless serial. I don’t watch ib anymore and have nothing to do with it.


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