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ReAl WoRlD oF dREAmED GirL

The story was begin in 17th of june 1994, its not a special date but it was for a newly married couple who saw their first baby. But it is a girl not a boy.. as we very well aware that the mindset of all citizens to that years is a baby boy… who praised their “ Family “ or who go along with family reputation….

The baby girl name as Mona…her father is third son of family… big family, with little hearts.. family details as required uploaded …like every family there is quarrels…after 5 years they got their baby boy.. named as Mayur… all of children in our family studied in hindi medium school except Master Mayur because of mom fighting against this…

Mona had very simple life at class 5 their family gets separated from this big family but stay at same house with diff. kitchen….all of bro. is separated time to time..because of my dadi.. dadu wrote all this things is his diary.. which we read after his death..me at class 7th. …I took many steps but no one tears fall from my eyes..bcoz that age I am not in situation to understand what is death..

Due to only daughter of my dad.. he never ask me to learn the work of kitchen upto class 12…my hobbies is singing a song (but my family says my voice is too bad.. so I took decision to talking to them with limits.) even they don’t know I singing  song in terries when I alone..even I make few lines when I happy, sad, driving…. The other one hobby was to pamper myself..s there in my family my first bade papa has three children..two son and a daughter… di is doing ll my painting work of school..that’s y my painting is v bad…( but what I do ..when I was attempt to paint or draw a thing first time my mom discourage me..by saying isse nahi hoga )…this break me a lot when your mom discourage you…the other side is my 2nd bade papa has 4 daughters.. her mother alwys praised her in front of every one…even my mom too.. my all ladies of family never praised me in front of any one.. even I took steps to work before they says “ kya jarurat thi” nd vahi work agar koi aur kare toh..tooo manners full..you should learn.

Due to I faced depression whole journey to till date…but there is something interesting between this..which I post for u..before this plz red nd comment on this…

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