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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 78

The girls starts heading to Arora house for their pagphere ritual. They are welcomed by Sarla and Dadi very happily

Dadi : where are your husbands? did you left them at home

Shrishti : don’t ask dadi, its only one day and they are behaving like its been many years of torture like really

Preeta : exactly now I know this brothers only wanted to irritate us

Shrishti : no di Rishabji’s case is opposite his wife is full of tantrums like this shorty and my Karan is very nice

Preeta : finally you came to your self, I don’t want to talk with you

Shrishti : di listen to me

“You both came where is Tanya “ Sarla’s question stops Preeta

Shrishti : di after coming back she is behaving so weird, I feel our real Tanya is left back in Rajasthan this one we don’t know

Preeta : stop with your blabbering, go and change (leaves)

“I am certainly sure now Di knows something that she is hiding from all of us, but I am also your sister I will find out soon” Shrishti gets suspicious

Karan and Sameer comes there to join the girls for ritual. They remain annoyed at them

Karan : did you see aunty how they torture us we haven’t done anything

Dadi : girls arrange your room properly now both sons have come of this house

Shrishti : arrangement? I will make such that this son will always remember

Preeta : right if tonight I don’t blow them then my name will not be Preeta Karan Luthra

“Welcome to our room my dear husband” Preeta says sweetly

Karan : baby doll are you okay? your sweetness is diabetic to me

Preeta : no no my dear husband, this is your room come (gets close to him)

Karan gets suspicious with her bold behavior and tries to leave with excuse

“Its very romantic night sweetheart come lets make it blissful” Preeta starts sensuous dance to scare him

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me 

Ah Zara Zara .. Oooo Ooo Ooo 

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara

Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah Zara Zara

Oooo Ooo Ooo 

( Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum

Dum Da Dum Da Dum

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum )… (2)

Karan runs away scarily outside the room. Preeta laughs his behavior

Shrishti spread roses on bed and sits under red veil in between. Sameer gets shocked to see her new avtar and small bottle of dadi’s cough syrup near her.

“Tall pole are you okay” Sameer lifts the veil

Shrishti : of course i am okay my shorty, my love (wraps arms around him)

Sameer : you are drunk? is everything okay

“Do you know how much I feel guilty for this morning, I behaved so rudely with you, give me whatever punishment you want” Shrishti pounces on him funnily

Sameer is about to leave but Shrishti throws a veil on him

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Main Chali

Banke Hawa

Rabba Mere

Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Main Chali

Banke Hawa

Rabba Mere

Mainu Bacha

Sameer runs out of room leaving her drunk inside the room.

Karan : oh my god, please save us I will offer 10 coconuts tomorrow

Sameer : no break those on this girls’ head, I didn’t knew all this happen after marriage bhai

Karan : as if I knew, this marriage will be long gum chewing inside mouth

Sameer : we have to do something now, its matter of our reputation

Karan : I know what to do (whispers something into his ears)

Sameer : now this girls will pay heavy tomorrow is lodi, time has come

Tanya sits in church praying for strength to face the storm.

“I faced everything you gave to me but today that courage is also lost somewhere please give me back that today” Tanya have tears while praying and touches her bump

Outside she sees a lady shouting at a man for beating her child. He scolds her for bad upbringing to her son.

Lady : how dare you touch my son? he is not your property he did mistake and said sorry

Man : then explain your son why does he always break my glass

Lady : he won’t do again, and you cannot behave like that with small child, we woman’s pierce your soul to bring another life and you all don’t think twice before hurting them


Nandini gives piece of mind to Tanya about her childish behavior due to her dad.

Nandini ; dear becoming mother does not mean just to give birth, you also have to give them good values, make them sit on head but show them right way, love them but make sure to teach wrong and right path

Tanya : I have decided if I have girl she will be crazy like me but I want her to have qualities of my Rishab loving, gentle who can never judge somebody from outside

Nandini : thank god she will not be like you or else you will spoil her with all the tantrums

Tanya : mom if you remember that saying daughters are spoiled by their dad

Nandini ; yea right just like your dad took all your tantrums listen to me now, you promise me that you will make your child strong like rock, give her comfort and stand like pillar

Tanya :  You know what I don’t have to worry when our baby will have such young grandparents you, Rakhi aunty Mahesh uncle why do we need to worry

“I don’t know how you always find jokes in seriousness stupid girl” Nandini gets annoyed with her antics

Tanya : mom listen you could have at least massaged my head

Nandini ; I won’t even after explaining so much  your pea brain will never understand

Flashback ends 

Tanya walks inside construction recalling her childhood flash of somebody beating her. Every memory touched her soul breaking into pieces.  The final nail in the coffin was losing her reputation and honor in front of monster. She sits in corner holding her knees tightly together under darkness with some light around in room.

“Dear this world is very cruel, but you control your rage until somebody tells to compromise with your self respect, defeat that power who dare to play with your respect. One day a prince came to take me (recalls Rishab) but not everybody is not true like my prince, you do only what your heart agrees. Don’t be scared of anybody or else they will crush you under ground. Never bow down in front of injustice nor accept defeat if anybody dares to play with your emotions” Tanya talks to baby inside her with broken voice holding small puppet in hand

She meets to the most shocking person whom she had not seen for a while. The memories flood in her mind of the fateful night.

“You?” she asks

Sherlyn : how are you?

Tanya nods positively

“Congratulations” Sherlyn wishes her best

Tanya : thanks, and sorry i could not call you we changed place in last minute

Sherlyn : thats okay, because of me last time your marriage was stopped if I came again and something happened

Tanya : forget the past, I have learned to moved on in life

Sherlyn : come home someday mom will be very happy to see you

Tanya : won’t you take me right now, after marriage girl goes to her parents’ house

Sherlyn happily takes at her mom’s home

The girls reaches

“Mom look who is here” Sherlyn calls her

Sanjana : tanya (gets in tears) how are you

“I am fine Masi how are you” hugs her

Sherlyn : mom said until you don’t forgive me she will not talk with me

Tanya : aunty whatever happened was not in our hands forgive her

Sanjana hugs both her daughter happily

“Wait you came inside just like this, go at door I wanted to do your welcome” Sanjana says going inside to get prayer tray giving warm welcome to her

Tanya decides to go at Sarla’s house too for the ritual.

Tanya : aunty actually I have to go at Sarla aunty’s house

Sanjana : okay dear I will let you go but only

on condition that you come here again

Tanya : promise aunty

Sherlyn : come I will drop you at Sarla aunty’s house in car

Tanya : sure

Arora house

Sarla : wait dear right there (does her aarti) I asked girls but they said you went out

Tanya : sorry aunty I was busy whole day, did Rishab came here

Sarla : I talked with him, he said he will come once you reach, come have dinner

Tanya : I will eat when he comes back

“Ms hungry bird, bhai said you eat he will get late from meeting” Karan comes to taunt

Tanya : I am not like you na, who would get fooled by own beloved

“You” Karan is stopped by Sameer

Tanya sits in room leaning against bed handle on floor when Rishab comes there. He sits opposite to her on other side.

“You know I made promise to myself when I decided to marry you that I will commit myself to you for lifetime and our child will never face the problem we did” Tanya says with small smile on her face

Rishab : is there any space for me in this small family (asks her emotionally)

“How can I give you that when my whole heart is with you” rest her head on his shoulder

“Tanya we will face this phase together like always promise” caress her hair

Both share their intense hug reducing the never ending pain of their life

Precap : Lodi celebration

Roo creates situation to make Sahil stay at Luthra house as punishment

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