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Porus 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Elephants Crush Alexander’s Most Army

Porus 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru evaluates situation with Hasti and asks if everything is fine. Hasti says yes, but where is Lachi. Puru says he has sent for her some work and she will reach on his signal. Hasti says Takshaila army has not reached yet, can they trust them. Puru says they have to trust themselves and should be confident. Takshashila army enters. Ambi raj orders Ambhi Kumar to signal Puru that everything is as per plan. Ambhi Kumar waves flag. Hasti also waves flag and asks where is Alexander. Puru engraves sword in ground and sees it shaking, says Alexander is coming. Alexander with his army and Ruksana heads towards battlefield. Hephastian says seeing Puru’s nature, he will surprise them. Alexander says Puru will, he with the people who believe Puru more, looking at Ruksana, is eager to see what it is.

In Pourav rastra, Kanishk gets a message about Takshila king Ambi Raj befriending Alexander. Shivdutt says he knew this as betrayal and chameleon nature is in Takshahila’s blood, he is sure Ambhi raj will back off from war and leave Puru alone to fight with Alexander’s huge army. Alexander sees Puru missing in Takshahila army. Chanakya tells Ambhi raj that he has to go now to protect his people and leaves.

Alexander eagerly waits to see what Puru does. Puru signals, and elephants head towards Alexander’s army. Ambhi raj asks how did elephants come here. Ambhi Kumar says that is Puru, he does not wait for one plan to fail, he gets ready with many backup plan. Alexander panics seeing elephants. Elephants crush Alexander’s army. Puru orders Hasti to execute next plan. Hasti shoots arrow in air. Laachi with dasyu team throws big stone boulders and wooden logs from mountain that crushes Alexander’s army further. Hephastian tells Alexander they have to do something, else their army will finish soon. Alexander asks where is Roxanne/Ruksana. Elephant attacks Ruksana. Alexander saves her and says she was eager to see Puru and Puru has done this, he is sure Puru is somewhere around. They see Puru riding an elephant welcoming Alexander on his mother land and challenging to face consequences now.

Precap: Puru warns Alexander that he left him alive lasttime, not this time, wait and watch what he will do to him. Alexander jumps on horse and runs away.

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