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Mayavi Maling 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali turns wicked

Mayavi Maling 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaidehi saying husband’s jealous is a sign of his love, don’t get scared of Angad, you have grown up so soon, time passed so soon. Pranali cries. Vaidehi says you will be going away in some hours. She hugs. She asks them to check Pranali’s packing. She goes. Eshwarya says your bidaai time is commencing. Pranali says I know you want to tell me that this palace won’t be my house. Eshwarya says we all will always be yours, you should be happy to have two homes now. Pranali says Maling will always be my home. Garima says it will, you take your makeup box along to please Angad. Pranali hugs them and says I will miss you. Garima cries and goes.

Maharaj comes to Trishanku and hugs. He says Pranali will make Angad dance on her fingers. Trishanku says I m also ready to

dance on fingers of my three Samdhams. Maharaj wishes the best for the alliance. Trishanku says don’t worry. Maharaj asks will you travel the long journey, if you want, I can delay the bidaai rasam, you can get fine. Trishanku says I m fine, shall I go Chandralok and get jewelry for my three Samdhans if you say. Maharaj mentions Madhumali and stops. He says sorry, whatever happened with Madhumali…. I wish it didn’t happen. Trishanku says power, reign and throne are liked by Daanav Vanshis, you did the right thing, she deserved it, now I will tell you the reason of my recovery, I have taken Maling lake water and got rid of Madhumali’s black magic. Maharaj praises the Maling lake water.

Trishanku says I would like to get water with me, I will have it regularly, any inner disease will be cured too. Maharaj says sure, why not, I have given my daughter to you, I will give lake water too. Angad gets ready and sees Haran laughing in the mirror. He throws the vase and breaks mirror. Mandhari comes and says I will come later. He asks her to come. She asks him did his wedding night get spoiled because of her info. He says you worry for me a lot, I m glad to know, you knew this before, why didn’t you tell me then. She says I can’t stop the marriage, I wanted to tell you the truth. He says forget it, we will keep in touch. He holds her. She smiles. He opens the door and sends her. Maharaj drinks the lake water and says its sweet, its the best gift, pack this water for Trishanku. Maid does so. Trishanku dances. Angad gets shocked and says your skin is spoiling, don’t make noise. He then sees Madhumali dancing. She smiles.

FB shows Angad saying I couldn’t kill Maharaj, you make some plan. Madhumali says listen to me, I have got an idea, you will earn everyone’s trust. He asks how, everyone knows we are Daanav vanshi. She tells her plan and says tell them that I have tortured you and tried to make you a demon, you prove that you are troubled by me. He says no, then they will punish you. She says let them punish, Kaya will be punished. He gets shocked seeing Kaya. She says I always come prepared, Kaya is my loyal Daanav Vanshi, she will give her life for me. Kaya nods. Madhumali says when everyone will be punishing me, Kaya will wait for me, Kaya will get punished instead me, I will freeze myself in water, you hide the ice and then take me out on right time. FB ends. Madhumali says we won’t me meeting Trishanku now. Angad says he is ticking me. Madhumali says our work is done. They learn Maharaj is coming.

Pranali’s bidaai happens. Angad assures Maharaj. Trishanku drinks water and holds his neck. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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