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Krishna Chali London 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets offended

Krishna Chali London 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bua calling Krishna. Krishna says I m not fine, this is not a house, but a museum, they are strange creatures, not humans, did you see anyone doing Globe puja. Bua says maybe they have such beliefs. Krishna says enough, I m just a trophy for them, I don’t know what will I do, I will not agree to you again. Bua says I did all this for your betterment. Krishna says I can just tell you, I would have said the same to my mum, you are there in mum’s place, who else will I say, thanks for listening. Bua says call me whenever you want, I won’t feel bad, it will help you relax, take care. Krishna cries. Bela comes to room and asks Triloki to make a drink for her. He says Radhe’s marriage was boring. He plays music.

They dance on tuney maari…. He says I will

make you a queen. She asks how, Shukla has spent so much money on Radhe’s marriage, he insults you all the time. She moves him away. Gajanan comes to Shukla. He says Gajanan won’t be able to drink, he may get drunk and jump in Ganga ji. Matuk laughs. He says Krishna spoke so well. Shukla says if she talks on my behest, its good, its a problem if she talks by her will. Lali comes to Krishna. She says this is your inlaws, bahus just wear saree here, maybe that’s why Bua didn’t keep your salwar suit. Krishna says but we can wear comfortable clothes when we sleep, I can’t even drape a saree, I look like a joker. She asks Krishna to get habitual. Radhe gets up to have water. He thinks to give water to Krishna and goes to her. He looks for Krishna. He sees Lali and Pinky sleeping. He says did she run away again, mum scolded her a lot today.

Krishna comes. He says wow, you are here. She says where will I go, I m here, is this the way to enter ladies room. He says I didn’t see you here so… She says I went to kitchen to get water, I didn’t run away, leave from here, I know why you came here. He says you are misunderstanding. She says I know well what type of a man are you. Radhe’s mum sees them and asks Krishna what’s happening, can’t you wait for one night. Krishna says I didn’t call him. Radhe says I…. Shukla says the man can lose control, the woman has to be careful, do you want me to explain in detail, I can understand everything, I shouldn’t see you two together. Radhe goes. Krishna worries.

Its morning, Bela gets tea for Krishna. Krishna says sorry, I woke up late, I have a habit to wake up early, I used to go to cowshed to get cow milk with my dad. Bela asks her to have tea. Bela says you have did good yesterday, there is one villain in this house, Shukla, but there can be two heroes, we both are rebels, if we join hands, we can control everyone. Krishna says I m not interested, I have no such intentions, thanks. Bela spits in the tea and says now have it, I extend friendship just once but I maintain enmity all life.

The ladies make fun of Krishna. Krishna serves water/juice and makes the glass fall on the lady.

Update Credit to: Amena

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