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Kasam 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika gets jealous seeing Ranbir with a girl

Kasam 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jiana asking Kritika to enjoy the party. Kritika says this party is punishment and says they used to have party in Punjab, with pakodas, Punjabi music etc. She goes to drink water. Ranbir sees Kritika. Kritika’s earrings fall down. She picks it up and wears the earrings. Ranbir smiles looking at her. Kritika walks away and drinks water. Ranbir walks towards her. Music plays…..Anirudh comes and asks Ranbir to come with him to meet financer. Ranbir sees Financer’s son Yash eyeing Kritika . Ranbir calls some girls so that Yash couldn’t see Kritika. He turns and sees Yash not there. Jiana sits on the chair and thinks why did di haven’t come till now. She sees Akki talking and thinks why my heart is beating so fast and want to go to him. Akki turns and sees Ishani and smiles. Ishani

comes to Jiana and asks are you fine? Jiana says yes. Ishani says she is enjoying the party. Akki excuses himself and comes to them. He says hi to Jiana and Ishani. He compliments Ishani on her beauty. Jiana tells her that he is Akki, Ranbir Kapoor. Akki says I am just one and only for you. He then says I am different being Ranbir Kapoor’s brother. Ishani excuses herself. Akki excuses himself.

Kritika thinks where is Jiana? Yash comes and stands behind Kritika. He says you have turned and collided with a ghost. Kritika asks do I know you? Yash tells that he is financer’s son Yash and asks if she is Ishani’s sister. Kritika says yes. He asks if she don’t like the party? Kritika says yes and says she don’t go to such parties. Ranbir sees Yash talking to Kritika and thinks she always fight with me and talking to him as if they are childhood friends. He goes near them and asks Kritika who is he? Yash introduces himself. Ranbir says you are looking gorgeous. Kritika gets upset and goes. Yash asks if she is your girlfriend? Ranbir says full girlfriend. He thinks Ms. Angry bird got saved from villain. Malishka and Shilpa come to the party. Malishka collides with Ranbir and tells that Batra sent her for some work. Ranbir says ok and asks her to enjoy the party. Malishka says they are not invited. Ranbir says I am inviting you. Kritika sees them and thinks why Ranbir is inviting them. Akki asks Ishani to come with him to have coffee with him. She refuses saying she has many assignments and have to check the diary.

Mr Agarwal’s girlfriend Celita comes to Ranbir and tells him that he can become her permanent boyfriend. Kritika sees Ranbir with Celita and goes irritated. Ranbir sees her and asks Celita to go to her boyfriend. Kritika thinks why is he always stuck to girls. Ranbir calls her and tells that I am running behind you.

Kritika asks what were you doing? She says she saw which he shouldn’t have done. Ranbir says you are jealous and says only girlfriend behaves like this and says this is the reaction. Kritika says it is infection of those girls and says she don’t want to see the sin happening. Ranbir asks what sin and says I came behind you. Kritika says you behaves like if I am your girlfriend, and you came behind me as you are my boyfriend and came to cheer up. She asks who are you to me? He asks who are you to me?

Kritika asks Ranbir not to think other guys as him. Ranbir says others can’t be like me and tells that he can understand what they think. He says that guy was attracted towards you and it was not good. Kritika asks if he will become her savior?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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