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Bitti Business Wali 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh threatens Bitti to return his money

Bitti Business Wali 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bitti telling Gayatri that she will change the business. Virender calls her downstairs. Dadi asks how will you return Laddo Singh’s money. Bitti says she has sold the shop stuff and will pay Suman and Shaurya’s fees with half of the money and will start new business with remaining money. Virender asks her to give full amount to Laddo Singh and says he will kill you if you don’t return his money. Gayatri scolds Virender and asks him to learn something from Bitti. Dadi scolds Gayatri for getting exciting to take daughter’s money. Bitti asks her not to differentiate between son and daughter and tells that both of us are his children. She says when a son can provide financial security. She says that’s why she talks about women empowerment. Virender asks her to stop

it and asks her to return all money. Bitti says she has less money now and will talk to Laddo Singh tomorrow. Jogi says I think Bitti shall try once more. Virender gets upset.

Mahi is sleeping in his house when he gets Bitti’s call and runs out of his room. His mum asks what happened? He kisses on her forehead and runs out. Bitti comes inside the gate and insists to meet Laddo Singh. She says my business is not working and I want to do some other business. She asks for some time to pay him interest. Mahi says Baba can leave heaven, but will not leave interest. He says I will talk to Baba. Bitti says I will talk. Mahi assures her to talk to him and promises her. She asks if your father is at home. Mahi says no and asks someone where is Bua ji. Laddo Singh comes to the shop and sees it closed. He asks his men to enquire about the shop. They enquire and tell him. Laddo Singh comes to Bitti’s house shocking everyone. He sits on the sofa and asks where is Bitti? Dadi says she went to your house to meet you. Laddo Singh throws glass on her, but dadi moves away. Jogi asks what is this misbehavior and asks why you are throwing things on Dadi. Laddo Singh slaps Jogi and pulls his ears. He keeps his foot on Jogi’s chest and asks where you were running away with my money. Chandana says he didn’t do anything and asks him to leave him. Laddo Singh leaves her and tells Dadi that now he remembers her. He asks her to have dahi to calm down her mind. Bitti comes home.

Laddo Singh asks where did you go? He says where you were planning to elope? Bitti says I went to your home to talk to you, but as you were not there, I talked to Mahi and asks him to call him. Laddo Singh asks why did she sell the stuff. Bitti says as business was not working. He shouts asking where is the money? Bitti says she has paid the fees with half of the money and have remaining half of the money. He asks where is the money and asks her to show. She says it is in my room. They all go to her room. Bitti opens the cupboard and gives half of his money. He asks where is the remaining money? Bitti says I have paid my siblings fees.. Laddo Singh asks his men to open her almari and search remaining money. Bitti says I don’t have any money left now and tells that this is girls’ almari and says even you must have bahu and betis. Laddo singh says my bahus and betis don’t run a shop and they don’t need money. His men couldn’t find the money. Laddo Singh takes half of the money. Bitti says she will return all his money. Laddo Singh says if you don’t repay my money in 30 days then I will sell your house on 31st day and asks her to remember. He walks out of the house. Bitti gets tensed.

Virender throws Bitti out of the house and warns his family members that the door is closed for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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