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Belan Wali Bahu 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Roopa comes in lounge and sees Prem and Lata watching their TVs peacefully and not fighting. Jitendra says this is a miracle, they are not fighting. Roopa says I hope they remain like this.

In morning, scrap seller comes to home and says to Lata that I have not been hearing you shout so I came to check on you. Lata slaps him and says we will be fine now. He asks why? did she throw Prem out of house? Prem slaps him and asks him to leave, he asks about suzzi but Prem pushes him out of house. Lata says lets watch our TV.

Roopa gets ready in saree with heavy jewelry. Laddo’s ghost comes to her and says Prem and Lata are fine now, they are not fighting anymore. Roopa says yes, I am going to sleep now. He asks what? in so much jewelry? she says yes, havent you seen TV serials?

heroines wear more makeup and jewelry than this, I want to buy all those designer sarees. Laddo’s ghost says jewelry will prick you in sleep, Roopa says no heroines sleep like this. Laddo’s ghost says watching TV has been bad for her.

In morning, Lata dresses up as a TV serial mother in law. Prem wakes up and screams, he asks Lata what is all this? Lata says daily soap mother in laws wear this much jewelry and this big bindi, its a vary famous one. Roopa comes there and greets them. Roopa says to Lata that you look like daily soap mother in law, I became daily soap daughter in law last night, Lata smiles. Roopa says lets go and watch our serial’s repeat. Prem says we can watch repeat telecast too? Roopa says yes, lets go and have tea, call Shalini and Jitendra to watch TV with you.

Jitendra says to Lata and Prem that we are bored of watching TV. Prem pulls Jitendra aside and says if you dont watch TV then you will fight with Shalini. Jitendra says we dont fight without watching it. Prem says I get bored of watching TV alone and if I dont watch TV then I will fight with Lata and we wont be peaceful then. Shalini says to Lata that I have been watching TV but now I am bored. Lata says I dont like to watch TV alone, if you dont watch it with me then I will fight with Prem, Roopa is working in house so I cant ask her, do you want house peace to be disturbed? Shalini and Jitendra are tired and says okay we will watch TV with you both.

Lata is watching repeat telecast. Shalini is trying to take selfies but she is bored. Roopa brings tea for Lata and Prem. She mistakenly gives Prem’s tea to Lata and Lata’s tea to Prem. Roopa says to them that you both drank each others tea without saying anything. Prem says if I said anything then we would have fought so leave it. Roopa says what to make in lunch? they all tell their dishes.

Scene 2
Roopa starts working in kitchen. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says everything is going nice, they are not fighting. Roopa says but I dont feel right, today I swapped their teas but they didnt react like they used to do earlier. Laddo’s ghost says they must be busy in TV. Roopa says they have stopped fighting because of TV but they have stopped showing concerns for each other too, they dont worry about each other anymore. Laddo’s ghost says they are small matters, if Prem drinks wine and Lata dont care then we can say that they dont care about each other anymore. Roopa says I have an idea.

Roopa comes to Prem and says I was thinking that you didnt drink wine for many days so you can drink it. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says you are asking your father in law to get drunk? Roopa says I am sorry. Prem says no thats a good thought. Roopa says Lata is watching TV so you can enjoy some wine, Prem says you are right, I have been craving it. He takes out wine bottle from vase and is about to drink it but Roopa stops him and asks him to enjoy wine while watching TV, Lata is busy on her TV so you can drink it. Prem says yes it will be fun to enjoy wine with TV, he leaves. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I hope they still care for each other.

Lata is watching her serial. Prem brings his wine there. Jitendra is stunned, he says what if mom sees you? Prem says she is busy in watching Tv, she wont see me. Lata is busy in watching TV. Roopa says what is happening in this house? See Prem is drinking wine there. Lata sees him drinking and is stunned. Laddo’s ghost says now Lata will show how much she cares for Prem. Shalini says Prem is drinking openly, he doesnt care about you, if Jitendra did it then I would have beat him so much. Lata glares at Prem and says leave it Roopa, if I say something then we will have a fight and we got TVs to not fight, did you see what happened in today’s serial. Roopa thinks that they are not reacting to things which they should react on, if they dont have even this connections then its very bad, what to do now.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says Lata didnt even react when Prem drank wine, this is all happening because of your mother’s suggestion, it was not good that they were fighting but they used to care for each other, do one things, remove TVs from house, do something. Roopa says let me think about it. Roopa gets an idea.

Lata and Prem are busy in watching their TVs. Scrap seller comes there, Roopa gives him thumbs up. He nods and comes to Prem and Lata, he asks Prem to give him something. Prem shoos him away. Scrap seller asks them to switch off their TVs, sell them in scrap. Prem and Lata glares at him. He says I mean I will give good rates for them. Prem asks him to get up, remain in your limits, who said that we want to sell the TVs? Lata says we can sell anything but not our TVs. Prem says I will send you to jail for keeping a bad eye on our things, he slaps him and asks who sent you? Scrap seller looks at Roopa, Roopa says who called you here? you know that they can give their kids but not their TVs, remain silent and leave. Prem says I will beat him, he starts beating him. Roopa is tensed. Laddo’s ghost says what did you do? roopa says if Lata and Prem got to know that I called him here then they would have felt bad. Lata says to Roopa that only you understand us, you brought these TVs for you. Prem says yes they have brought peace in our lives and this house. ,,

At night, Prem and Lata hears some crashing noise. They start going to lounge. In lounge, Jitendra and Naren are taking TVs from there with their faces covered, Roopa asks them to do it fast. Prem and Lata comes there and asks who is it? Roopa gets tensed and says thieves.. thieves.. they are taking away TVs. Jitendra and Naren are stunned. They run from there leaving TVs behind.


Scene 3
Prem is locking his TV with chains. Lata is doing same. Lata says to her TV that your mother promises to never let anything happen with you, they hug their TVs.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that Lata and Prem have locked their doors, give some idea. Laddo’s ghost says your mother is a root of this problem, I have an idea. He whispers it to her. Roopa says I got it.

Roopa calls her parents home, she tells them her idea. Roopa brings her parents to Lata and Prem. They greet them and sit with them. Lata says to Roopa’s mom that we dont fight anymore. Prem says we have our TVs to watch now. Roopa’s mom says we have brought berries for you. Prem thanks them. Roopa’s father says we dont eat the food she brings for me, I have watched many crime serials and wives kill their husbands by putting poison in their foods. Roopa’s mom says husbands kill wives in daily soaps too. She asks them how are they? Lata says we are fine. Roopa’s father says we have decided to take divorce from each other, Lata says Roopa you didnt tell us? Roopa acts like crying. Lata says but you said you both watch TV to avoid fights. Roopa’s father says we avoided each other by watching TVs, we wouldnt talk to each other. Roopa’s mom says we became strangers to each other, we dont talk anymore and we dont care about each other anymore so whats the use of living together now? we will get divorce now. Roopa’s mom gives divorce lawyer’s card to Lata and says he is very good with divorces. Prem says we dont need it. Roopa’s mom says you will need it after 6 months. Lata says we dont need it. Prem says if she understood things then we will never need it. Lata says you are blaming me for this too? they start arguing. Roopa says to her parents that work is done, they nod and leave. Roopa smiles seeing Lata and Prem shouting and fighting. Lata says to Prem that I worry when you drink, Prem says you keep shouting, they start throwing berries in anger. Laddo’s ghost and Roopa enjoys it. Scrap seller comes there and says I came to take some scrap, I will come later. Prem says no take scrap now, take these two TVs, they are scrap for us. Scrap seller says I will bring lorry to get them. Lata says to Prem that you did nice, if we watch TV then we wont talk and when we fight, atleat we show concerns to each other. Prem says I was missing you stopping me from drinking, Lata says you mean to say that you can drink now? they start arguing again.

In morning, Roopa is brushing her teeth. Laddo’s ghost says you are doing it wrong, when I used to do it like this, I lost my two teeth. Roopa says you were old so thats why, he glares at her. Dada comes there and asks whom she is talking to? She says I am talking to myself. Dada looks at her weirdly. Dada shows newspaper to Roopa and asks her to read the news but Roopa has brush in her mouth. Dada says I will read it. Dada says this article touched me, it says that if you call a guest to your house, please them, serve them then house will have peace, negativity will go away and miracle will happen. Roopa says you are right but we didnt have many guests for so much time. Dada says thats why I see so many negative elements in house. Roopa says who we should call as a guest? Dada says should I call my uncle? Laddo’s ghost says no he takes loud snores, our shaky house will fall down. Roopa says no dont call him, Roopa thinks and says I can call my mother as a guest. Dada says thats a great idea. ,,

PRECAP- Dada says to Jitendra and Shalini that we need to have a guest in house for positive energy. Jitendra says who will our guest be? Dada says someone very nice and good for creating magic. Jitendra says I will find a guest for this house.
Jitendra says to family that I will search the best guest for this house. He brings some old, disheveled baba to house and introduces him as their guest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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