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Agnifera 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag Confronts Ragini; Shristi is Rechristened as Munni Bai

Agnifera 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini returns home and tries to lure Anurag. Anurag reminisces seeing Ragini with Abhimanyu and part ways. Ragini feels sad and thinks what happened to him. Shristi in brothel reminisces brothel lady Chanda mausi forcing her to wear ghunghroo and dance in front of guest wearing loud makeup, etc. She panics and throws all her jewelry and ghungroo. She then walks to Chanda and says she needs to go to washroom. Chanda yells she can go. Shristi shows ghungroo and says she cannot take it in washroom. Shristi in lieu of keeping ghungroo silenty picks Chanda’s mobile and calls Ragini, but Ragini does not pick call. She calls landline. Daadi picks call. Baiju wakes up from behind and asks her to speak to old lady and tell where she is, else he will send 2 pimps from brothel and inform Daadi. Shristi pleads not to and tells Daadi that she is fine and was busy in muh dikhayhi, so could not talk to her.

Ragini continues trying to lure Anurag and asks him to correct her sari pleats and tie blouse lace. He does silently. She asks if he will fix earring or she should do it herself. He says as she wishes and walks out. She follows him and asks what wrong did she do, why he is ignoring her. He asks if she trusts him. She says yes. He pushes her from balcony railing and holds her hand, asks why did she hide things from him, why she does not trust him yet. She says she trusts him the most and tells after she left mantap and went with Anurag, Abhimanyu lost his mental balance and was admitted to mental hospital, doctor suggested her to meet him often, so she meet Abhimanyu. She apologizes him. They reconcile.

Shristi cries in her room. A girl informs Chanda is calling her. She goes out. Chanda asks her to sit and pampers her and ask where is her mobile. Shristi sits nervously. Chanda says she is running brothel for 23 years and notices everything. She orders pimp to tatoo a new name on Shristi’s hand. Pimp tattoos Munni on her forearm. Chanda laughs that Shristi’s new name is Munni bai..

Precap: Shristi thinks she has to escape from brothel somehow, hears pimps discuss Chanda went to temple with other girls. She hits their heads and escapes. Ragini flirts with Anurag and collapses. Anurag calls Revathi and Dulari.

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