RELATIONS: connection of feelings trust and emotions

Relations are something that we can’t define by words….it is something deep, insane, something beyond words….Relations are full of emotions, it has depth of feeling….We shares many relations with our parents,relatives, family, friends, teachers,partner….Every relation is based on trust and relations not just end there, we shares relation with our pets too….we have relation with our enemies too….A relation is a deep bond built on trust….Relation is not just bounded by blood, some relations are beyond that….and the most precious relation is humanity and we share it with everyone, we just need to find out that hope, that trust, which can make a relation strong….relations are like that thread, which ties one being to another….if we hold it tight, it will broke down and if we loosen it,it will slip from our hands,so maintain that balance which keeps it tie with care and you can feel your relations as your strength….as a helping hand and supporting shoulder….

And always think before selecting a helping shoulder because that trust is very rare and you can’t trust anyone easily,and even not everyone is worth of that trust, In relations a single lie can broke your trust and you have to beaware from blind trust and as like you never want to someone broke your trust, don’t try to break their trust too….A relations is that bond where everyone is equal and they have to balance it….equally, fairly and honestly….
Hope It will help….:)

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