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Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 67

Continuation from Episode 66:

Shivaay leaves for Delhi.There Om and Rudra connect with Gauri and Soumya through video call:

Gauri:What Pinky aunty said?Did she agree?
Om:Not yet.Hope she would come along.
Rudra:By the way,congratulations to both of you.You two are going to be aunts and we…uncles.Don’t know about O but I will be the coolest uncle ever.

Soumya:That punch party……Listen Rudra,I was very mad at you after hearing everything.Then I realized whatever happened,happened for good.Have seen for myself how much Anika di loves Shivaay bhaiya.They seem like made for each other type jodi.I am really happy for them.

Om:What is Anika….bhabi doing?
Gauri:Busy with work,as usual.
Rudra:Listen guys,bhaiya warned us not to disclose anything yet.You two should be careful before uttering anything in front of Anika bhabi.

Soumya:Why don’t you two talk with her?She was upset that none from her in-laws had called her.
Rudra:This is good idea.Let me call Dadi,Mom and Prinku too.

After that they all exchanged words with Anika.She was very happy talking with them.Dadi said she would soon join them in Delhi.She could not wait to see the face of her great-grand child.Anika asked about Pinky.On Dadi’s insist,Jhanvi made an excuse for her absence.

White Palace Restaurant,Delhi

Sagar is waiting for Shivaay.He is checking time continuously getting impatient.It’s almost evening.Finally Shivaay turns up.They sit face to face.Shivaay says:

-Tell me,what’s so urgent that you could not even wait for my return?
-I have thought a lot after meeting you.Have come to realize that I……..I should have approached my love again.
-What do you mean?

-I meant I want to have Anika back in my life.I want to marry Anika!
-You heard me.Silence prevails.After some time Shivaay says:

-I see.You want to claim her back.But why are you asking me?
-Look,I had a talk with Trivedi Uncle,Anika’s Dad.He has told me very clearly that if I want to discuss anything about Anika then I have to contact you.He won’t interfere.

-Mr.Trivedi is a very wise person unlike your Dad who knows only to hamper his son’s happiness.
-I just want Anika back and only you can help me.
-And why should I do that?

-You won’t?Sagar gets surprised.
-Even if Mr.Trivedi told me to do so being Anika’s guardian,I would not have done that.
-Who are you to hold her back?

-Interesting question.I won’t do that because I am her husband and she is my wife.By dint of that right,you have no right on Anika.Am I clear?
-When…when did you marry her?Why Trivedi uncle told me nothing about it?

-Because he does not know yet.Will know soon,don’t worry.
-You married her secretly?

-That should be my concern.You remember only one thing,Anika is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife.Just forget her and stay away from her.And most important thing,I wanted to meet you so that I could “Thank” you.Thank you Sagar,thank you so very much for coming into Anika’s life.If not for you then Anika and me would not be able to meet.I think I am done.He stands up and about to leave but Sagar stops him:

-What about Anika’s baby then?
-Sorry,forgot to tell you.Congratulations,you are going to be uncle soon.

-I have checked your academic background.You are very sharp Sagar.By profession,you are a very good doctor too.I am sure you will figure out.Good luck.
Patting Sagar’s shoulder,Shivaay leaves and he stands spell-bound,alone.
Pinky gives her consent for Shivaay and Anika’s marriage.Proposal gets sent to Anika’s house,Trivedi Villa.
Dadi,Jhanvi,Pinky,Shakti,Om go with sagun.Mr. and Mrs. Trivedi get happy like anything.
Bride and Bride-groom’s families fix the date.Everything has kept as a secret for Anika to give her surprise as per Shivaay’s wish.Marriage preparation starts in Trivedi Villa and in Oberoi Mansion,at the same time.

Few Days Before The Wedding
Anika is having ice-cream sitting on the bed.Shivaay comes there and says:

-I have to search in at least 50 ice-cream outlets for this flavour.
-This is my favourite.I love it a lot.Have a bite.She feeds Shivaay.

-Hmmm…Nice.By the way Anika,new medicine course will start from tomorrow.Check these.
-I am really tired of taking medicine Shivaay.
-I can understand but have no other choice.

-See baby,doctor is very bad.Come soon so that I can get rid of gulping down those bitter pills.Shivaay laughs.
-Don’t laugh okay?
-You should sleep now.Shivaay makes Anika lie down on the bed and he too gets in.Anika says:

-I have made something.
-What?She brings out two pieces of cloth under the pillow.

-Blue one for our baby prince and purple one for our baby princess.Shivaay takes those two baby cloth in his hand.A warm feeling hushes in his heart.
-Mother’s love surpasses every other love.

-What do you think Shivaay?We will have a baby boy or girl?
-I will be equally happy with anyone of them.

-If it’s a boy,he will have kanji eyes like you,his Dad.And I am very sure about it.
-And my daughter will be a cutie like her Mom.Little Anika,Blunder Queen the second!

-Hawww…..You are very bad Shivaay.Have you listened,what your Dad just said?I won’t let him talk to you from now on.This is his punishment for calling you Blunder Queen.
-This is not done.How will I sleep without talking to my junior?
-I don’t know.

-Plz forgive me?(Touching Anika’s belly)Dear,tell your Mom to forgive me.She won’t refuse you.Will you?
-Baby is saying you will be pardoned if you promise to make baby’s Mom’s favourite breakfast tomorrow,as she likes.
-Okay done.He kisses on Anika’s belly.

-Where is my kiss?I am seeing nowadays all your attention is for baby only.All love is for the baby.She complains.
-You are saying I don’t love you?

-Someone is very jealous.
-Should not I?
-What should I do for that I will be free of this allegation?

Right that moment power cut happens and the room fills with darkness.Anika,who is in Shivaay’s arms clutches him in fear.

-It’s okay Anika.I am with you.Calm down.

He turns the light of his camera on.Anika moves more close into Shivaay.To calm her down he says caressing her hair:
-I am here Anika don’t worry.And let me tell you,no matter what happens,I will always love you.With all my heart.Anika smiles.Power returns with that.

-I know that very well.Just love it hearing from you.
-Hmmmm…….She says playing with his kurta’s button.Shivaay kisses in between Anika’s twin eyes taking her in his strong embrace.Soon they fall into sleep in each other’s arms.

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