Are you excited for Bhola’s entry in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is going to bring the superstar Sikandar Singh Gill back in a new avatar. Sikandar will be losing his memory and turning into Bhola, who is more like a small kid mentally. Bhola will be found by none other than Kulfi. She will be bringing her father back home and expose the imposter living with the family as Sikandar. Kulfi had been suspicious about the imposter since his arrival home, but she remained clueless. Kulfi wanted to find her loving father. Her search comes to an end when she finds Bhola singing and dancing with the kids on the road. Bhola drives the cycle and hits some stall, making a cheerful happy entry.

Kulfi spots Bhola, whose voice reminds her of Sikandar. When she sights his face, she gets to see Sikandar again. She gets confused about Sikandar’s double role and understands Sikandar’s memory loss twist. Kulfi will be bringing her father to his stable state by empowering him with music again, since music is the first most connection between them. Music will help Kulfi revive Sikandar’s memories. Audience will get to see a light side of Sikandar in the new avatar of Bhola. Are you excited for Bhola’s entry in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala? Let us know your opinion.

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