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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Gets Trapped In A Morgue

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak Gets Trapped In a Morgue

Aditya walks into college with Kanak and seeing a girl student walking towards them imagines flirting with her. He does puhups in front of girl and says he wants to keep himself fit wherever he goes. Girl says he is absolutely right, they have to keep themselves fit and presentable. He tries to befriend her, but she backs off and says his nose is turned 10 degrees to the left, he needs plastic surgery, she wants to become world’s best plastic surgeon. He says he can be her first patient. Kanak says this is Tiara, her classmate who helped her today. She asks Aditya to stay there and walks with Tiara towards class. Tiara praises Kanak that she is an inspiration for her and Parag spoke a lot about her. She takes Kanak outside morgue and says

this is our class and professor Madhavi is very strict, she does not want her students to be late. Kanak gets fafraid. Friend tells she forgot her mobile in canteen and will get it. Kanak says she will accompany her. Friend says professor Madhavi is very strict. Kanak walks into morgue, Tiara locks door from outside.

Payal goes to Prathistha Hospital for her pregnancy checkup. Doctor checks her and comes out nervously. Ved asks how is baby. She nervously is about to speak when nurse informs that Dr. Parag is calling. Doctor meets Parag and informs him that patient has false pregnancy, she is tensed how to inform patient. Parag reminds if she finished her monthly target and warns to let patient think she is pregnant to continue grabbing money. Doctor goes and informs Payal and Ved that baby is fine, they have come for monthly checkup. Payal and Ved walk out happily. Doctor thinks she has to lie to complete Parag’s target.

Kanak panics in dark morgue room and seeing a moving object gets more afraid thinking dead body is walking. She calls for help, but in vain. Finally, Parag opens door and asks what is she doing here. She says Tiara told class is here. Parag asks if she has common sense, who will take first class in morgue. Kanak realizes Tiara ragged her. Tiara in class laughs with her friend thinking of Kanak’s situation. Kanak walks into class while Professor Madhavi is teaching, apologizes for coming late and enters class. Madhavi asks her to leave and gives her a long lecture on punctuality in medical profession. Class gets over. Tiara taunts Kanak that Parag told she likes garnering attention, she hates such people.

Parag with college board members discusses his idea of launching 30 mobile bike ambulances and grabbing huge money from patients. Board member says already a private doctor has started this facility and has failed. Parag says Dr. Uma will even lose license because of his wife now, their ambulance service will shower them money though. Board members agree.

Uma tells Mausa that since 5 days not even a single patient case. Mausa says it is a bad signal, people have lost faith on him. Uma says once Kanak finishes her paramedical course, he will get back his mobile ambulance license and things will fall back on track. Mausa gets jealous.

Kanak returns home and informs Uma what happened in college. Uma laughs and says she should have called Aditya. She says Aditya was not found anywhere. Aditya returns and says he got upset stomach after eating canteen samosas. Kanak informs what Tiara did. Even he laughs and says Tiara is perfect for him. Kanak walks into Mausa’s room after some time with milk and sees Parag’s photo in his trunk. She is shocked and shows it to Uma Even Uma is shocked.

Precap: Kanak asks Mausa how does she know Dr. Parag. Mausa acts as unknown. Bhabho over phone asks Uma to come and perform Payal’s checkup. Madhavi asks Kanak to leave her class. Parag smirks.

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