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Now let start:
A sun rays fall on our lovely couple who sleeping in each other embrace..swara sleep disturbed she opened her eyes saw he cute hubby face who is cuddling more on her neck she peck his lips covered helself in duvet and went to washroom ..after raking bath she came wearing black and pink strip sweat shirt and black jeans .went near Sanskar ..
Swa: sanskar wakeup ..
San:5 min jaan
Swa: sanskar u have important meeting ..after hearing meeting he woke up and went to washroom giving a peck on her lips ..she blushed arranged the bed and arranged his cloth kept all his belonging and went down to badi . n
screen shift to badi ..ragini woke due sin rays she remembered last night incident ..she went to washroom stumbling due to pain ..she got ready and came out saw laksh with pain full eyes who is sleeping due to alcohol .she went down where she saw her family is sitting she went to kitchen ..her dadi saw her going and her pale face she to followed her .she came to kitchen saw ragini is preparing lemon water .
Dadi:ladoo are u ok
Ragini who was busy in her thought jerk suddenly hearing voice ..
Rag:yes dadi.
Dadi:for whom ur preparing this lemon juice ..are u k.
Rag:ya dadi I’m OK .
Dadi:ladoo ur hidding something ..tell me what is matter ..and she saw her wrist and neck where have marks .
Dadi:ladoo what is thus ..hw u got this mark..ladoo tell na plz ..
Ragini couldn’t able control cried bitterly ..
Dadi: ladoo tell na y r crying ..what’s matter ..ragini told her dadi night incident ..hugged her cried hard they heard glass broken sound saw toward door ..they saw shekar is standing there and after hearing ragini tea cup slipped from his hand which he came to keep in kitchen ..
Dadi:see shekar what laksh have done to our ladoo.
Shek: maa call maheshwari here . .. Saying this shekar went to ragini room dragged laksh to hall. Dadi called maheshwari family ..
Screen shift to sm mansion .
Sanskar after getting ready came down where swara is setting dinning table .
San:good mrng jaan ..kissed her cheek .
Swa:good mrng
Both sat on dinning table having bf .
San:shona u looking pretty in this shirt ..
Swa: thnk u .they we’re talking when sanskar phone rang ..he lifted call.
Op:hello jiju its me ayush .
San:hi ayu what’s hw r u .
Ayu:, I’m good hw r u ..
San:all good .
Ayu:jiju us di der .
San:ya ..wait I ll give ..he handed the phone to swara .
Swa:hi baccha
Ayu: hi di wr r u.
Swa:home ..y ..
Ayu: I m calling u from since half an hr ur not receiving
Swa: o sry my cell Is in room.
Ayu:can u plz come to home ..
Swa:ayu everything OK ..u sound low ..
Ayu: di everything is OK .
Swa:then what’s the matter.
Ayu:di today is my result plz come na ..
Swa: ayu u scared me ..ok I ll be there in half an hour ..
Ayu: ok di bye .
Swa: bye ..saying this kept phone
Sans: what happened shona ..
Swa: nothing today is ayu result so called me to home ..he want me beside him.
San: ok u I ll drop u badi get ready .
Swa:ok both had brk fst and swara took her belongings and both went to badi ..both reached badi ..swara was abt to open the door Sanskar held her hand she saw him confusing he lean to her and kissed her ..their kiss turn to passionate ..soon maheshwari family also reached their ..and saw them kissing bt they didn’t saw there face bcz their in car ..
Ap: nowadays generation dosnt have shame ..saying this they went to badi door..swasan broke the kiss and swara stepped out car and closed the door ..maheshwari family who are entrance turn due to door sound shock to see swara ..swara also saw them bt ignored them and went inside.
Ap: chii hw shameless girl is ..
Pari: han mummy ji hw she was kissing .they both started to badmouth abt swara enough for sujata.
Suj: jiji can we go inside …we came her for work not for giving character certificate ..hearing sujata all saw her shock ..bcz she never talk like this to ap ..all went inside ..
Ayu was passing in corridor biting nails.soonhe saw swara and run toward her and hugged her. Both went to Bose house ..
Here in gadodia house ..all maheshwari enter in
Dp: parvati ji y u called us .
Shek: to knw ur son deeds.
Dp: what r u telling shekar ..
Dadi: dp ji ur son laksh forced our ladoo ..after listing this all are shock ..they all saw laksh who was still in alcohol effect.. Ap went near him ..
Ap: beta laksh what happened to u .
Shekar came and splashed water on his face he came to sense and saw all family member seeing him..
Lak: what happened ..wt u all rdng here.
Dp: laksh what ur doing here .and what parvati ji telling.
Lak: papa what happened.
Suj: that only that u forced ragini .
Lak: what the hell I never forced her .ragini went near him and holded his hand
Rag: laksh ji why u have u done this with me ..
Lak: shut up ragini…when I came to u ..I was with swara ..then his mind strike something bt he as usual shameless.
Lak: where is swara.he shouted swara swara ..and came outside swara who was sitting in Bose house cane out hearing her name ..all Bose family and maheshwari and gadodia family came out ..laksh came near swara..and holded her shoulder.
Lak: swara tell everyone I was with u …ragini is telling I forced her ..after hearing this all Bose family is shock..swara pushed him
Swa: what the hell laksh..stay in ur limits.
Lak: swara tell everyone that yesterday night ur with me ..I and u made love tell na ..swara saw with disgusting …ayu came to him was abt to slap him before that laksh got slap..everyone saw towards the source .
Ap: sujata…yes guys sujata slaped him ..
Suj: what jiji ur sin have don mistake thats way I have given punishment ..and laksh what u told u slept with swara .. U dnt have shame..ur trowing dirt on others character. then what u r wife is telling ..y she will tell lie and that to u.she loves u more that for u she tried to kill her sister further sujta could tell anything …swara came and slapped him.
Swa: I forgived u bcz ur manipulated that time…bt u never change ..I think u husband wife have more interest in my life …so never show me ur face ..if u try to poke ur nose again in my life u ll see worst of me..
And ragini Handel ur husband rather then poking in others matter.
Swara turn to go bt drama without dadi and nagin is no interest na..
Dadi:ye chori I knw u have done black magic ..u always behind my ladoo happiness .
Rag: y swara ..u always snatch my happiness ..u knw I wanted to hear my name from laksh mouth bt in alcohol effect he called only ur name ..yesterday he thought me as u and forced husband wanted to have s*x with sister ..well done swara ..
Swa: ragini ur husband wanted not me. And I’m not interest in ur husband.
Ap: ya nw u got ur new lover na ..chii hw shamelessly ur kissing that person …swara and sujram saw ap with disgusting..swara was having tears .
Dadi: who knows only she kissed or slept with them..see her dressing ..ayu had enough of drama and shouted.
Ayu: jst shut ur mouth ..who are u tell abt my sister character ..I heard enough of ur nonsense ..nw u better keep ur mouth shut…holder swara hand and went inside ..
Swara was sitting silently and remembering drama ..ayu came and console her lighten mood dida started.
Dida: shomi have u hear someone was kissing ..
Shomi: ya maa is blooming hai na shona ..saying thi she pushed swara through her shoulder who is sitting beside her ..swara blushed ..they teases swara lot ..and swara came to normal one person came to tense after seeing time ..again started to bite nails.. Shomi who saw him warned.
Shomi:ayu shop biting nails other wise I ll apply nail paint to ur nails..
Ayu: maa plz I’m scared ..what will be my result.
Swa: baccha chill u ll score good ..dnt wry
Ayu: hope so results are out ..swara enter his admission no ..ayu was closing his eyes and holding swara hand ..swara saw his face and smiled
and pressed the enter ..and result came. Dida and shomi is seeing swara face as they are reading her face ..
Swa: ayu open it eyes .ayu slowly opened his eyes ..and saw swara face who is seeing him blankly.
Ayu: I knw my marks is less ..he was sad bt swara shouted.
Swa: ayy u scored well u got 98 % and ur on the number 1..ayu who was sad after hearing this he lifted her and twirl her around shomi went to kitchen and brought rasgulla.
Here in gadoy family. After swara went in dadi told.
Dadi: see dp ji what happened with my ladoo we ll never forget that u have u do something.
Ap: ji I m thinking we should give ragini one chance after thinking lot ..dp agrees and all went to gadodia house ..all are sitting and having snacks ..after hearing swara and ayush shout they all came to Bose house .bt they saw there happy face .
Swa: ayu put me down ..soon putted her down shomi took rasgulla to feed ayu bt he holded her hand and took rasgulla and made swara eat .
Swa: ayu u have written exam not me.
Ayu: bt Di bcz of u only I gt scored well .and ur my lucky charm and kissed her cheeks ..swara made ayush eat rasgulla .
Swa: congrats baccha ..I’m proud of u ..and kissed hi forehead.both hugged ..shomi and dida having tears in there eyes .seeing rhier bond there are not siblings by blood by they are connected with heart ..both broke the hug he made eat dida and shomi eat sweet ..and had family hug..
Maheshwari and gadodia family are standing on door bt they ignored.
He ignored all bcz they all hurted her sister ..
Shekar: ayush which exam result came ..
Ayu: y u want .
Rag: ayu he is our papa ..hw r u talking him
Ayu: for god sake ragini he is ur father not mine or di..we don’t have any relations with u all. plz all of u get out from here I dnt want spoil my mood. All felt insult and went to gadodia house bt sujram and uttra came inside
Sujata: congratulations ayush beta ..
Ayu: thanks aunty and took sujata blessing and ram blessing ..
Ram: congratulations beta .
Ayu: thank u uncle…
Utt: congrats bhai .
Ayu: thank u uttra .
Utt: bhai party.
Ayu: sure ..when u want .
Swara: guys I have one idea ..y not this week we all go some family trip ..what say mom dad
Utt: thats great idea..
Suj: ya even I went to spend time with my son and dil.
Ram: bt sanskar will accept .
Swa: leave that ro me ..I ll convince him .
Ayu: ok done then tomorrow mrng we ll go.
Utt: bt where .
Goa a voice came from entrance all saw and towards source.. And all smiled.
Utt: really bhai.
San: yes if my baby sis want to go out then hw can I deny.
Swa: cool then tomorrow mrng all to u ready ok.
Sujram: ok
Dida: double ok ..
Shomi: maa ..shona u all go I and maa will not come.
Swa: bt y maa.
Shomi: u all spend some family time.
Suj: y Shomi ji ur also our family ..u have to come and thats final.
Shomi: bt sujata ji
Ram: shomi ji plz.. u always my daughter as ur daughter . plz I’m requesting u as brother plz .cab sister cannot this much for his brother ..shomi had tears and accepted.
Shomi: ok ..
San: o sry I forgot ..ayu congrats buddy.
Ayu: thank u jiju ..
Swa: sanskar u went to office then hw come u here .
Utt: I called him .actually Bhabi all are accusing u so I called him here …
San: I ll not leave this laksh..
Swa: sanskar now leave that don’t spoil ur mood and have this saying this she stuffed rasgulla in his mouth all laughed ..
sujram and uttra went back to gadodia house..soon all left maheshwari left to mm along with ragini ..swara went to hospital bcz emergency case came sanskar went office ..

Precape: sm family in goa ..

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