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*nervous like hell*


They both tried to run away, but Saumya threw the butcher’s knives in their direction, resulting in them getting stabbed in the back and falling down on the road.

“This is how you stabbed my Bhaiya when he was trying to save me from vultures like you.”, she shouted while they were wincing in pain.

The Kapoors had already left the road and were standing near the trees. The Oberois could hear everything loud and clear. What Oberois heard shocked them. Was that the reason why she had cried on Rakshabandhan, the Obros thought.

She came upto them and took out knife from their wounded back, “This place where you are fallen, is the place my bhaiya fell down when you stabbed him from behind, when he was trying to run away with me.” She hissed.

“I ran away from home after knowi… Forget it, when you came with my bhaiya to take me back home, I never knew that the people whom I regarded as my brothers, will do this to me, I don’t even know what happened that you got so determined to r… To f**king rape me.”

Oberois were shocked and when they all saw Rudra, they were taken aback to see the tears pooling in his eyes and then they started falling, flood of tears.

“You stabbed my brother from back, then you walked upto him and stabbed him.”, and she stabbed both of them.

It was only their painful cries and her painful shouting that they all were hearing.

“Today after 5 years we have met in the same conditions, on the same road, but its not me and my brother writhing in pain, its you both in our place.”

“Don’t worry you wont die so easily.”, she said when Soham almost closed his eyes.

 Kyu kiya aisa itna hee havas tumhare andar thi toh kisi kothe mein chale jaatemeri zindagi kyu barbaad ki ? Mere bhaiya ko mujhse kyu cheena ?”, and she cried.

Mere bhaiya mere hero thei, mere protector, mere sab kuch aur tumlogo ne unhi ko mujhse cheen liya.”, and she slashed their wrist instantly.

Oberois were shocked to see this side of hers, and the amount of blood almost made them throw up.

“This is where you hit your car in which you picked me and my bhaiya”, she pointed towards the tree where their car rested after being hit by the very tree. ” so that you could have fun with me, right? ”

“And when we both tried to run away, you stabbed him, I cried, I begged you both to leave us but you didn’t, instead you stabbed him near his heart. Jitni bhi saanse unme baaki thi uss sabse taakat leke woh chilla rahe theiSaumu bhaagSaumu bhaagand I ran, but”, she got and took a rock and smashed it on their knees. “You attacked with the rock and the next thing I knew was that I was getting raped by you both.”, she continued.

Oberois were shocked while Rudra broke down. They all held him.

“And you Soham, you were making my MMS, and you sent that MMS and I broke down and tried commit suicide. But I decided to my and my bhaiya’s revenge.”

Now they all understood why.

“You both destroyed my life, Police ne madad karne ke bajaay mujhe hee tumlog ki dhamki deti thi, hospital ke bed par, mere bhaiya ko aaj tak insaaf nahi mila par aaj milkar rahega kyunki tumlog unke birthday gift jo banne jaa rahe ho. Main aaj tak apni Aai ko sach nahi bata paayi ki unka laadla beta kisi robbery mein nahi apni behen ki izzat bachane ke liye maara gaya thaunke hee dosto ke haathonkyukyunki unko unki beti ka rape karna thaAfter I cremated my bhaiya with my own hands,”, a sob escaped her lips.” and I left for the hospital, where I was getting treated, where my Aai worked, you paid a visit to me, and hit my head so hard that I could die but I was saved by the hospital, do you know why ? Because I was loved by everyone there. Instead I went into a coma. For one whole year. My sisters took care of me hiding me from my aai telling her that I was in another country as I couldn’t get over my bhaiya’s death. And when I woke do you know what happened? ”

“Several tests were conducted on my body, and I came to know that the way you both raped me, stabbed me and kicked me on my stomach to make sure I die, my uterus had got affected and I can no longer become a mother. All because of you.”, she shouted.

Tears rolled down from the eyes of all the females present, Svetlana, Tia, Anika, Gauri, Romi everyone.

“You know what normal girls get their periods every month, I get it twice in a year, killing me every time, making sure that I can’t become a mother. I tried every thing but nothing worked, I lost my bhaiya and my dreams of a perfect family.” She shouted

“After I lost both my fathers I had this only one dream, to have a family which I would protect, but you snatched it.”

“I tried to go invisible away from your sight, so I gained weight just to stay away from you both, but had to go back to my original shape because of my aasthma.”

“That day when you all left after raping me innumerous times, to die, I dragged myself here to my bhaiya, luckily you were fool enough to not destroy the phone in my bhaiya’s pocket I called everyone for help and they came up to save me. Nobody was here on his road at that time, because it was 1 in night, my bhaiya’s birthday”, she smiled remembering him . “I wished him and asked him to not leave me alone but he left me, because of you.”

“He was declared dead on arrival. But you know what aaj kisiko tumhari laash to kya tumhari cheethde bhi nahi milenge.” Saying this she took out a lighter.

“You won’t…. ab… le… To.”, Rohan said while groaning.

“Bu…rn u..s alive.”, Soham completed for him while groaning in pain.

“Trust me I can, your clothes have a mixture of Petrol, Kerosene and Caustic soda. Believe me tum logon ke cheethde bhi nahi bachenge.”, saying this she threw the lighter at them while looking at her watch it struck twelve at midnight her bhaiya’s birthday was here, they instantly caught fire. Crying in pain.

Aisa hee mehsoos hua tha mujhe jab tum logo ne mera rape kiya.”, she shouted.

Aur cheekhochillao !!! Koi nahi hai yahan tumhara sunne wala.”, she shouted.

“Di petrol.”

Tia gave her a bottle of petrol.

“Everyone stand back I’m going to blow up this car.” All complied.

And within seconds the car was on fire.

“Everyone run that side the petrol tank of the car is going to catch fire.”

And within a few seconds the car blew up in flames.

Oberois watched everything.

“Di did you bring the flowers ?” She asked Svetlana.

“Yes here it is.”

She handed her a bouquet of lilies, orchids, lavenders and roses. Saumya Tendulkar’s favourite.

Oberois wondered why she asked for flowers.

And they all went towards the inside of the forest and stopped near a huge tree.

Oberois followed them.

And they saw an obituary stone.

And on it was written

‘In the loving memory of


3 oct 1993 – 18 april 2013’

And she kept the flowers on the stone while everyone cried.

Oberois were shocked by what they saw.

“Why do you do this every year Saumu ?” Her sisters asked.

“To give that Saumya Tendulkar in me some peace and to remind myself that I’ll never be the same again and that I’ve already died. That fun loving, cute Saumya Tendulkar is dead.”

“That happy go lucky Saumya Tendulkar died beside the corpse of her bhaiya,” and this she pointed at herself, “this heartless, stone hearted, cold Saumya Kapoor was born next to her bhaiya’s corpse, afterall I was raped off my dignity, my life under tis tree, I died here that day, Di.” She said and they all went back. She sat down on the road watching her criminals burning. “Happy Birthday Bhaiya.”, she quitely said. After they were totally burnt, and the fire was doused on its own they all returned back, including the Oberois.

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