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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha wakes up parshuram.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mayur ji making his sound loudly. Kanha says louder mayur ji. The peacock makes more louder sounds and then parshuram opens his eyes in anger. Parshuram sees and gets angry, he gets up and throws his parshu axe on mayur peacock. Kanha comes and stops the parshu with his hands. Parshuram says how dare you stop parshuram’s parshu axe? This peacock has disturbed a rishi in his meditation and it is the greatest crime in the world. Kanha takes the axe and keeps it at parshuram’s leg. Kanha says forgive me bhagwan parshuram, it is not mayur ji’s mistake, I disturbed you from meditation. Parshuram says arrogant kid, the only punishment for that is death and I will kill you, be it a kid or an old person. Kanha says bhagwan parshuram please listen to me first, you are

the protector of this world and your mistake is now causing the destruction of the world.
Parshuram says beware kid, I am bhagwan parshuram, I can never do a mistake. Kanha says I know bhagwan but you gave the saransh dhanush to kansa, right? Parshuram remembers and he says yes I did give him. Kanha says kansa has used the most powerful saransh bow in this universe to destroy our world, he has attacked the arrow and everything we know on this earth is getting pulled inside that hole in the sky. Kanha says only you can save the world now parshuram ji. Parshuram says kansa, that evil demon, I did a mistake by giving him prabhu vishnu’s bow, he shall be killed for this. Parshuram says kid if you must be lying or playing with me, remember I will not spare your life. Kanha says you are very powerful parshuram ji, why don’t you see with your own divya drishti? Parshuram closes his eyes and then he sees the destruction everywhere and how everything is pulled inside the hole in the sky.
There all vrindavan people are inside the cave in govardhan mountain. Damodar says we are not safe here too guru gargacharya, we are being pulled here also. Balram says damu kaka, if you want to see then step out, you will know we are safe here. Damodar says okay and leaves his hands from a rock, he starts getting pulled and then screams for help. Rishi gives his stick as damodar holds it and comes inside, another woman gets pulled, balram steps out and saves the woman. All people are suffering and say what do we do? Balram says I will save everyone. Balram goes out and then he sees a huge rock, with all his might, balram puts the rock in front of the cave opening. Balram goes in and inside everyone calm down, balram says we all are safe now for some time at least. Yashoda says what about kanha rishi? He is in danger. Rishi says no yashoda, don’t worry, nothing will happen to kanha, he will find a way to save everyone.
There parshuram opens his eyes and says kanha, you were right, I was getting angry at you for no reason. Parshuram says kansa shall be punished for what he has done, you go back to vrindavan and help the people there, I will take care of kansa and this destruction. Kanha sits on mayur raj and goes.
In kansa’s palace, kansa looks at the hole pulling everything. Kansa says now everything shall be destroyed, kansa laughs. Pralapt says how will you find Vishnu? Kansa takes pralapt and hits his head on the wall, he says you stupid, I will see that kid because he wont die a normal death like others, he will struggle before he gets pulled inside, I will see that kid and then kill him. Parshuram comes and says no kansa, I will kill you.
Kansa sees parshuram ji and then says bhagwan parshuram? Kansa does pranam. Parshuram says evil kansa, how dare you use saran dhanush to do this destruction? I had granted you the bow and told not to do any adharam with it, but you are destroying this world. Kansa says prabhu, I see what Vishnu did. Kansa laughs. Parshuram says angrily what are you saying? Kansa says I am laughing at that Vishnu, he did something and sent you to stop all this and also save himself. Parshuram says don’t think this kansa that I have come here to save prabhu Vishnu, he is everyone’s prabhu and he saves everyone, I have come to save the world, stop this all right now or you shall be killed. Kansa says but prabhu I just know how to fire the arrow and not stop it. Parshuram angrily throws kansa on the ground and keeps his leg on his chest. Parshuram says kansa! I will cut your head. Kansa says wait prabhu, I can stop this.

Precap: kansa says bhagwan parshuram, I will bring back the arrow and stop this destruction but only if you tell me the truth of Vishnu as which kid is vishnu’s form in brij mandal?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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