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Love vs Revenge:Chapter 8 {The revenge }

In the morning deep and arohi are sleeping.Both are holding their hands.Deep wakes up and checks arohi

Deep:I think she is alright now

Arohi wakes up and sees deep.She hugs him

Deep:What happened to you why are you soo scared

Arohi:Roma and tara

Deep:I know you wanted me to see the real face of them you know that morning when you scolded me I was thinking to give them another chance but after seeing this I am sure they can never change I am soo sorry for not trusting you.By the way which memory chip they were talking about

Arohi: The evidence I gave to police was not enough they wanted a clear proof between me and tara.So I searched everything I could and one day a box came from shimla.I searched it but there was nothing in it but then inside a stuff toy there was a chip.In that chip the cctv fotage of my brother house was recorded with voice so it recorded how tara killed my brother and then there was also another one I recorded but Maya destroyed it with her.In that one Roma Tara virat were talking and was celebrating something when all of them said everything what they have done with me like everything. I kept it but forgot to gave it police because the same day I was poisoned and also had DNA reports

Deep:Arohi where are they now

Arohi:In my suitcase

Deep:It is in my car

Arohi:Then let’s go

They both run towards the car.Goons are standing outside the car.Virat comes there with police every one starts fighting .Deep and arohi come there.Roma and tara sees them.They all come face to face

Roma:I am glad to see you again

Deep:But I am not

Tara:Arohi Deep is only mine

Arohi:I know he is only yours

Deep:What are you saying

Arohi:Deep you are going to live with her so this means you two are together
Deep:I was living with you I only love you

Arohi: Oh please I hate the word love

The police come there and takes all of them with them.Arohi looks at virat worried ly. He gives her an assuring look.She looks down.The next day all of them in a court.

Lawyer:Sir do you remember this girl arohi kyshup

Judge:Yes I think she was related to shimla murder cases

Lawyer:The case is not solved yet so ms arohi please come here and tell the truth to everyone

Arohi stands up and goes to a box.She looks at deep with anger eyes

Arohi:Sir 3 years ago in this same court I was sentenced 15 years of prison because I was proved to be the serial killer of shimla


Arohi:If you don’t mind my story is a little bit long

Lawyer:No problem we are here to listen

Arohi:I was a simple girl from shimla I was living with my brother and his family because my parents just died.There I met Mr deep raichand he married me made me fall in love with him so he can trap me in murders done by none other than her wife Ms tara raichand who is my lookalike During that I also lost my brother but they have soo much evidences against me that I was helpless.There was one person Inspector lakshay but he also turned out to be none other than tara brother they sent me to jail and trust me it is like a hell

She started to get emotional tears welled up in her eyes

Arohi:In jail all others tortured me and one day a commissioner tried to rape me that day I escaped prison to seek revenge And today I am here to complete my revenge

Judge:Any evidence


She plays the whole video of them confessing and committing their sins she then also showed the DNA reports

Judge:After seeing all the evidence I sentence Roma Tara and virat death.And I sentence Mr deep a jail for 3 years this case is closed

Arohi looks at deep who is still shocked.She goes towards him and looks him in the eyes

Arohi:You started it I finished it

Deep:Never knew you were soo sharp

Arohi:Me too loving someone too deeply and then get betrayal does remind of someone.Right here you handed Holy book I want to do the same but I am not like you

Deep:I thought you loved me

Arohi:Yes I loved you but now I don’t because of you I hate the word deep. At last I want to say learn from your sins and never underestimate a women who thought that me Arohi can even sent you and your family to jail

She turns (Ishq mein marjavan plays ) and leaves from there.Deep looks on.The police takes him.Arohi sits in his car and leaves from there.After sometime deep arrives in the prison he looks at the building.He is taken inside.He sees men fighting and laughing. He remembers meeting arohi in the prison.

Deep:She was right if men are like this I can’t imagine about the women

A policeman throws him in his cell.Arohi lands in Mumbai. She goes to the raichand mansion where everyone was waiting for her and deep . Papaji asks about deep

Arohi:He is dead

Papaji:You are lying right

Arohi:No its the truth

She runs to her room.She goes in a deep thought

Arohi:No one must know that Deep is in jail.

She goes down with some papers.She gives them to Papaji and ask him to sign on it.He signs the papers.She comes back to her room

Arohi:Now 50% of this empire belongs to deep.I will send these papers in shimla after he is realesed

She goes and changes.Deep tries to sleep but is unable to sleep.Arohi is also awake.They both remember their past and then sleeps

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