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I miss you a shivika story chapter 11

Hi guys sorry for late , here’s your next chapter

Shivika came down bcoz it’s time to family members came ,,Anika went to study rooms and left any in shivaay room , shivaay is playing with him so much

Anika came from the study room and went to her hubby and kid

A- shivaay you are still playing with him wear your clothes why are you still in bathrobe ,,I want to make anay ready

S- this is not fair jaanu ,you always make anay ready ,who makes his dad’s ready ,make me ready also and he sat on couch with a pout

Anika look at him with a disguise face r u mad

S- what

A-chup chap Apne kapde pehen li jiye

S- pls na Anika mujhe bhi ready Karo na

A- shivaay sb aate he honge

S- don’t talk to me you always did this to me he takes his clothes went to the bathroom for change

Anika smile on her husband antics

she take anay and came downstairs ,and start working what janhavi said before leaving

One by one everyone comeback at home ,and sit on the dinning table ,Anika still doing work and went to the studies ,anay is slept in his pan  in hall ,,all oberois are set to have dinner , shivaay eyes search for Anika

S- ( in mind) where is Anika she didn’t have something and she’s tired too bcoz of last night and anay is also hungry I think where is she went

D- start having breakfast

Suddenly anay starts crying shivaay just leave his breakfast and run towards the anay take him in his arms and make him calm ,rubs his back ,making funny faces and swing him ,finally he stops crying and shivaay lay him in his pan ,he turns and all family members just stand up from there seats and look at him with a huge shock

D- billu puttar how did you do that

P- Shivaay how can he calms down very fast from you

S- mom it’s nothing like that ,you all are sit back and have breakfast

They all have there breakfast

D- billu I think you are ready for your kid now , so when you and Arpita makes me great grandmother

P- yess mummy ji I think u r right

S- very soon dadi ( he reminds the moment of last night)

Annika listen this and her eyes fill with tears ,she went towards anay and take him

She went towards dining area wiping her tears and report janhavi that she completed her work

J- Anika for today it’s enough u may go now and take rest , and from Tomorrow we should start our work in office not at home ,I know it’s being little uncomfortable for u to work in a home

Shivaay eyes just stop on Anika ,he doesn’t leave his seat bcoz everyone ask questions and he wants that somehow Anika look at him and understand that stay here for sometime ,but Anika doesn’t pay any attention she pick anay and her back and came out from the mansion , shivaay being normally leave the breakfast and run towards the main entrance but no use Anika is left ,

Silently he came in the house and with little sadness he move towards his room




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