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Humari Adhuri Kahani (Episode 1)

Hamari Adhuri Kahani


Episode 1: 


Banno Re Banno Meri Chali Sasuraal Ko
Ankhiyon Mein Paani De Gayi
Duaa Mein Meethi Gud Dhaani Le Gayi


A huge bungalow is shown where all the decorations are going in full flow. Some girls are seen dancing. Some are seen applying mehendi on their hands. An elderly women is seen instructing the flower vendor for the decoration. From her way of speaking, it can be clearly guessed that she is a well educated women. A boy came from behind her and hugged her tightly. Her face is revealed. Anita Luthra, an independent and a kind hearted women. She patted the boy on his cheek and kissed on his forehead. The boy smiled looking at her who is none other but Yuvraj Luthra.


Anita: Yuvi, can you please do me favour beta?


Yuvi: Ya sure Mom, what can I do to help you?


Anita: Can you please check the bride and tell her that the rituals will start at sharp 3:30?


Yuvi: Ya sure Mom. I’ll just go and check her.


Yuvi left from there and went upstairs. Anita again started instructing the staff. The scene then shifted to a huge room where a beautiful girl, the bride, is seen wearing the last pieces of jewellery matching the mehendi look.


Re Kabira Maan Jaa
Re Faqeera Yun Na Ja
Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Teri Parchhaaiyan



There is a knock at the door. Yuvi enters the room and calls her name “Chinki?”. The girl turned and smiled looking at him. Yuvi also smiled back and signed her that she is looking very pretty. He came close to her. Chinki turned her face towards the mirror and Yuvi came and stand behind her back.


Yuvi: Get ready beautiful! The groom is going to get a heart attack today after watching you.


Saying this he smiled and put his hands on her shoulders, comforting her. A lone tear esacaped her eye. Yuvi worriedly came and sat in front of her. And asked her” what happened Chinki?”


She wiped her tear and held his hand saying,


Chinki: Thank you for every thing Yuvi. You always treated me as your younger sister and loved me as a part of your family. I shall not be able to pay any of this love back. Thank you.


She nearly choked while saying all this. Yuvi hugged her tight and pulled back after a long hug.


Yuvi: Shhh, just do me favour. Smile, as I can’t see any girl crying in front of me. And what if the make up gets spoiled haan? I don’t want to get scared, please.


Chinki hit him playfully on his shoulder, laughing.


Chinki: Just a matter of few days Yuvi. Then you’ll be left alone.


Yuvi: Oh yes! By alone,I forgot to ask you. Where is She?


Chinki rolled her eyes and said,


Chinki: Twinkle? As usual, in her room. Reviewing all these past years.


She, after saying this realised about all the happenings in Twinkle’s life. And then she held Yuvi’s hand.


Chinki: Promise me Yuvi that when I’ll leave for America after the wedding, you’ll always make sure that she stays happy. She has gone through a lot of pain in these 8 years. And all these functions just reminds her of her sorrows. Although she pretends that she is really happy but it can be seen through her eyes that she never moved on. And now, again he is coming back after 8 years.


Yuvi squeezed her hands assuring her that he’ll always be beside her. In every decision that she takes and take care of her. He left the room after this conversation. The scene then shifts to another room where a girl is seen sitting on the floor. She traced her hand on the wedding card on which it was written “Anand weds Chinki”.


Re Kabira Maan Ja
Re Faqeera Yun Na Ja
Kaisa Tu Hai Nirmohi Kaisa Harjaaiya



The girl is revealed to be Twinkle. She smiled looking at the wedding card. Her expressions changed as she remembered something. Only voice flashes could be heard,


“I love you Twinkle! I hate you twinkle! I can’t live with you anymore. I want divorce. Your parents have left you forever Twinkle. No! This can’t be.
I hate you twinkle! Your parents are no more! I want divorce. No!”


Twinkle closed her eyes tightly as she came out of her thoughts. Tears escaped her eyes. She didn’t even realised that while thinking about her past, she was shaking badly. She controlled herself and wiped her tears.


Twinkle’s POV,


No Twinkle! You have to be strong the same way you have been till now. 8 years. Everything got snatched 8 years ago. I were left with only memories. Mom, Dad, I miss you every day. Not a single day has passed when I didn’t think about you. Although Anita aunty and yuvi have been with me all these years but still you both left me alone when I needed you the most. Why life has been so unfair with me? Why? But I am very thankful to God that he sent Anita aunty and Yuvi in my life. After you left, they stood by me as a strong wall. And now, they are also helping me with the marriage of my best friend. Although, HE is also coming back after 8 years. But I don’t feel same about him. I hope that hatred has faded after all these years. “


She stood up while wiping her tears and went to the washroom to get ready. After getting ready she left her room to check her best friend chinki. The scene then shifted to the huge garden where all the mehendi rituals are to be perform. Twinkle and Chinki made an entrance and all the guests turned to see them.


Gudiya Ri Gudiya Tera Gudda Perdesiya
Jodi Aasmani Ho Gayi
Shagun Pe Dekho Shaad Maani Ho Gayi


Yuvi and Anita also turned around to see them. Both of them smiled looking at the bride. Yuvi also came forward to join them. Twinkle made Chinki sit at the stage so that the rituals get started. Everyone was seen happy. Turn by turn everyone applied Haldi on Chinki’s face.


Re Kabira Maan Jaa
Re Faqeera Yun Na Jaa
Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Teri Parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira Maan Ja
Re Faqeera Yun Na Ja
Kaisa Tu Hai Nirmohi Kaisa Harjaaiya



Now it was Yuvi’s turn. He took a handful of haldi and applied all of it on Chinki’s face. Everyone laughed looking at this. Twinkle was also seen laughing heartily at this childish behavior. Yuvi smiled looking at her after seeing her laughing like this after a long time.


Yuvi’s POV,


Hope you smile like this everyday. I can feel your pain twinkle. I have seen you die everyday for the past 8 years. Life has been unfair with you. Hope this smile lasts long enough to help you overcome with your sorrows. And i’ll be right beside you in everything. “


Yuvi looked at his mom who was already looking at him. He smiled looking at her which she returned back with a genuine smile. The day passed quickly with all these functions. Twinkle and Yuvi were seen helping each other. Yuvi was seen irritating Chinki. Twinkle smiled looking at them. The episode ended on the face of Twinkle.



Hey guys! Hope you liked this episode. It will be a short story. And I shall be late with the next episode due to my exams. Do comment and tell me your views. Thank you. ❤

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