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Badho Bahu 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal escapes from the hideout

Badho Bahu 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Goons block Komal’s way and point a gun at her head. Don’t dare to move. Ram ji walks out from there hurriedly.

Lucky tells his father that they found Badho’s location. The tracker is at the same place since last 2 hours. Seems like Badho is there only. I have also informed police. They would reach their soon. Malti ji is excited to tell everyone but Raghubir ji tells her against it. No one should know about it! She agrees. I would make sure Sushma is not able to know anything. Raghubir ji and Lucky go out. Malti ji prays for Badho’s wellbeing. She should just come home asap.

Badho hits the goon on his hand. He drops the gun and she manages to catch it. One guy holds her from behind but she manages to hit him. She asks them to stand in a corner. They hold their ears. She closes the

door from outside.

Lucky is on his way to the location. I am coming Badho. Just a little more time.

Badho keeps a chair outside the door. She notices the paper there and reads the ad given by Lucky. The main guy shoots bullets in air. Ram ji hears the sound of bullets. He tells his sister (on phone) about it. I feel Badho shot down the goons. Sushma says you are safe. Our work will still be done. Don’t worry. Ram ji says she will run to home directly. Everything will be over then. Sushma points out that Lucky and Badho are divorced already. Plus I have solution to every problem. Come home asap to attend your daughter’s engagement. Lucky will have to do it. Ram ji asks her how she will make Titli agree. She tells him something in mute.

Goon finds the tracker in the parcel sent by Lucky. Badho’s family would have tracked us by now. Get out soon. Police would come anytime. Let’s run.

Raghubir ji stops Lucky from going inside on his own. Their can be danger. Ajay leads them inside but the place is empty. They find the ropes and tracker there. Raghubir ji says seems like they found out about our plan. Lucky finds Komal’s earring there. They recognize it to be Badho’s. Ajay decides to check outside. They would not have gone too far. Raghubir ji tells Lucky not to worry. They will find Badho. Lucky says how not to worry. I am not able to do anything. They took her from here too. Raghubir ji reasons that they could reach till here because of his efforts only. Lucky insists upon looking for Badho more.

Badho is running on the street with the goons chasing her. She hides under a tree. The goons go in different direction while she runs in another. Badho sits down and reads the ad. No Lucky ji, I wont let anything like this happen. I am coming. We will find a solution together. She hears the goons shouting and hides again.

Raghubir ji and Lucky are driving around the hiding place. Lucky drives past Komal missing her. Komal resumes running after fooling the goons. Lucky gets call from Suhsma. Sushma asks him to come home right away. Guys don’t take much time to get ready. Bring Raghubir ji along. He is with you right? Lucky says I don’t understand what you are saying. Tell me if it’s urgent or I am ending the call now. Sushma tells him about his engagement with Titli. It is today evening. Pundit ji said there isn’t any auspicious time after that for a long time. You and Raghubir ji should be present at home for this right? Come home asap. I cannot guarantee what can go wrong if you wont come. What if police arrests one of your family members? Lucky ends the call angrily. He tells his father everything. I have to go back. I wont go back without Badho. Raghubir ji advises him to be patient. It might be possible that Komal is still a captive of the goons. We have to take every step very carefully. People like Sushma can fall down to any level. She is a danger to our family!

Malti ji tells her Bhabhi she wont let this engagement happen. Kamla ji stops her. They overhear Titli refusing to marry. I have no interest in ruining my friend’s house. Sushma says it has happened already. He does not know how much he loves you. He would understand and so should you. Titli stays put. Do whatever you have to but I wont do this engagement. Sushma tells her to understand. Kamla ji tells Malti ji she does not have to do anything now that Titli is not ready to get engaged. Sushma will be insulted. Malti ji decides to be quiet till evening. Lucky will bring Badho home by evening. She agrees with her Bhabhi. Kamla ji was about to go on her own but Malti ji offers to take her. Kamla ji realizes that she will still have to pretend to be blind or her game will be up! She tells Malti ji to take her.

Kamla ji says entire Haryana Police wont be able to do anything when Titli will do her tandava. Malti ji hopes it comes true. Payal asks them what they are talking about. Kamla ji shares that Titli and Lucky’s engagement is due in the evening. Payal worries for Jamuna ji. Malti ji explains that Sushma is forcing Titli to get engaged to Lucky. You, Jamuna Bhabhi and Vardaan should head to Bakriawal. Come back when everything is fine. Payal suggests sending Jamuna ji with Vardaan and Pragya. I have to stay here for Badho in the evening. Kamla ji asks her what she said. Malti ji signals her to be quiet. Payal covers up saying we will say who can get engaged to Lucky just like that. Malti ji and Payal go from there on the pretext of making tea for Kamla ji. Malti ji tells Payal to explain to Jamuna ji. Lucky will bring Komal by evening. I will send Komal and Lucky tomorrow to Bakriawal. Kamla ji overhears their conversation. She is excited thinking how Sushma’s game will be up. My time will also be up though? I must speak to Pinki.

Pragya and Vardaan bring Jamnua ji home. She tells them not to worry about her. I will be fine when Komal will be home. Vardaan assures her they will find some news of Didi soon. I will tell you the moment I find out anything. Premika bring medicines for Jamuna ji. Pragya gives medicines to Jamuna ji. Premika gives water to Vardaan but he agrees to have it later. She tells him to take it. You keep telling Ma ji not to worry yet you worry so much. He accepts the glass. Pragya looks on. Vardaan goes aside to attend a call while Premika goes to make tea for them. Jamuna ji asks Pragya if she likes Premika. Pragya nods. Jamuna ji says I will get Vardaan married once Komal is back. Pragya gets sad.

Komal’s foot gets hurt while running. Come what may I will reach Lucky ji anyhow. Help me Lord so that I reach home safely and can tell the truth to everyone!

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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