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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shagun proposes Shaurya

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shagun saying I missed you so much, I m so happy. She hugs Shaurya. He makes her away and says it means I had seen you in the rains, right. She smiles. He says you were there in holika dahan, what’s the new drama. Anokhi says where is Shaurya. Shagun says I know, I wanted to see if you care for me, I have seen you madly running after me. Anokhi says I will find him. Shagun says sorry to trouble you, but this is love. Shaurya leaves. Anokhi takes colours for Shaurya. Shagun says I will not lose, I will make you mine, I know you are shocked and confused. Anokhi sees Shaurya leaving. She says what happened to him. Shagun collides with her.

Anokhi thinks what happened to PS. Reema asks did you talk to him. Shaurya says yes, because of Shagun. Anokhi says I couldn’t apply colours to him. Shaurya says how would I know why Shagun came back, I couldn’t say my feelings to Anokhi. Kanchan worries. Shaurya says I wanted Anokhi to apply the holi to me first, and I wanted to apply colours to her first. Kanchan asks why did Shagun come back. Devi says Shagun wants to be close to Shaurya, SIAC had professor’s vacancy, Shagun had applied. Alok says great.

Shagun says I had applied soon when I got to know about the vacancy, I thought he will be happy seeing my application, I don’t know if he will accept it. Devi says don’t worry, go there with confidence, leave it to me. Shagun thanks her. FB ends. Devi says Alok, you have to make sure that she joins Shagun, I have convinced Tej, Shaurya will do what’s good for students, Shagun was one of the fav teachers. He says yes.

Its morning, Anokhi messages Babli. Babli thinks what to do now. Vineet’s mum asks her to come along for shopping. Babli says I have stomach ache, I can’t come today, shall we go tomorrow. Vineet’s mum says leave it, I will go alone. She goes. Babli feels sorry to lie. Shaurya comes to college. Anokhi looks at him. He asks how are you, where did you go yesterday. Anokhi says I was there, don’t know where you went, you didn’t let me apply colours or apply colours to me. He says yes. She says you left as winning isn’t possible. He says no, actually, because of someone. She asks are you fine, did anything happen. He says I had to talk something urgent, when I… A student comes and says principal is calling you. Shaurya says I will talk to you later. He goes. Anokhi says he looks worried. Babli comes and asks Anokhi to stay away from him. Tej says interviews will start next week, Shaurya will get busy, we should make appointment final today. Shaurya comes. Alok says we have finalized one candidate. Shaurya asks when did this happen. Tej says it wasn’t needed. Alok says this candidate is amazing. Shaurya asks who is it. Tej says we will make you meet her. Shagun comes. Shaurya looks on.

Babli says if dad knows, then he will take her back and get you married. Anokhi says Shaurya also feels the same like me. Babli says he is rich, we have no match, your dream won’t get fulfilled, Shaurya and his family troubled you a lot, think of Aastha, they don’t want girls like you, they want rich girls, forget him. Shagun says I had come for spring break then didn’t wish to go back. Tej says good for you and SIAC, we appointed you finding your resume strong. He says if anyone has any objection, then tell me, this is her last round. Alok says its good, students like her, I will go with Shaurya’s decision. Tej says Shaan said okay, the decision depends on you now, yes or no. Shaurya welcomes Shagun. Alok says you take her and introduce her to the students. Shaurya says yes, after all, her students miss her. They go.

Tej and Alok smile. Alok messages Devi that Shagun’s entry has happened in SIAC. Reema asks Anokhi to go and apply colours to Shaurya, find any new excuse, can’t you do this. Anokhi says I won’t go until he calls me. Reema says if I was in your place, then I would have told him. Shaurya hands over the files and papers for review to Shagun. She says we had some incomplete queries. He asks her to mail it. She says I can see the big change, Shaurya I will fulfill your expectations. He says I have no expectations, you know your job, no need to get serious. She says I m serious about you and our relationship. Reema says go with the budget list, get it approved by Shaurya. Anokhi smiles. Shaurya says I will be there if you want support. Shagun says I want your love just like before.

Anokhi says PS invited me, is this a date. Reema says I m sure he likes western, I have seen Shagun wearing western, he was engaged to Shagun. Anokhi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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