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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Catches Kanak Red-Handed

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radhika informs Kanak that Anant called handwriting expert and if expert identifies her handwriting in Gehna’s notes, Anant will hate her. Kanak says she should have thought about it before. Radhika warns that if she is caught, even Kanak won’t be spared. Kanak reminds that she brought her in this house and can do anything she wants, they should steal the note itself. Hema hearing their conversation thinks she knew they are up to something, now she will inform their plan to Gehna. She rushes down towards Gehna when Hiral offers her laddus smirking at Kanak. Hema gets stomach upset and rushes to bathroom. Kanak tells Radhika that their lonely evidence is busy now, they can steal notes easily.

Anant’s handwriting expert friend Rakesh visits him. Paresh says he came after a long time. Anant introduces Gehna to Rakesh. Rakesh notices Radhika and asks what is she doing here. Paresh says Radhika is their special guest and will go from there soon, asks Anant if he is right. Anant asks Gehna to bring her notes. Gehna walks towards her room. Kanak rushes to steal notes, sees door locked, and tries to open it via hair pin. Hema stops Gehna and says Kanak.., but then runs away holding her stomach again. Kanak gets alert and walks in via window and steals note thinking Gehna’s dream is gone. Gehna walks in unlocking door. Kanak hides. Gehna takes notebook and returns to Anant. Radhika gets tensed thinking Kanak failed to steal notebook, now Anant will find out truth and will hate her, her small mistake will ruin her dream. Rakesh compares family members’ handwriting with Kanak’s notebook handwriting and says he identified handwriting which he knows since years. Anant asks whose handwriting is it. Rakesh says its his and his wife’s handwriting, third one he can’t see. Radhika is surprised and thinks why didn’t Rakesh identify her handwriting. Rakesh leaves.

Kanak asks if she is thinking why didn’t Rakesh identify her handwriting, that is because she tore her handwriting pages from notes. Radhika thanks her and says Anant and Gehna will soon find out that pages her missing and will do something again. Kanak says she has made arrangements for that also and sells papers to raddiwala/paper vendor. Baa noticing her asks what is she doing. Kanak says she is selling old newspaper and magazines to clean the house following Baa’s advice to keep the house clean. Baa praises her and leaves. Kanak then hurriedly asks vendor to take these notes. Gehna enters and snatches her notes and says she got proof. She sends vendor and tells Kanak that she is not a duffer/dumb anymore, she saw her hiding behind bed and kept notes purposefully to catch her with proof. Kanak nervously asks why would she hide behind her bed. Gehna says to steal notes and says thief will be caught one day at last and asks not to worry as she will not inform family about her heinous act; she just wanted to find out who wants to stop her studies; she respects her so much and is feeling bad that being an elder of house and well educated, she is trying stop her studies. Kanak warns she is wrongly alleging her. Gehna says she doesn’t want to compete with her and just wants to fulfill Anant’s dream and become something. She thanks her for boosting her determination and shouldn’t think that she wants to compete with her as she wants to compete with herself. Kanak laughs and asks who is she to compete. Anant enters and says Gehna is his wife and has chosen her path like Kanak did and will surpass Kaank soon. Kanak says as if wife wasn’t enough, husband came to support her. Anant challenges that he will support Gehna and make her surpass Kanak, etc.

Radhika walks to Anant and asks if he is ready to accompany her for party. Gehna feels sad hearing that. Anant says he cannot attend party with her as Gehna’s studies are important to him and she has exams on the way. Gehna gets happy hearing that and says they will party once she passes exam. Radhika tells Kanak that Gehna spoilt her plan, now she will see how will Gehna give her exam.

Precap: Gehna sees Baa and Bapuji’s blessings before leaving for her exam. Kanak hugs her and says she will wait for her sweets. Gehna says she boosted her morales more today.

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