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Roommates with the CEO (episode-6)

Before starting the update, arushi ji aap nae pucha kee vansh aakar rehatha previous update Mae lekin aaj kaa episode Mae ishani dialogue bolthi. Yahi tha naa aap Ka doubt. Voo aakar vaha khada hotha, jaab ishani nae vukno daekhar, wish karkae bolthi hai. I hope you may get clarity now. If you don’t then please let me know.

Riddhima and Kabir started dancing. They both were enjoying themselves and aahana also joined them. Suddenly, riddhima felt someone was observing her. She turn around and search for that person. From VIP booth someone glares was very attractive and intoxicating.

Riddhima get shy and left the dance floor. Aahana and Kabir also went with her.

Aahana:- come on riddhima! Let’s have this!

Riddhima and ahana finish the shot.

Ahana hand overed the shot to Kabir. He drank it.

Kabir :- ho god! It’s burning!!!!!!

Ahana :- of course it is!

Riddhima :- please don’t say it’s your first time.

After completed her statement, he fell down.

Ahana :- no! He is dead!

Riddhima :- shut up! Don’t be crazy! Help me lift him up.

Ahana :- wait I will bring someone.

Riddhima :- wait!!!! Ahana!!!!

But she already leave into the crowd.

She lifted him up and took him out of the club.

Riddhima :- you wait here! I will search for someone to drop you at home!

While she was leaving, he hold her wrist.

Kabir :- I am sorry! Only because of me you came out, I spoiled everything.

Riddhima :- don’t be feel sorry. It’s not your fault.

Riddhima left him alone and went to search.

Some random girl……

Girl :- hey! If you don’t mind then I can drop you at home or we shall go my place and have some fun. (Flirty)

Kabir :- no thanks, actually! I am waiting for my friend. So…….

Girl :- who? The one who leave you here! She just left with some other person.

Kabir :- no, she can’t leave me here alone like this.

Girl :- I am not lying. She really left with some hot, handsome man.

Riddhima just came to their.

Riddhima :- just back off girl! (Angry)

Girl :- who the crap you are?

Riddhima :- the girl you saw with handsome person. (Angry)

That girl leave from their immediately by cursing.

Riddhima :- are you ok!

Kabir :- kinda!

Riddhima :- I informed Jessica. She is also ready to leave. She will drop you at home.

Kabir :- tq!!!!!

Inside the club…….

Ahana :- hey riddhima! This shot is for you!

Riddhima is very angry.

Ahana :- don’t be angry girl! Even though he prefers you more than me. So, I leave you both alone.

Riddhima :- just shut up! It’s not like that, what you have imagined.

Ahana :- ok! Just chill! Have this.

She accepts the shot.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5………

Riddhima :- the floor start spinning (laughing)

Ahana :- I think, I have to drop you at home. Tell me, where are you leaving.

Riddhima :- hooooo!!!!! I am leaving with a special, no!!!! Very Special person. Do you know who it is?……. It’s our………..

Angre :- enough!

Ahana :- mr.angre you! What are you doing here?

Angre :- Miss ahana! Don’t worry I will drop her.

Ahana :- you know where she is leaving?

Angre :- yes!

Angre lifts riddhima by her hand.

Riddhima :- hoooooo! You are so cute!!!! (She poked him at cheeks)

Angre :- it’s enough for you! You may have spilled our secret.

Riddhima :- secreeeeeet!

I want to tell her with whom I am living, I am living with my

She cupped her mouth and drag her with him.

You just don’t talk anything. Sit here silently………

Angre :- vansh! She is fully drink. Please handle her! I am leaving!!!!!!

Vansh nods his head.

In car ………

Riddhima :- vansh! Their is something on your face.

Vansh :- what?

Riddhima :- anger (she laughed)

Vansh get angry.

Riddhima get up from her seat and sat on vansh lap.

Riddhima :- I am not only one who had drunken!

He saw her with confusion.

Riddhima :- why you always scold me? You don’t like me? You don’t find me, I am very beautiful?

His expression get soften.

Vansh :- (slightly moving her hair back) you are most beautiful person whom I met.

Riddhima :- really? (Like a small kid)

Vansh :- yes!

Riddhima :- can I tell you a secret?

Vansh :- what’s that?

Riddhima :- whenever I saw you, I start blushing. You are really so handsome! Cute! (Innocently smiling) But sometimes you just behave like a fire dragon.(imitating him) sometimes I get afraid and confused because of your sudden change.(doubtful)

While she was saying, he was adoring her beauty. He lost in her thoughts. He was observing.


Her lips……..

Suddenly he pulled closed to her and kissed her.

It was very sweet and wild. They both kissed for few minutes.

They reached to penthouse.

He carried her in his arms. He make her slept and was about to leave,she hold his hand.

Riddhima :- vaaaaansh! Please don’t leave me! I don’t want to end this night! (Puppy face)

Vansh :- (caring her face) ok! I will stay here.

Riddhima :- shall we talk for sometime! (With full of excitement, her eyes was just shining like crackers)

Vansh :- ok come! Let’s sit at pool side.

They both spend sometime at pool side.

Riddhima was saying about her, vansh was just watching her.

Precap :- it’s just a mistake!!!!



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