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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 22

Hello everyone i love you guys

You all completed target successfully

I just wanna share one thing

I got a comment from @S  he/she told me that he/she is suffering from cancer and wants me to complete 100 episodes so that he/she can die but dear i am not gonna do this becoz you have to live for reading my ff and don’t loose hope dear you will be fine soon and yes i was literally crying after reading your comment because i didn’t know that my ff will effect someone Iike this and honestly speaking i am a fragile person i can’t see someone’s pain and i had feeled that pain because my grandmother was a cancer patient too  i wish you will get soon i love you dear take care.. and i request everyone to pray for my beloved reader

With regards


So episode starts here

5 months later

So guys i am not dragging Ishangre’s wedding as i have my own plans for later (storm you know 😉)

Scene 1

Ishangre’s room

Ishani is doing some work and

Angre comes from behind and hug her

Ishani – So dear husband your romance session started

Angre – when my wife is so beautiful then how can i resist my self

Ishani hold Angre’s hand

Ishani – Thankyou so much Angre for making my life so beautiful

And they both come close to kiss each other

Suddenly Vansh comes

Vansh (hurry) – Angre i have an important work with you

Ishani (pissed) – Bhai!! Why you always forget that your ex girlfriend Angre is married now (😂😂)

Vansh – I m sry princess i was in hurry

Angre – Bhai tell me what is work

Ishani (pouting) – C’mon bhai stop being jealous from us , now you and riddhu are going to marry in 3 days but still you are behind our romance😣 (not like the Ishani in the show😏😏)

Vansh – you two become so shameless after marriage

Ishani (giggles) – But bhai you became shameless even before your marriage

Vansh (glaring her) – Let me get married then i will see you..

Angre (pissed) -My ex girlfriend and my current wife please stop fighting

Suddenly riddhima comes

Riddhima – What the hell is happening here (my innocent riddhu😅)

Ishani – Bhai you take your ex girlfriend with you because i am taking your to be wife with me for shopping😉

Vansh (glaring her) – You are taking revenge on me Ishani😣

Ishani (dragging Riddhima with her) – yes bhai..

And they both leave

Scene 2

Ishani and riddhima comes home after shopping

Riddhima shouts everyone’s name loudly

Dadi – What happened beta why are you shouting

Siya – Di you are screaming like there is some good news for us

Don’t tell me that you are going to be a mother before wife😂

And Ishani started blushing

Dadi – If my intuition is not wrong then I can sense what is the good news

Vansh – Can anybody do the honour to tell us what is happening here ( why mens are so oblivious 😙)

Ishani – I am pregnent bhai
you are going to be Mamu

She said showing her report

Vansh – So finally the noises of your room gave the output 😂

You both just made me deaf uff !!!

Riddhima – Yes and i am going to be bua

Vansh (wink) – I will make you mommy soon😉

Dadi hug Ishani and bless her

They all started celebrating

Suddenly loud noise come


They all turn backside and scream

Ishani – Angre

Riddhima – Bhai

Vansh – Angre

Angre is lying on floor unconscious

Scene 3

Everyone is in Angre’s room

He gets conscious

Angre( keeping his hand on his head) – I am going to be a father😇

Ishani (pissed) – What the hell Angre

I am the one who is pregnant and you felt dizzy

Vansh – He must be tired after doing so much of hardwork for making you to be mommy ( i can imagine Vansh saying this in vihan mode😂)

Dadi (holding his ears) – I must say you are becoming more shameless day by day

Vansh – Then get me married soon and i will be a responsible father🙈 soon

You know guys i take milk every night just for practice but this f**king 5 months are not ending

Dadi (keeping her hands on her ears) – Bless my ears Vansh please

Have some shame , i am your Dadi

And everyone burst into laughter

Scene 4

Ishangre’ s room

Angre lift Ishani in his arms and twirl her around

Angre – I am so happy jaan finally the most awaited moment is here

We are gonna be mumma papa soon

Ishani (hugging him) – I am so happy Angre

Angre (holding her hand ) – I will become best father in the world jaan

I will give all the happiness and love to my princess which i didn’t get in my life

He has tears in his eyes

My princess will be in my team i will not let you spoil her

Ishani (having tears) – I am so happy Angre to see you like this..

I will become best mother in the world

And they hug each other

Scene 5

Vansh’s Room

Vansh (with tears)- I am so happy sweetheart my little sister is going to be a mother

Riddhima (wiping his tears) – Angre bhai will be the best father in the world

Vansh (coming close to her) – No sweetheart , I have reserved that place for me

Riddhima (hitting him softly) – Shameless , let us get married first

Vansh – Just 3 days sweetheart then you will be mine then i will see how will you escape from me

Riddhima (crying)- We will also have a small family Vansh

I didn’t get parent’s love but we will give all the love to our child

Vansh (wiping her tears) – I will love my princess most

Riddhima (glare him) – What if we will get a prince

Vansh (chuckles) – Then i will make you pregnant again

Riddhima (hitting him ) – You are total shameless Vansh

Vansh (hugging her ) – Soon i will give you all the happiness you deserve sweetheart

And they hug each other

Scene 6

Vansh blindfolds Ishani and take her to the room

And unfolds her eyes

The room is decorated with toys and babies photo and there is a cradle too

Ishani (with tears) – This is so amazing bhai i love it..

But bhai why you did this so early

Vansh (giggles) – Because i m gonna be busy after 3 days as i have to prepare to compete you guys

Ridhima ( glaring him) – Soon your murder’s episode will come on crime petrol Vansh

Angre ( keeping his hand on riddhu’s shoulder) – Stop teasing my sister Vansh bhai

Riddhima – Thankyou bhai

Angre – But i too want to become mama soon like you bhai😂

Vansh – And i want to become father like you😊

Angre – But you have to do so much hardwork for that😂

Vansh (blushing) – I am hardworking since childhood

Riddhima (angry) – I am gonna kill you today Vansh😣

Vansh – i have selected names of the baby too

If if he will be a boy then the name will be Aryaveer (do you like the names do tell me in comment)

And if she will be girl then the name will be Preetika

Ishani – wow bhai you choice is just awesome

Siya (laughing) – He or she will be ishani’s nishani

Vansh (laughing) – And result of Angre’s Hardwork😂😂 (This man has gone mad)

Riddhima – From now you won’t do any work Ishani

Vansh (laughing) – Because your husband already did so much of hardwork

Riddhima ( glaring him) – Just shut up or else forget that you are gonna having a nuptial night for which you have been drinking milk since few days

Just take rest Ishani and dare you to disobey me

Ishani – Your wedding is in 3 days

So much work is pending who will do

Vansh – We will handle just take care of yourself

And they all share a group hug

Done for today guys

I am not dragging marrige unnecessarily because something more interesting is on the way

So the target is still 30 comments

Love you guys

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