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RadhaKrishn 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Shocking Request For Tulsi

RadhaKrishn 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha continues sculpting Krishna’s idol out of a stone tirelessly. Krishna’s soul asks her to stop searching her Krishna in stone. Radha senses Krishna’s presence around her and thinks its just her imagination, but its obvious when they spend so much time with someone and he leaves her suddenly; she is sure even Krishna would do same without having food or resting. Krishna thinks he would have stopped her and asked her to rest, but he is just a soul and cannot do that.

Sam provokes Tulsi that she rightly cursed Krishna and punished him, but Radha doesn’t want Krishna to be punished and has started a new drama now; Radha wants to meet her. Tulsi says Radha requested her many times not to curse Krishna, she asks him to tell Radha that she wants Krishna to be punished for his sin. Sam says Radha is wicked and asked him to tell her that a loving heart will hear other loving heart’s request. Tulsi asks if Radha told this. Sam says Radha is very wicked and cunning, but he wants his father to be punished as he wants justice for an innocent and helpless woman. Tulsi thinks why did Radha tell that, she understands love.

Radha imagines Krishna holding her when she slips and thinks the Krishna insider her is supporting her. Balram with Jamvati, Sam, Laxmana and his sons walks in and requests Radha to stop troubling her. Jamvati also requests to stop as she is petite and cannot carve such a huge stone. Nishant requests to have food at least. Radha says she is determined to search Krishna, so they all should return to Dwarka. Balram says they will not go without her. Sam tells Laxmana that good Radha will die out of hunger and weakness. Laxmana backs him. Radha asks Sam if he met Tulsi. He says he met Tulsi and pleaded her to come along, but she didn’t.

Tulsi walks in and tells Radha that she challenged her love, but should remember that she can be hungry and weak and will not get Krishna though. Radha says she called her to inform her that she will sacrifice her Krishna. Balram asks what is she saying. Radha says she will separate from Krishna forever. Nishant asks how can she sacrifice her love. Balram says there is no love without Radha and Krishna, so she should stop talking like that. Radha requests Tulsi to marry Krishna and return him to Dwarka. Tulsi says he will never do that. Radha says she cursed Krishna and only she can take back her curse and return Krishna. Sam thinks Radha tricked him. Laxmana says Radha cannot be alive without Krishna. Tulsi says Laxmana is right, Radha is trying to trick her again. Radha promises that she will not even take Krishna’s name in front of anyone. Krishna thinks Radha loves him so much that she wants to sacrifice him for his physical existence.

Devi Gauri asks Mahadev how can Radha sacrifice Krishna and not meet him once he returns, what kind of love is this. Mahadev says he already told her that Radha will make a big sacrifice. Gauri says Radha and Krishna separated many times, but this time is it right. Mahadev says its not right, Radha took this decision to lessen Krishna’s pain, but with this act, she will put Krishna and herself in deep pain and in the future, they both will have to face its consequences.

Sam says he cannot even think that Radha will not take Krishna’s name, she has lost her mind separating from Krishna and shouldn’t do that. Tulsi says Radha, Krishna, and Balram tricked her and took away her love from her forever; she will agree only if Radha stays on her promise as she knows Radha will return to palace in a few days. Radha says even if she dies, she will not break her promise. She continues sculpting Krishna’s idol.

Tulsi remembers seeing citizens walking towards jungle and when questioned saying Radha is sculpting something amazing out of a stone. she asks charioteer to take her to Radha and reaches her. Radha says she knew Tulsi will value her love and will return Krishna. Tulsi says she came to find out what she is sculpting that even Dwarka citizens are amazed. Radha says she not sculpting Krishna as Krishna was always here, she is just removing stones around his idol and will always be with his idol forever. Tulsi says she doesn’t trust her and will not go from here until she proves her words. Krishna thinks why Radha is troubling her so much, he is helpless and cannot visit her.

Precap: Radha thinks Krishna’s love is Radha’s food, she is eager to see Krishna’s new form. Mahadev says Krishna new form from idol will be so pious and pure that whole world will pray him. Krishna’s new avatar Bake Bihari Lala emerges.

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