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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Yes or no! …. Ch-9

Yes or No

On reaching there they saw it was complete dark and were thinking for the worst that could have happened in their absence but still there afraid from inside but they were thinking positively.

Vansh moves further and being was followed from back by Kabir suddenly some one switches on the lights…. And vansh was surprised… Ridhima came and spoke

Ridhima:- being with you makes me feel complete , ……..when you fell unconscious months back I felt I am totally lost .when you went to attend meeting and last few months and you didn’t call me I felt like I am dying….I haven’t thought that I would have loved you after meeting you for the first time….but now……..I love you too unthinkable extent ….My love is limitless love for you.

will you marry me? (😇😊☺😍)

Vansh was still not able to speak anything and was shocked…. He just realized his love for her a while back and was not expecting this Proposal from her…..

Moreover in his business there was a lot of risk of life and they have been attacked twice …he was confused(🤔)!

(Kabir was waiting for his answer looking at him 😇🙂)

Finally he spoke

Vansh:- sweetheart I know you love me and I realised that today but there is a lot of risk of life is my business and I can’t put it in that danger but I know you love me and I also love you but I can’t put your life at stake….

Ridhima:- but I am ready! 🙂

Vansh:-but no!

Ridhima:- I am not telling you that accept me it was just a little formal proposal and telling you that I am going to be yours ok and I am ready for that and all the risk that will come in way just say yes, otherwise I have other ways to to make you realise the truth. 😁.

Vansh:- don’t threaten ridhima I am not gonna to accept it. 😔😞

Ridhima:- OK then if you can’t let me die when it would be better rather to live without you. 😖😤

And she takes a poison bottle from her purse and says I thought that you will do something like this….. Byee forever and drinks it

Vansh:-don’t be stupid,…. Spit it out! (Angry and serious)

Kabir :- ridhima, no..

Ridhima:-no and drinks it…..

And falls vansh runs to her Kabir was still not able to believe his eyes.

Vansh:-ridhima, open your eyes…. Damn it…….. Come back to me….. I accept your love…. Please come back… (Shouts)

Ridhima:- (smiles) good……

Vansh:-you are ok!… (Confused)

Ridhima:- I thought that if you will not accept it then I will have to do something that you will accepted so I took an Empty bottle and filled it with water… (Laughs)

Vansh:- don’t you think… It was horrible! (Stern and serious)

Kabir Interrupts

Kabir:- sorry to disturb you in your romantic moment but with ridhu don’t think you are played a very bad prank on us and especially on me.

I would have died today if anything would have happened to you. (Angry)

Ridhima:- sorry bhai but it was supposed to be kept surprise sorry. . . . (Puppy face)

Kabir:- don’t repeat ever again( smiles)

Now ok

Vansh:- what ok? She nearly killed me today by her fake accident and again by this poison drinking attack. (Angry)

Ridhima:-sorry n….. Sorry(pouts)

Vansh and Kabir:- never ever again! (Smiles)

Ridhima:-(happy) ok….

Everyone returned home.

VR Mansion

Vansh was ittle worried about ridhima as his enemies would have known by now that he is in relationship with ridhima and will try their best to harm her..his thoughts were broken by his families questions who were awake by now.

Siya, dadi, ishani, angre:- is she ok? date you find her? (Worried)

Vansh tells everything that happened

Ishani:- so there is someone who can even beat you in giving surprises.(chuckles)

Siya:- Bhai you have chosen your level life partner….and what you said?

Vansh:- I said yes.

Everyone:-…. what!!!!!really…. congrats!

Everyone was happy but Vansh was still worried for her safety.

At KR Mansion,

Kabir tells everything to aryan and sejal..

Sejal:- so…. He finally realized… Thank god!

Aryan:- Ridhu, don’t repeat it again otherwise I swear Vansh will not leave you also and not leave us also as you are now his fiancee….( Laughs)

They all were happy!

At night, 2:00 am

Vansh was not able to sleep and decided to call Ridhima.

Ridhima:- hello ,you didn’t sleep?

Vansh:- from your voice I don’t think you slept?

Ridhima:- yeah ,I was awake!

Vansh:-mee too.

Ridhima:-are you happy with me?

Vansh:-what, kind baseless question is this? Of course I am.

Ridhima:- no ,I meant to say what if in future I am accused for something serious and everything and everyone will be against me, will you trust me?

Vansh:- of course,sweetheart ,no one can separate us just be safe .

Good night.!

Ridhima:-ok! Good night!

(After hanging the call.. Vansh was assured and so he slept.)

While ridhima


I hope he will mean it what he said today I just hope while fulfilling my promise and I don’t come on a way where I have to pretend what I am not and if I will have to also ,I just hope he will trust me ,like he said. . !

Thinking she sleeps…

That’s all for today’s guys…

Thank you for reading guys. . . . 😊☺

And yes maybe this was a surprise but not everytime😁😆😅😂😂😂……

Byee, 🙂

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