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Never seen story ? #you may all get shocked#

Sorry friends……. It’s not a FF story. But I request you all to read this until the end. It’s really very important. It’s a story or revenge or giving the correct for someone. Just think what you want. I know some one will support this and someone oppose this. After reading this whole update, comment what ever you want.

Actors and actresses……. These are the persons who make us laugh, they give life to the created character. Mainly actress. For these thing. We want to support them, respect them. If you don’t like them then we don’t want to think about them. But some useless idiots commenting them very badly, just like this person.

Whatever the situation or whatever the serial, program or anything else. We don’t want to disrespect them.

If you really have this type of feeling. Just keep those dirty things, to your self. Don’t make it public and disrespect them.

After reading this comment, my friend get very angry and my friend opposed that idiot person then they said…….

If you have some sense then I think you never use this type of words. You brainless. Saying words are very easy, but receiving same words from others, it’s very hard. You are saying this type of words…….. Can’t you feel ashame. If some one say those to your friends, parents, sister or relatives…….. You will feel happy. Can’t you think, other person also some respect……….

This type of people not get satisfied with it. After some they will become sadistic and they will laugh like this.

And their is another category type of people here. They always feel themselves they are very great. They are very knowledgeable, educated and skilled persons. And they will say like these.

Do you know, how hard our FF writers are working. We were dying to write a update. Each and every time while we were writing, we always think one thing, through our FF at least one person want to feel happy. If any one get smiled through our writing it really means a lot for us.

But you……….. You are saying non sense.

If you are thinking, I am an educated person then I will tell you what is really education means.

Educated person means, giving respect to others, understanding the situation, if anyone trying to do something new, we want to encourage them. Always want to be very obedient.

Not like you, pointing out the mistakes and disrespecting a person.

I am not regreating for what I have done. If you are reading this one, then just write in comments section whatever you want to write. I don’t care about you. Because I know what I am. You can ask me! Disrespecting us Infront of every one, is it right? My answer is….. Yes it is right! Through words you don’t realise your mistake, that’s why I took this step. So many people may think, it’s not wrong but insulating my friends is wrong in my pov. And one more thing

# my dear friends, if you find this type of people somewhere in Tu then please don’t keep quiet. Because, the persons who can bad mouth here, they can do any where.#

Galthi Karna Bura hotho, vuss galthi koo galthi bolkae Nahi bolna bhe galthi hotha hai.


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