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Molkki 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi takes her bangles from her room

Molkki 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Virender wears his kurta but notices the broken button. He thinks of asking Purvi but then decides to wear another kurta. He is surprised to see that the top button of all kurtas is missing. How can this be? Purvi offers to stitch the button. He asks her why she cut them in the first place. Purvi feigns innocence but he tells her to come clean and moves closer. She repeats that she hasn’t done anything. He shows her the buttons. She acts surprised. You found them! He twists her hand when she tries to take the buttons from him. Tell me why you did it. She agrees to come clean. Please let go of my hand. He complies. Tell me now. She says I came home after so many days. I dint want you to go anywhere. Rather, I wanted yoi to spend some time with me. She corrects herself. I meant the kids. He asks her if she does not want to spend some time with him. Forget about the kids. Tell me what you want. Do you want Mukhi to be tied to your pallu and sit with you all the time? Stitch the button quickly now. I have to go for an important work. They keep looking at each other as she stitches the button again. Prakashi calls out to Virender as she walks in. I heard that you are going to Delhi? He nods and turns to Purvi. This is what I was trying to tell you. I will be back by evening. I will leave the keys behind before leaving. Prakashi extends her hand but Virender gives the keys to Purvi. I am giving them to you this time. It has keys of every room including the safe. Keep it safely with you. Take good care of home and Ma. Prakashi smiles when they look in her direction. Virender touches her feet. She tells him to take care. Virender asks Purvi to apply teeka. They head downstairs. Prakashi fumes.

Purvi brings food for Sakshi. Sakshi tries to go out to breathe some fresh air but Purvi tells her against it. Sakshi says I don’t want to remain locked here. I feel suffocated. The keys fall from Purvi’s waist in that light scuffle. Purvi does not realise it though. She requests Sakshi to stay inside. Those who wish to kill you are in this house only. Please don’t go outside. I will take you outside when it will be safe to do so. Sakshi gives in. Purvi makes her rest her head in her lap and sings the lullaby. Both of them are thinking about Juhi and Manas. Purvi wipes her tears at the end. Sakshi has closed her eyes. Purvi leaves quietly.

Sakshi wakes up with a start because of a dream. She notices the keys, picks them up and manages to open the lock. She heads outside. She touches few things with shaky hands and thinks of Juhi. She heads in a direction.

Prakashi and Anjali come upstairs just then. Prakashi is telling Anjali to put all the men to work. We must find Sakshi before someone else finds her. Virender will kill us if that happens! They don’t see Sakshi in the corridor and neither does Purvi as she has covered her eyes with her hands while the kids hide. Purvi steps out of the room to look for them and Sakshi comes to a room. Past memories keep flashing in her head. Manas catches Purvi before she can catch him and tells her to find him again.

Sakshi stops in front of her room. Bhuri is nearby but Preeti comes to show her a list. Did you hear how Mukhiya ji saved everyone? He has gone out again today. Hope he will be fine. Sakshi opens the lock. Bhuri tells Preeti not to worry about Virender. He will come home by evening. Sakshi closes the door as soon as she enters inside so Bhuri does not notice anything.

Sakshi finds her bangles and mangalsutra in the room. She looks at them emotionally.

Purvi tells Prakashi she is not lying. I don’t know who opened the lock of the room and where the bangles have disappeared. Virender asks them what happened. Anjali says it is good that you are home. He asks her to say what happened. Prakashi shares that Sakshi’s bangles are missing. She turns to Purvi. The keys were with you today. Who can open the lock and take the bangles then? Purvi says you are right. The keys are with me only. She does not find them when she looks for the keys though which puzzles her. Anjali asks her how this could be. You just said that they were with you. Virender asks her if she really does not have the keys. Purvi requests him to trust her. They were with me only. Prakashi says she might have kept them somewhere and has forgotten about it. Thief has made use of the opportunity. Anjali says someone would have seen the thief had someone come in. I think it must be Mukhiyayin. She has stolen them herself. Virender firmly tells her to mind her tongue. Anjali turns to Prakashi. Nothing has been stolen in this house ever. How can it happen today? You and I have been taking care of the keys in Virender’s absence. There was a theft on the day he gave them to Purvi. Am I lying? You can scold or slap me if you want. She turns to Virender. You have never let any thief get away till date. I say that you should take this matter to Panchayat and punish this criminal (Purvi). Will you take this matter to Panchayat and punish Mukhiyayin? Purvi and Virender look at each other. She tells him to trust her. I haven’t taken them. Virender says Bawari is saying that she hasn’t done it so we should trust her. The keys might have fallen somewhere. Let’s search the haveli. Anjali asks him what if they don’t find the keys? Or what if we find the keys but not the bangles? Virender says I will be forced to take this matter to the Panchayat if we don’t find the keys, bangles and thief by tomorrow. I hate thieves and theft. Plus, this is related to Sakshi and her memories. I will have to call Panch at home tomorrow then. He leaves. Purvi wonders where the bangles could be. I must find out who the thief is!

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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