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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Unusual Demand

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pakhi asks Virat why can’t they have dinner in his room instead of dining table as he usually eats food with Sai here. Virat asks what problem she has if he wants to have dinner on dining table. She asks why is he venting out Sai’s anger on her. He insists. She says he must have forgotten, but she hasn’t; if she is embarrassing him. He says can’t we follow rule and have dinner on dining table. She asks then why did he break rules that day. He says that day was special. She says even today can be special. He says it can’t be. She says (her favorite dialogue) he is insulting her. He says he isn’t and just wants to have dinner on dining table. She says he has moved on, but she is standing at the same place; he may pamper his wife, bring her favorite food and feed her from his hand, but when she is requesting to have food in his room, he is denying. He says if she has problem having food on dining table, he will not have food at all. She says he must be enjoying insult her often. He says he wanted to sleep and wake up early to punish Pulkit and bring Devi home, but he will not do that now. She says he is missing Sai as she is sitting outside house, he likes pampering his wife and feeding her from his hands, etc. He asks her to stop. She says Sai is not like she portrays herself and doesn’t want to leave this house, else she would have already left. He says he doesn’t want to listen anything and just knows that Sai did wrong by taking Devi away, let her sit outside house whole night.

Bhavani yells at Ashwini that she brought food for Sai who made Devi eloped and got her married to a servant’s son, she didn’t earn this food to waste on a traitor. Ashwini says she spent whole life in this house tolerating everything, but not anymore, Bhavani should go back in; she didn’t utter anything when Virat send Sai out, but as a mother she cannot see her child being hungry. Usha says Ashwini is concerned for them and brought them food, but they didn’t have it. Bhavani rudely yells at her to shut up as she is no one. Sai confronts her that she has problem with her and cannot insult Usha. Bhavani yells when Virat kicked her out of house, what is she doing here. Ashiwni says where will she go from here, she cannot wander at night, this house belongs to Bhavani but not the lawn. Usha says let us go from here. Sai says she will not go. Bhavani challenges she should wait and watch what she can do now.

Bhavani calls Virat and informs that Ashwini is feeding Sai. Virat walks to Ashwini and asks what is she doing. Ashwini says a mother cannot see her child hungry, so she is trying to feed her child; Virat did wrong by sending Sai and Usha out of house, everyone supported him and she kept quiet, but now she cannot do that; she cooked for family whole life and served them, if someone else would have been in her place, they would have given her a lot of salary, she didn’t ask anything in return and just took a plate of food, etc. Virat asks her to tell Sai and Usha to get out of here. Usha says they will go in the morning. Virat asks why not now, they should have gone to Pulkit’s house by now. Pakhi yells that they will wait till morning to gain Pulkit’s sympathy. Sai confronts that she will return her insult with interest one day; Pakhi is provoking everyone against her, but she will not do same with Pakhi due to her Aaba’s good upbringing; god will punish Pakhi for her sins though. Pakhi complains Virat that sending Sai out of house was his and elders’ decision, but Sai is blaming her instead. Sai says its a wrong decision. Virat says he doesn’t want to see a person who is not related him or his family. Sai says he should close his eyes then as she she will not move from here or he can shoot her as she will not go from here alive.

Bhavani yells that Sai didn’t get peace after shattering their lives and even now conspiring against them. Sai says Bhavani who conspired against others her whole life knows about it best, she may think that she will not go from the city without taking revenge from them; let her know that there are people who can give a befitting reply to her heinous acts; she will stay here whole night and if her brave son thinks he can kick her out even from lawn towards road, he is thinking right as he is powerful, but he cannot throw her from road. She shows her wrist to Virat and asks to hold it and throw her on road. He reminisces bringing bangles for her. Pakhi provokes Virat that Sai is challenging him and he is standing silently. Usha confronts her that her husband is not here and she is provoking someone else’s husband, she is seeing Pakhi’s heinous acts since she came in this house, Bhavani and others may support her acts though. Sai asks her to calm down. Virat asks Ashwini again to come in. Ashwini says she will not go in until she feeds Sai. Sai says her kind act may not go well with her family, she will not have this food or will return to this house again.

Precap: Sai gathers neighbors and says Chavan Nivas deserves insult for ruining their daughter’s happiness. Virat warns that she is crossing her limit and will repent. Sai says she is kicked out of house and not bothered about herself, but she is bothered about Devi and needs neighbors’ help to make sure Chavan family doesn’t trouble Devi.

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