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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tai ji and Tau ji insult Bela and Anand

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sameer asks Naina why there was plastic cover on the sofa. She replies that she did it to safeguard them. He calls her middle class which makes her question him. What if they get dirty? He doesn’t mind. We will get them clean. He throws the empty covers at Kanji. Sameer and his friends head upstairs to fly kite while the girls look on.

Mama ji calls Tau ji. I don’t know what Sameer is up to these days! Don’t know what Naina has done to him. Sameer has given 50k to your brother. Tau ji asks him if he dint ask him why he did that. Mama ji says how can I ask him. You are close to me so I thought to ask you directly. Do you have any idea? Tau ji ends the call hurriedly. Mama ji thinks Tau ji is also quiet. This is deeper than I thought! Tau ji realises from where Anand got money.


and Pundit tease Sameer as to how to protect other things from rain. Sameer tells them to laugh as much as they want. You will understand when you get married. Pundit says it is good though that you are married. Sameer says the real drama happened when Mama ji had come over for dinner.

Naina complains that Sameer has lost his mind but her sister tells her it is she who is mad. He was still so calm while talking to you. Naina decides to give sweets to Sameer. Kamya and Preeti tease her on the kind of sweet she will give to Sameer (kiss) but Naina points at the sesame laddoos.

Sameer narrates the story of the dinner night to his friends. They are having a hearty laugh when Naina comes there with sweets. They go quiet suddenly. She asks them what hit whom. Munna says we are talking about cricket match. He notices sesame laddoo in her hands and ask for banana chips in return. She tells them it is over. Sameer reasons that he did bring some. She reminds him how he threw them away. He asks her why she dint bring more. She goes downstairs. Sameer wonders why Naina has turned into a complete behenji. She has problems with everything and is always acting like a miser. She has changed so much. He complains to them about where all he finds her wrong / different than himself. I am fed up seeing her behave like this. Who saves money on every little thing?

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day I am sure Naina must be hoping there were mobile phones so she could record it and play it for me later. She would have pushed me in the pool right after but thankfully, it wasn’t the case!

Anand and Bela come with lots of grocery. Tai ji taunts them on their celebration. They will celebrate as they have hit a jackpot. We know from where you got money all of a sudden! Anand tells her to say it later. Someone is coming to see Preeti. It isn’t some party. Tau ji claps. Today we have come to know that our CA makes good plans.

Preeti tells Naina that friends talk like that. Naina says why he had to complain. He says that I am not fit for anything. Preeti laughs. He isn’t wrong. Naina tells her not to laugh. I was like this only. He dint find any faults with me earlier. He never noticed it before! Kamya asks her if she never noticed it before. Sameer was like that only. Love is indeed blind! They head upstairs too.

The boys are happily flying kites when the girls join them. Sameer tries to romance with Naina.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day I realised it for the first time that we committed a mistake by marrying Naina. We used to enjoy fully when we were friends but it wasn’t the case when we got married!

Kamya cuts Munna’s kite using scissors.

Sameer tries to romance with Naina but she hits him playfully. The girls and guys team up.

Tau ji asks Anand if he wont tell everyone how he got 50k overnight. Bela suggests talking about it later but Tai ji does not relent. A neighbour asks Tau ji what he is saying. Tai ji and Tau ji tell Anand to speak up. Anand stands there quiet. Tau ji ends up sharing that Anand took that money from his SIL. Anand stops him. Tai ji calls Sameer Bholuram. He must have thought these people are kind hearted and have supported him always. Tau ji says he wouldn’t know they think of him as their bank. Anand tries to shush him but Tau ji asks him to accept it in front of everyone right away.

Sameer and Naina are busy with each other while their friends tease each other. Munna and Pundit say we wont bring our wives to such programs as people change after marriage. Kanji brings food for them. Pundit asks for another cold drink. Their friends ask for different things but Naina has an explanation for everything. Sameer finds it irritating. His friends tell him it is their home only. We will manage. Sameer gets up angrily and lashes out on Naina. This is my house. Things have changed since you have come here. This never happened in my house before and should never repeat! Preeti feels bad for Naina. Sameer gives money to Kanji to bring a handful of items.

Voiceover – Sameer:
How many times have you gone speechless over some incidents but have realised some nice, pointy lines to be used later on? Till date, Naina gets upset with me for not being able to answer me spontaneously.

Tai ji and Tau ji continue taunting Anand and Bela for taking advantage of Sameer. The groom’s family comes just then. Anand requests them with folded hands to leave. Tai ji and Tau ji loudly speak of trapping some rich guy. They first extracted everything from Sameer and will now target Preeti’s husband. Bela is in tears. Anand holds her. He welcomes the Goel family but they refuse to have to do anything with them. It is good that we have seen everything with our eyes. Anand reasons that eyes are deceptive sometimes but Mrs. Goel stays put. They leave. Tau ji and Tai ji smile.

Sameer tries to talk to Naina but she refuses. He asks her why she remains angry all the time. She asks him why he is always complaining about her these days. You complain to me, our friends and everyone! He calls it his home which irks her. Is this only your house? You called it my home when I came here as a bride but today! He tells her to act like the princess then. Something or the other is missing all the time! This has never happened before that my friends asked for something but it wasn’t there! Mami ji used to complain but it was still there but today I had to look down whenever my friends asked for something. This has never happened before in my house! Stop being so middle class. She reminds him that she was always like this. Why did you marry me then?

Voiceover – Sameer:
I called Naina middle class that day but today I realise it is no less than art.

Precap: Naina decides to leave the house and this time Sameer does not stop her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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