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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil traps Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seema leaving the bag in the market area. She goes aside and presses the remote button. The bag explodes. Sahil says boom…. he calls Seema and asks did you do the work. She says yes, I covered my face, no one has seen her. He asks her to stay underground until he texts her. He says the driver will drop you anywhere you want, switch off your phone. The people run around. Seema leaves. Sahil says Ruhi is gone now. He asks Shamshad to play the news. Shagun says Yug, switch on the tv, I will take help from NGO. They see the bomb blast news. Mihika says what’s happening here. Mrs. Bhalla says ask Mr. Bhalla and Simmi not to come from that route. Mani says we should warn Simmi. Raman says they are coming from a different route. Raman gets Ishita’s call and says everything

is fine, what, you are coming today, I will come and pick you.

Shagun says we need to inform Ishita about this mess. Karan calls Mihika and asks for Ruhi. He says fine, I will go office and talk to her. Rohan stops Karan and asks where are you going, stay at home. Karan says I m going to Bhallas office. Rohan says you are going to meet Ruhi, win her confidence and then shatter it. Karan says I m trying my best, I thought to offer help to Bhallas. Rohan says take some flowers and gifts for Ruhi. Karan thinks she isn’t answering my call, she won’t accept gift from me. He says it will simply backfire, lets just wait, Rohan says whatever, win her confidence and end this, fine, be careful and come soon. Karan leaves. Simmi tells Ruhi that she is on the way to office. Ruhi also reaches office. She helps Simmi. Shamshad reaches there. Simmi says yes, we are coming upstairs. Shamshad calls someone and says send a reliable person downstairs. Raman asks Sharma and everyone to have food. Sharma asks what’s this drama. Raman says its our matter, they won’t stay hungry because of your ego. Sharma says your ego is big, you have to apologize, else the strike won’t end, do you want to force them to eat food. Raman says you all are suffering from the strike. Sharma says you have to plead me.

Shamshad says just add this in the food, even Sharma is aware, he won’t eat it. The man asks what’s this, I can’t do this. Shamshad says just do as I said, Raman will learn a lesson. He points the gun. The man adds the poison in the food. Karan comes there and sees him. He stops the man. He asks what’s this, tell me. The man says nothing. Raman says fine, you want me to rub my nose. He angrily catches Sharma’s collar. Everyone stops Raman.

Karan gets the man and says calm down, the matter will end right here. He asks the man to tell everyone what was he adding in food. Raman asks what is it. Sharma says nothing, leave me aide, its just salt. Raman says fine, Simmi get food, so this is salt, come on tell me if you are loyal or a traitor, eat it. The man says no, I can’t eat this poison. Everyone gets shocked. Raman asks who asked you to do it. The man says that man. Mani says there is no one. The man says Sharma has sent me downstairs, his man has threatened me to do this. Raman asks Sharma to tell now. Sharma says its Raman’s plan to defame me. The workers scold Sharma.

Raman says you all decide his punishment now. They beat Sharma. They apologize to Raman. Yug says we know why Sharma did this, our workers are with us now. Raman says its fine, end this strike and get back to work. Shamshad apologizes to Sahil and cries. He says I thought Sharma will do this work, forgive me. Sahil says no problem if one plan has failed, our next plan has already started working.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita’s idea was helpful. Raman thanks Karan for coming on time and catching that man. He says Sahil is behind this, but I can’t do anything. Bala comes and asks all okay. Raman says thanks to Karan, all okay. Bala tells them about the blast. Ruhi asks which blast. He says it happened in market wrong. Ruhi gets shocked seeing the news. Shagun says someone’s bag had the bomb. Ruhi hopes Seema is fine. She tries to call Seema. She cries and says I went to meet Seema at the market, I just hope she is fine, I went to give her the bag, she was leaving the city with Abir. Ishita comes home and says surprise everyone…. Mrs. Bhalla says you have come. Ruhi goes to hug Ishita. Ishita asks her to be careful. She says I thought to come early, so I changed the ticket, see you all later. Simmi says what’s wrong with her. Ruhi says why is she angry with me. Raman says she is angry on me too, she is tired. Shagun says we will go to Seema’s house and check. Ruhi says yes. Raman says you are right, Ruhi go and check on her.

Shagun asks Raman to check on Ishita, she looks upset. Raman says I have not forgotten anything, Shagun thanks for taking care of Ruhi. Shagun says I will take Ruhi with me. Raman goes to room. He asks why did she lock the door. He knocks the door. Everyone asks Ishita to open the door. Raman worries. He shouts to her. Mrs. Bhalla says I didn’t get the duplicate keys. Bala says we have to break the door. Ishita opens the door. Raman asks why didn’t you open the door. Ishita says I was listening to music, what happened. Aaliya asks did you really not hear us, we thought you are in some trouble. Ishita ask can’t I listen to music, I m tired and going to sleep. Raman says she is tired, you all go and sleep. Raman sleeps. He wakes up and doesn’t find Ishita beside. He looks for her and says where did she go. She talks to someone on phone. Raman sees her and walks to her. He holds her. She gets shocked seeing him.

Ishita asks Simmi to look for her cream. Simmi gets her passport. She gets shocked seeing Shaina Shah’s passport.

Update Credit to: Amena

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