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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shani attacks surya dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shani and devi Chaya going in surya lok in the palace. Surya dev gets up and devi Sandhya too. Surya dev says Chaya? Why have you come here? shani says suryadev, I am the son of devi Chaya and you are my father. Devi Sandhya is worried. Surya dev says why have you come here? Devi Chaya has no pride, so go away. Shani says I have not come here to live with you, I have come here to get my mother the right she deserves and the right of a wife that for so many years, she served you as a dutiful wife but what did you do? You left her to live herself alone, pregnant with a son.
Surya dev says don’t talk to me about my wrongs, devi Chaya has done wrong all her life. She cheated with me, all this time I thought she was my wife devi Sandhya and she hid the truth from me.

She lied to me, I could not live with her, while my own wife devi Sandhya was elsewhere. Shani says surya dev, my mother served you and could give you all love she had, but you did not do the same to her. Devi Chaya says I did not cheat with you swami, these many years I had been commanded by devi Sandhya to live with you and take care of you, she had given me a promise and I could not break it! I did everything she said, but what did I get in return? I got disrespect and insults? Devi Sandhya says Chaya, I commanded you because you are my shadow form, like everything else in my body I own you too! Then why couldn’t I tell you what to do? What wrong did I do? Shani says you have wronged that my mother did not get her right, she did not get her place where she should be! In surya lok!
Surya dev says enough of this. Indra dev and all gods say kid, go away from here. surya dev says I don’t want you both in surya lok, go away because you don’t deserve to be here and don’t even belong here. shani gets angry and says surya dev, if you don’t give my mother what she deserves, then…. Devi Chaya stops shani and says lets go son, we are being disrespected here. shani says okay mother, we don’t need to be here. as shani and devi Chaya are going, surya dev stops shani and says kid, I have a question. Shani turns back and says what?
Surya dev says you threatened me that if I did not give your mother what she deserved, then you would…? What would you do? You can do nothing to me, show me what you can do. Surya dev stands against shani. Shani gets angry and says you undermine me. shani uses his powers, his powers flow from his eyes as beams and attack surya dev. Surya dev is tied around and stiffened as he stands stiff! Surya dev is not able to move and he suffers pain from shani’s attack. Slowly surya dev starts turning black from his toes. All gods are shocked and indra dev and the gods take their weapons. Indra dev says kid, leave surya dev otherwise you will be killed by us. vayu dev says the sun is going into darkness as it turns black, devraj the world is in danger! The universe will be destroyed if the sun disappears.
Shani continues his beam attack on surya dev, as surya dev turns black slowly. Shani’s crows torment the surya lok and the palace. Indra dev and the gods are not able to attack shani as the crows distract them and attack the gods. Indra dev says our attacks are failing, what do we do?
Devi Sandhya goes to devi Chaya and says please make him understand devi Chaya. Stop shani, this should not happen, the world and the universe is at stake! This is an issue between us, why make this cosmic and harm the world and everyone else? If anything happens to surya dev, then the universe will be destroyed. Devi Chaya thinks, she is right! I have to stop shani.
The tridev watch as shani pushes surya dev into darkness. Kailash, brahma lok and vaikunth dham all turn dark as the sun turns black. Mahadev meditates, brahma dev and Vishnu dev say something has to be done, shani has to be stopped. Parvati says only mahadev can do something now.
The gods are worried as surya dev turns black slowly. Shani says, what happened now? before you told us to go, now you come at my mother for help? I will show you my powers surya dev.
Surya dev suffers from pain as he goes into eternal darkness. Surya dev turns black completely and the entire universe turns dark and everything starts to freeze, the earth and surya lok freezes with everything else freezing too. Indra dev is worried and he says, son please stop this. Leave surya dev, don’t harm him and stop your attacks! You are putting the world and universe to danger, everything will be destroyed.

Precap: Mahadev appears and blesses surya dev and shani. Surya dev is normal again and he accepts devi Chaya. Devi Chaya merges with devi sandhya’s form. Shani says mahadev, I just wanted my mother to have her right. Surya dev accepts shani, but shani says I wont accept you as my father. Devi Chaya/Sandhya says then I wont accept you as son, shani walks out from surya lok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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