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Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 10

Hi sissy’s.. here with next part..

Rag: sanskar where r u. Pls save me from that girl. I don’t know who’s that girl. Y she has kept me here.

2 men came there with food plate. They opened her hands.

Man1: eat this food.

Rag: who r u all? Pls leave me. Wat did I do with u? Y u r doing this to me?

Man2: u just eat food.

They left.

Ragini looked at her legs which were tied. There’s no such thing is near her with which she can untie herself.


San: only one byte Ragini.

Rag: enough sanskar. I had more than enough. M full. It’s ur turn to eat.

She feeds him with her hand.

San: m not kid. I can eat with my hands.

Rag: then? M I kid? That u r feeding with hand?

San: u know u r very lucky that u got husband like me who loves u so much and feeds with hands. Now have one more byte.

Rag: enough sanskar.

He feeds her full of spoon.

FB ends

Rag: u were rite sanskar. M very lucky. M missing those moments now. M waiting for that moment when I’ll eat with ur hands.

She cried.


Sujata brings food for sanskar.

Suj: sanskar. Pls have food. We will find Ragini.

San: but how mom. The only way to reach her was kavita. She’s no more. Now how to reach her.? Who will Tel me where’s she?

Suj: first stop crying. Now listen. I understand it’s difficult to find her. But not impossible. Till now kavita was spying on us. Then also u brought her truth Infront of all. Now without anyone’s disturbance we can make plan and Wil find her. Don’t lose hope.

San: Ragini is my strength. If I don’t get her means I’ll…..

Ram entered: stop saying rubbish things sanskar. Nothing will happen to her. We will find her. I already told a detective. Police is also in search. And we will also search. We will definitely get some clue.

Uttlak: yes Bhai. We all r with u.

Sanskar hugged Sujata.

San: I wish ur words come true mom.

Suj: definitely beta.


All were busy in thinking abt how to find Ragini.

Sanskar remembers his moments with Ragini.


Rag: sanskar how can u b so careless? U already know that to nite we have flight. And you shud Keep tickets properly with can u forget.?

San searching everywhere: here only I had kept. Don’t know where it went. M not that much irresponsible also.

Rag: stop now and sit for a while.

San stopped: wat?

Rag: firstly sit down. Take long breath. Relax. Then slowly think from starting wat u did after getting tickets. U’ll definitely remember.

San: Ragini. Wat u r telling? Instead of thinking I can search.

Again started searching.

Rag: from half an hour u r searching that too on one room. Atleast do as I say. Only once. Then again u can start ur searching work.

San: ok fine.

He sits and started thinking wat he did from mrng. After a while.

San: hey.I kept it in ur bag.

Rag: my bag?

San: yes. I was holding tickets. Then waiter came with bf. As his hands were full I saw nearby ur bag and kept tickets and helped him.

Rag crossing her arms: now whose method worked. Within few mins u got to now.

San: ok Baba sry. M lucky to get intelligent wife.

FB ends

San: that day I did as u said and got tickets. Now I’ll follow the same. M sure if somewhere some clue I’ll find.

He started to analyse everything from the day of accident.

San: wait, who’s that person then.

He went to hall where all were present.

San: laksh u had told me that u all used to get msgs abt wat to do rite?

Lak: yes.

San: did any of u got msg when kavita was infront of u without mob in hand ?

All started thinking.

San: pls mom dad uttara think.

Suj: yes. I had got. Once when I was coming to ur room for giving medicine, kavita was reading magazine. That time I got msg to give medicines to kavita.

Lak: yes Bhai. Even I too. When u were asking abt Bhabhi Infront of kavita who was standing beside u. I got msgs abt wat to answer u.

San: it means kavita was not alone in this. Someone is also included. There’s a hope of getting Ragini back. Just once if we get to know that person then all problems solved.

Ram: but how Wil u do that? we don’t know anyone who’s against u except kavita.

San: don’t know dad. But I must do.


Sanskar is praying in temple.

San: thanku God for showing a ray of hope. But pls help me in this. Help me to reach that person. I don’t know from where to start. Pls help me.

Pandit ji gives him prasad and says.

Pan: don’t wry beta. God is always with everyone.

He takes blessings and sits on the steps of temple. He saw a child with his parents getting down from car. They were moving towards temple. The crossed road running.

Parents shouts his name. They crossed road slowly and scolds child.

His mom: wat were u doing? How many times I told u not to run while crossing road. And we shud see both sides while crossing.

Sanskar got something by her words.

San: we shud see both sides. Yes. How did I forget this. I was only concentrating on kavita. Only her behaviour towards me. I only saw my side. I never thought abt Ragini. May b any person wud b there who is not her well wisher. We din’t spend much time in knowing abt our past. We were lost in eachother’s love. We were planning our future. But who knows that one day our past Wil come Infront of us. I shud know ragini’s past to find that person.

He stood up.

San: thanku God. Thanku so much.

Hope you liked it.

Love you all 😘😘😍😘😘

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