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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishika gets drunk in party

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roop asks Ishika if she still thinks Himani deserves this medal? Flashback shows how Himani asked Roop whose life is in danger? Roop tells everything about Shamsher and doctor telling that his life is in danger, I gave you all pain to give him less mental stress, if you get this medal then he will be mentally stressed again and will drink again. Flashback ends. Ishika says Himani doesnt deserve this medal. Commissioner says Himani is suspended for not following law. Ishika says no, anyone would do this to save her husband. Himani says dont say anything, she takes off her badges. Commissioner calls Roop on stage. Roop brings Shamsher on stage and makes him give medal to Roop. Himani and Himanshu looks on. Shamsher hugs him and smiles. Bua makes band play and goes to do Shamsher

and Roop’s tilak. Ishika looks on. Roop says I will start police training from tomorrow. Shamsher says I will join duty from tomorrow. Roop thanks Himani.

Roop gets ready and says Shamsher will drink wine being happy, he makes him a glass and mixes cold drink in it. Ishika comes there and is tensed. She looks at medal. He asks what are doing? Ishika says I will always remember this medal’s worth so lets keep it with your burnt things. Roop says perfect, my wife should be in my party, he gives her a dress and says we have to pretend to be a happily married couple. He takes wine glasses and leaves. Ishika looks at wine bottles.

Scene 2
All are enjoying Roop’s party. Jigna and Dinesh comes there too. Kamla pulls Jigna aside and asks how are you? She says I am fine but Manish.. Kamla asks her to calm down. Himani and Himanshu comes there. Bua asks who called them? Roop says I called them, we go to their functions so why cant they? Himani thanks Roop for saving her and her husband’s life. Shamsher says seeing you without uniform makes me want to bless you. Himani touches his feet. Shamsher blesses them and says our doors are open for you from now on. Himani hugs him. Kamla hugs her too. Bua brings sweets for them and says Roop brought family together, only Ishika is remaining. Where is she? Kamla says she is getting ready. Roop says I will go and check.

Roop comes in room and sees Ishika drunk. He is stunned. Ishika comes to him and says I drank a little, I follow my husband, you drink daily so I drank a little, its good, now your celebration, lets go. Roop says you wont go to party. Ishika says its my husband’s party, I wont do anything, she runs from there.

Ishika comes in party and starts dancing funnily on bawri. She pulls Roop and dances around him. All are stunned seeing her antics. She drinks cold drink. Roop stops her and says come with me, dont do drama. Ishika says you can do any drama but nobody says anything? why? because you do what you want, because you are Roopendra Singh Waghela, all are great because they cant see your mistakes. Roop tries to take her but Ishika stops and says your sons did wrong and they were punished, Roop is doing wrong but nobody says anything. One guest says she is drunk so saying all truth. Ishika says to Himani that you were strong, I went against all for you but you gave away your uniform because you became weak? Ishika says a girl comes to her inlaws thinking she will have a happy life, everything will be fine but here.. nobody is happy except men of this house. Shamsher glares at her.

PRECAP- Ishika says to Shamsher that you get drunk everynight and do antics but nobody says anything because you are a man? Shamsher says you will preach me in my house only? He tries to throw her out but Ishika’s mother says sorry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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