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Pyaar Ke Papad 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Alankar hides his dual side

Pyaar Ke Papad 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar talking to Shivika on call. She tells about Alankar’s arrival. He says so a third person came in between two lovers. She says there can’t be anyone between us. He asks her to meet tomorrow. She agrees. Alankar stares at Shivika and says I don’t want to go anywhere now since I have seen you. Triloki comes and asks where are you going. Alankar says I m going to sleep. Triloki says that’s Shivika’s room. Alankar asks what, sorry, I didn’t see this, I did a mistake. Triloki says its fine, Omkar has entered our lives and created a stir, I will throw him out. Alankar asks him not to worry. Triloki asks him to win Shivika’s trust by proving that he is better than Omkar. Alankar says I m sure that I will win her heart, but I need your help. Triloki asks what, tell


Its morning, Shivika says I m going out for some work. Triloki asks her to take Alankar along. Deenu says I will take him to zoo. Triloki says you focus on studies. Alankar says Shivika will feel strange if she takes me along. Shivika says its nothing like that, come. They leave. Jagat says Triloki called us to get the dates. Jagat and Mangal arrange the sweets and fruits. Omkar smiles and says you both are much excited, I will come home soon. He goes. Alankar acts cheap and does a drama. He gets down the auto and says I don’t want to become a hurdle between Omkar and you, I will manage. She apologizes. He asks her if she will become his friend. She nods. He goes. He says I m sending you away from Omkar. He runs and catches another auto to follow her.

Jaya is upset and scolds Maya. She calls Triloki and asks how did you fail, engagement preparations are going on here. He says that won’t mean marriage will happen. He asks her to think of something to stop the marriage. She says I can’t do anything alone, no one will listen to me. Shivika waits for Omkar. Alankar says I will come to you. He goes to buy a gift for Shivika. Omkar meets him at the store and helps him in buying a gift. Alankar sees the gift in Omkar’s hand and says I like this more. Omkar says sorry, I got this for my GF. He sees Shivika coming. He says that’s my GF, beautiful. Alankar gets shocked and sees him. He turns away. Shivika comes and meets Omkar. She sees Alankar.

Alankar starts his innocent drama again. She introduces them. Omkar says so you are Alankar, we met here, its coincidence, you got a girl for marriage soon. Alankar says yes, I came to Kanpur and won’t leave alone. He jokes. Omkar says you are very nice. Omkar says I was buying this gift and got late. Shivika smiles. Alankar gets angry. Shivika thanks Omkar. They have a talk. Alankar goes home. He waits for Shivika. She comes home. He says I lied to Triloki that you are with me. She thanks him. He holds her hand and checks. He says your would be husband would make everything fine in your life. She says I know it. Triloki comes. She says Alankar can predict future by hand reading too. He says Alankar is very talented. Triloki and Alankar leave. Alankar says I have to make Triloki away, who always comes in between.

Triloki scolds Gupta and gets slapped. Omkar and Shivika get against.

Update Credit to: Amena

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