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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th April 2019 Written Episode: Radha blows a conch shell.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with narad muni asking what is karna kundal? What does it have such that it can save devi ila and kill karnasura as well? Lord Vishnu says the karna kundal is the ansh of surya dev, it is a very powerful weapon or ornament you can call. The karna kundal has the power which no one can wield unless surya dev blesses that person, no god, human or demon can use the karna kundal unless surya dev wants them to! It goes back to the time when the universe and world was just created, surya dev’s light and heat was unbearable for all living beings, so the gods together prayed to rishi vishwakarma.
Vishwakarma ji appeared and he used his powers and brought the light and heat of surya dev to a controlled limit, he then used the excess light and heat and confined it in the

karna kundal, surya dev appeared and thanked vishwakarma ji for saving the world. Vishwakarma ji gave the karna kundal to surya dev for safe keeping and announced that no one could use the karna kundal unless surya dev has blessed them so. Narad says I understand now prabhu.
Kanha is praying and trying to summon surya dev, but he doesn’t answer. Kanha says why isn’t surya dev coming? If surya dev doesn’t come, then devi ila will be in danger and even karnasura wont be stopped easily.
Gargacharya tells radha, that karnasura has the power to take away the hearing sight of living beings. Radha says how do I end karnasura? I have to save all people. Gargacharya says yes radha, only you can stop this demon. Radha says how? Gargacharya says you have to summon devi laxmi, and use the laxmi conch shell, it can nullify the effects of karnasura’s powers. Radha says will mata laxmi help me? gargacharya says those who pray from their heart, they are always helped. Radha goes and prays to laxmi to help her. Radha prays and says mata please help me, and give me your shell. radha puts her hand forward and she is blessed with the laxmi shell.
Karnasura is waiting for laxmi’s form radha on a hill.
All gods are worried as surya dev doesn’t answer to kanha. Indra dev says we should go and convince surya dev. Garud dev appears and says surya dev wont listen because he has become egoistic, I shall go and help kanha to go to surya lok! So that even kanha is helped and he gets to stop kansa and karnasura and save devi ila, surya dev’s ego will be broken too!
Garud dev flies to kanha. Kanha says garud dev, you? garud dev says yes prabhu kanha, I have come to help you! surya dev has become egoistic and that is why he didn’t come when you summoned him. kanha says yes I understand. Garud dev says he has to be taught a lesson. Kanha sits on garud and they fly towards surya lok.
In vrindavan, girdhan goes to radha and says look what has happened! Radha and girdhan go to the village and see all people are fighting amongst each other, some men remove their wives out of the house and yashoda tells damodar to leave the house as he broke all pots. Radha says this is all happening because of that demon, but the secret to saving all of them is in this shell. radha goes in the center of vrindavan and she blows the shell of laxmi, the sweet sound of the shell and its heavenly tune stop everyone from fighting and gives them back their sight of hearing.
Kansa and mata danu watch and kansa is angry and shocked as karnasura’s powers fail.

Precap: Kanha flies with garud dev to surya lok and comes near the sun. surya dev says no one can enter surya lok without my permission.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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