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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to suryadev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with kanha with devi ila. Kanha says what happened devi? Why are your ears bleeding? Devi ila says see kid, I am doing a yagya now to impress prabhu, my ears are bleeding because of karnasura, karnasura has stolen my kundal and if I don’t get that back my ears will bleed. Kanha says devi, I will help you. devi ila says kid, let me focus on my prayers, because if you have to help me you have to impress surya dev. Kanha says okay and goes to rishi sandeepani for guidance.

Kansa goes with mata danu to the assembly of the 8 ashta demons. Mata danu says kansa look around you, these 8 statues are of the 8 demons who can destroy the 8 ashta laxmi devi’s. kansa says these demons? Are you sure? Kansa removes his sword and attacks on the statues and destroys the heads

of all the 8 statues. Kansa laughs and says mata, these demons cannot protect themselves then what will they kill the ashta laxmi? Suddenly the statues turn back as they were before. Kansa is shocked. mata danu says kansa, these demons are very powerful and karnasura is one of them, he can kill the ashta laxmi devi ila. If all the ashta laxmi are killed, kanha will never be able to attain the ashta knowledge and he wont ever become the complete Paramavatar.

Kanha is with rishi sandeepani and rishi says kanha, to defeat karnasura, you need the karna kundal and the karna kundal are with surya dev. Kanha says then I have to summon suryadev and ask for his help. Rishi sandeepani says yes kanha. Balram says kanha, you go and pray to surya dev, I am hungry, I will go and eat. Kanha goes too. Rishi sandeepani says, kanha devi ila is the 3rd of the ashta laxmi and this is a test, if you pass you will attain her too.

In vrindavan, yashoda and damodar are trying to talk to each other. Yashoda tells damodar to bring 3 pots of water to make butter, damodar doesn’t understand and in turn breaks the pot. Radha and girdhan watch all this and radha says all vrindavan people have lost their sight of hearing, something is wrong girdhan kaka. Girdhan says yes radha.

Radha and girdhan go out in the village and see that the people are suffering from a same state and are not able to hear anything. Radha says girdhan kaka, something has to be done because all people think that the other person is not able to listen while they can! But no one is able to hear anything, this must be kansa’s trick. Girdhan says what to do now?

Kanha gets ready to go to the surya lok to suryadev, to get the karna kundal and stop karnasura. Kanha summons his bird.

Precap: Kanha is flying towards surya lok. Surya dev sees and says no one can come to surya lok unless I permit them. Radha takes a new form to save the people of vrindavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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