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Mere Sai 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Protects Chihu

Mere Sai 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bheema’s evil cousins take Sai’s begging bag and play hide and seek with Sai. They hide behind trees and call Sai. Sai searches them. They hide a sharp sone under dry leaves on Sai’s way. Sai is about to step stone but stops and walks aside. Cousins fume seeing that and they play with Sai’s guru’s brick. Elder one thinks Sai will not get angry until he breaks brick and throws it. Sai reaches near stone. Elder one asks Sai how did he reach here so soon and picking brick asks Sai to fight with him and get it back. Sai multiplies himself into many and asks to return his brick. They are shocked to see that and apologizing Sai crying. Sai asks to return his brick and bag. They return and ask why did not he scold them. Sai says dirty cloth would not have cleaned or ground

would not have cleared off garbage if he had scolded them, anger is human’s biggest enemy and one should not lose anger and keep oneself calm to achieve peaceful life. He continues sharing his moral gyaan.

Kulkarni drags Chihu out of house forcefully while Rukmini and Govinda try to stop him unsuccessfully. His goons drag barber from home towards Kulkarni’s house announcing villagers to reach outside Kulkarni’s house immediately. Srikanth sees that and tries to stop them, but in vain. Everyone reach outside Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni starts his speech that he always protected their culture and never let someone misuse decade old rituals, but his own family member tried to break it and he will not spare even his family member. He continues his long speech and says as a punishment, he will get his sister’s head tonsured in front of whole village. Chihu cries more hearing that. Govinda pleads him not to do that as his aayi does not like her head tonsured in front of anyone, not even him.

Srikanth apposes Kulkarni and says it is wrong and bigger city people have stopped this blind superstition. Kulkarni warns him to stay away. Srikanth thinks only Sai can help Govinda’s mother, but where is he. Sai is seen meditating near lake. Kulkarni orders barber to tonsure Chihu’s head. Barber looking at Srikanth pleads to spare him as he does not want to do this sin. Kulkarni warns that he will snatch his house again and throw his family on road. Barber helplessly agrees and praying Sai to help him walks towards Chihu. Chihu reminisces Rukmini telling that Sai always helped her and rescued her whenever she was in trouble. She reminisces recent events and prays Sai for help. Sai while meditating near lake listens to her prayers, water in lake moves. Sai’s soul emerges near Chihu. Barber tonsures head, and hair regrow again with Sai’s blessings. Everyone are amused to see that. Chihu continues praying Sai. Kulkarni fumes hearing that and thinks he should not let his sister in trickster Sai’s prank and tells Chichu that he will spare her if she accepts that she made a mistake and will not repeat it. Chihu sits silently looking at Sai’s soul while Kulkarni fumes more in anger.

Precap: Govinda requests Srikanth to stop Kulkarni from sending his aayi away. Srikanth says he will marry Govinda’s aayi.

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