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Ladies Special 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mandar Decides To Leave Meghna’s House

Ladies Special 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bindu prays god crying to take all her happiness and return Amar’s hand. Prarthana reminisces Meghna informing her that Viraaaj wants to know her time of birth and he loves her and even Prarthana likes him. She continues reminiscing further incidents when Puneeth returns from job happily and informs that his first day of job went well and Amar is really a nice man. He asks her what decision she took regarding Viraaj. She says she sent him her decision in a letter. He asks what did she write. She says forget it. He thinks what she would have written. On the other side, Viraaj eagerly tries to open letter, but Seetaram insists to open it at 6:35 a.m. as per astrologer’s advice and tells him his father’s story where jyotish informed his father to dig his land at 4 am to get wealth

or else he will get cow dung, but his father dug it at night itself and found cow dung, while his uncle dug as per jyotish’s advice and found wealth pot. Viraaj waits for morning.

Meghna reminisces Mandar’s opposing her decisions and tells Baba that whatever she does, Mandar considers it wrong. Baba laughs and says in chess game, elephant cannot take king’s place and neither king can take elephant’s place. Mandar hears their conversation and feels sad. Next day, he gets ready early morning. Meghna asks if he is going out. He ignores her and gets busy in sending children to school.

Amar lying on his bed cries reminiscing unable to perform surgery. He hears Bindu crying loudly. He asks if she is crying and tries to switch on light. She asks to not switch on light and let her cry in dark. He asks reason. She says she felt her Faiba wrong twice in life today for the first time and does not know how to cope up with her situation. He asks to explain it to her. She says she does not want to.

Prarthana reads Viraaj’s news in news paper and feels sad. Her father takes news paper and reads about Viraaj’s new schemes for his employees including a holiday on valentine’s day one among them (seriously? god save the business). Prarthana reminisces Viraaj’s valentine’s day date for her.

Meghna confronts Mandar and asks why is he ignoring her. He says he does not want to stay in her house anymore. She asks if he know what is he telling. He says he knows and confronts her that a rocket launcher takes rocket to certain height and then falls down leaving rocket to fly on its own, rocket drops down launcher when it feels it does not need launcher anymore; similarly he is launcher and Meghna is rocket and he wants to leave before Meghna drops him down. She asks if she is doing wrong by thinking of scaling up her business. He says there is nothing wrong in it, but the way she is using is wrong; even being a CEO of the company, he never knows what she does and forced Jyoti leave her house with wrong decision, she wants to fly high leaving dear ones awayl he cannot suffocate in this environment, he will attend her company daily as a loyal employee and that is all he wants to do. Meghna stands shattered.

Precap: Prarthana confronts Viraj that he did not trust her and told truth, so there is no question of love between them. Mandar leaves home telling Meghna that he is sure she will not change and to change his name if he returns.

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