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Krishna Chali London 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukla kidnaps Veer

Krishna Chali London 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer coming to meet Krishna. He cries seeing her. Ajnabi mod hai….plays… He leaves. Krishna wakes up and says it was Veer right, he just came here. Constable says there is no one, you sleep. Shukla goes out and sits in the lawn. Sunaina comes there to talk to him. He asks what is it. She says you got a problem with Krishna, right. He gets shocked seeing her. She says I wish Krishna stays in jail so that we both gain from it. He smiles. She says you don’t want Krishna to be happy so you trapped her, you can’t keep her in lockup for long, Veer will try everything to get her out from the jail. She says I don’t want Veer and Krishna to unite. He says you are very clever. She says I m just a mother. He says whatever and smiles.

Veer says I m going

to accept my crime, tell something, talk to me. Sunaina says you aren’t asking me anything, you are only worried for your wife, its my misfortune, you didn’t think about me, I will just do what I feel right. He takes her blessings and goes. She cries. Shukla wakes up and goes out. He calls someone and says you should do the work well. Shuklain looks on and asks who were you talking to. He says moneylenders are nagging, we lost the hospital, make a cup of tea for me. Veer is on the way. He tells the lawyer that he is on the way. He asks driver to drive fast. He recalls Krishna. O saathi re….plays…. Krishna cries in the lockup. Goons come in between and stop the car. They kidnap Veer. Shukla calls Sunaina and says no, there isn’t any mistake, now Veer is at peace. Sunaina says be careful, that he doesn’t try to escape, he is stubborn. He says I was very proud that he has become a big doctor, what to do, I will take you there if you want to meet him. Lawyer says Veer said he is on the way and he got imp info.

Krishna asks where is he, call him, is Veer in some trouble. Sunaina comes and says Veer won’t come, he is fine, he has gone to London. Krishna asks why. Sunaina says I m still the most imp person in his life, he went away from here forever. Krishna says you are lying, right, lawyer call Veer, I know him very well, he can’t leave me. Sunaina says yes, but phone is switched off, just sign the statement and accept you did the crime, even if you fight the case, you won’t be able to win. Krishna shouts you are lying, Veer will come and save me. Veer gets conscious and sees Shukla. He asks Shukla to leave him. Shukla finishes the food and laughs. He says we didn’t kidnap you to free you, you will stay here, Krishna killed my Radhe, she will get punished, she will stay in prison all her life, then I will let you go. Veer says Krishna didn’t kill Radhe. Shukla says I know, I blamed her to separate you and Krishna. Veer says I killed Radhe, send me to prison if you want. Shukla says you are a loyal lover, you are trying to save your wife, don’t try to make me emotional about Radhe, I loved him a lot, I will not believe you. He asks goon to inject Veer. Veer shouts. Shukla injects Veer.

Shukla says look who is here. Veer sees Sunaina. He scolds Sunaina for betraying her. She says I did right. Veer says Radhe was hit by my car, I m his murderer. Shukla gets shocked and takes a broken bottle to hit Veer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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