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Kesari Nandan 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari helps Jawahar

Kesari Nandan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairav Singh seeing Hanumant’s pic in the newspaper. She calls someone and says I m coming to Dhanwa, I accept your offer. He says I m coming Hanumant. Jagat asks Kesari why did you refuse to fight, you can easily defeat Jawahar. They see Jawahar leaving. They go in and talk to Shakti. Shakti pities Jagat.

Jagat says its fine, Kesari wants to register and get membership to fight from Dhanwa wrestling club. Shakti makes fun of him. Jagat says I just know laws and I will take help of it. Shakti says you are threatening me, fine go and get the laws in between. Shakti scolds Jagat and asks him to get Hanumant for the talk, since Kesari is young. He says Kesari is getting punished for being a rebel. Kesari reminds him the vow he has taken when he became a wrestler. She

tells him that he has to become a good human being first, how can he do injustice with others. She scolds him.

Shakti says fine, I will give you membership but for 10000rs. Kesari and Jagat ask how can you take advantage of our situation, we have no money. Shakti says this is my rule, I know everything, don’t show attitude to me. Kesari says fine, I will come here with my dad or money, you have to give my membership then. Rana ji comes to Kalki and says get ready, your local coach is coming in an hour. Kalki laughs and says he has to impress me, then I will accept him as coach.

He thinks yes right, I want some coach to lessen your ego, its imp to keep you in control. Bhairav comes to Dhanwa. People see him and get staring. He reaches his old house and finds it locked. He says my house is also dull like me. He enters the house and sees his old medals. He gets angry and ruins Hanumant’s pic.

He sees Bharat Kesari’s certificate and shouts. Jagat and Kesari are on the way. They think how to get the money. He asks shall we take money from Zoravar. She says no, dad will get upset with one more mistake, I won’t do this. He asks what shall I do. She says go home and take rest, I have to get a book from Kripa, I will get it, I will come. He says fine, take care. He goes. She prays to get help. She says I want to fulfill Jagat’s dream. She sees the monkey and goes with him to share her heart. He runs away. She follows him and collides with Bhairav. He asks where are you running. She says you didn’t see me, how would I see you. He laughs. She goes.

He goes to see the Akhada. Kesari asks monkey where is he taking her. She sees Jawahar at gun point. She looks on and tries to see what’s happening. The goons go away. Jawahar shouts don’t shoot me. Kesari holds him and says its me, Kesari. He asks where is my car, now dad won’t leave me. She recalls the goons’ words and says I know where is your car. He says I beg you, please help me. She says you didn’t let Shakti help me. He says dad will beat me. She says I won’t help you, I will see you getting beaten up. He says fine, I will help you, you help me, I swear. She says come, we will get your car. They run.

Jawahar and Kesari come to the goons’ hideout and see the car. He says we will get beaten up, I m going back. She says stop you coward, let me think, come with me. They hide and see the goons. She asks him to give his sunglasses. She asks him to just sit there until she comes. Kesari comes there as a blind girl, while wearing the black glasses. The goons look at her.

Rana ji introduces Hanumant Singh. He asks Hanumant to coach Kalki. Kesari gets her membership and asks Hanumant to train her for the sake of Jagat’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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