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The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb)

There is always an reason for a person to be angry. For a person to always be angry there are many reasons. This story tells about the many reasons why Abhi is angry all the time.

A girl is seen busily taking her stuffs to leave on time. She is well dressed in a red saree with simple make up on her face.

“Are you sure of going?” Her sister, Bulbul enquired.

She nodded her head in response as yes. 

“Why? Especially when he doesn’t even pay attention to you?” Bulbul asked.

“I am not bothered about it Bulbul. I only want to know why is he behaving like this. It’s always interesting to know why a person who is good at heart is always angry. I mean it’s not really angry but a kind of strong emotion that is hard to break.” She replied

This is what she have been saying and trying to find out about a man who crossed her life when she was in the midst of her work.

She is a journalist by profession and had to go to a hospital to cover an issue of a  politician being severely injured. 

After going there, she realised he was severely injured because of the harsh beatings of an angry young man. 

What was surprising to her was he himself admitted the politician in the hospital. 

She manage to talk to him but he refuses to say anything saying that he is not interested in entertaining journalist who always exaggerate things. 

She don’t know what made to make up her mind and now she is after him for almost 2 months to find about him and his anger.

The more she followed the more she finds good things about him. 

The politician whom he had thrashed mercilessly was involved in a girl’s life to be ruined by gang rape. 

Like this, his anger was reflected on every incident of atrocities that happens around him.

He is not a rowdy or gangster. He is just an angry young man who lives his life in anger towards the people around him. He was totally angry at the society he lives in. 

He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t appreciate the small beautiful things in life. 

But with kids, he is a different person. He turns into a kid himself whenever he sees children. He doesn’t go and play with them but she have noticed that he responses to every single expression of what he sees in kids. 

She was amazed to see this side of his. From then, she followed him closely and tries to understand his character. 

Bulbul shook her head of how her sister had turned up. Now she was mostly interested on this unknown man instead of her work. 

“At least have breakfast before you leave.” Bulbul said as her sister was checking her phone. 

“I will have it on my way. He is now at temple for prayers.” She said. 

“I thought you said he doesn’t believe in God and all. Now how come he is at temple for prayers?? ” Bulbul asked with a confused expression on her face. 

“Yes but he doesn’t disbelieve other’s beliefs. He respects other’s beliefs Bulbul. His Dadi believes strongly in God so he goes along with her.” She says supporting him. 

“Alright. As usual u will never talk to him and just look at him right?” Bulbul asked teasingly.

“It’s not just looking Bulbul. It’s observing him. Observing him to organise my thoughts on his character.” She said 

“Oh….” Bulbul replied. 

“Okay I have to go today as I am going to ask him something important. He won’t be able to not answer me when his Dadi is around.” She said in a rush and left the house. 

“Sometimes I wonder whether Di is in love with him! I hope not as I don’t want my Jiju to be angry all the time. I want a fun and jovial Jiju!!!” Bulbul murmured. 

Upon reaching the temple, she was excited to ask him the question that had been in her mind for a long time. 

” I hope he answers me instead of looking like a fierce lion.” She thought by walking towards the direction where Abhi and his Dadi was standing. 

Hearing her bangle sounds he looked back. She was surprised at his look towards her. 

He never smiled but looked at her with an apprehensive look. 

Dadi asked ” What are you looking at Abhi?” 

She asked and smiles at her. 

Dadi then says “Oh so are you the person who Hari prakash sent?” 

Before she could respond, Abhi said “She should be the one. Can’t you see the way she is dressed up in a saree?” 

She looks confused at their words. She was about to say something when a small child ran and pushed her towards Abhi. 

Abhi held her by waist and asked “Are you ok?”

She simply nods her head and Dadi said “Geeta let’s offer prayers to God and then go to our house.”

“Geeta??” She asked in a soft whisper. 

Abhi whispered in her ears “I know you are not Geeta. Just act along with me as I need your help right now.”

Seeing their closeness, Dadi smiled to herself and signalled them to talk later. 

Meanwhile, she was looking blur of what’s going on when she needs to ask him something important. 

She can’t say anything else when he was standing very close to her and giving his intense looks which made her only adhere to his words. 

Suddenly, he receives a call and informs Dadi that he needs to leave shortly with Geeta.

She looks at him in complete confusion. She is not Geeta and who is this Geeta whom Dadi and he were waiting for?

To be continued if you all want to read.

Writing after a long time and I am not sure how is it. This just came in my mind but not sure how will it be continued as my decision to not write is always lingering to my mind. Let’s see and thank u all for reading!! 😊😊

Mistakes will be present and please forgive me for it.

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