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That Falling Kite – part 6 (shivika ff)

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That falling kite –  part 6

Numb – no voice, no thoughts, no emotions and no tears… if this was the defining sentence for the word Numb then she was all that in this moment.

She had no courage to caress the life inside, who knew tomorrow she was going to kill it… suddenly all the envious eyes came to her who were eyeing her perfect life, who were eyeing her destiny and though she had never given them a word today she wished she could have worn a black dot, or some shield to reflect all those badness.

She also knew these were lame pretenses cause what has to happen will happen on its own but they say na “when the tough times come you start making sense of every unusual thing happened with you.”

Lying in the dark room she asked herself, “Was she capable to raise the differently abled baby?” But soon this question was replaced yet again by another…

“Was she ready to give her consent for the brutal killing of this ill-fated baby if it was the choice they were left with?”

She knew the answers but she didn’t want to answer because as a person she was against the idea of killing even a single rat, how could she be able to kill her own baby if it was coming.

She had sensed the horrible silence dawned on every face as her father-in-law read the reports her husband has given him after they came back, she wanted to cry loud but she didn’t want her little girl to get afraid because as a mother she wasn’t meant to cry before her girl.

Today she was feeling the depression for the first time in her life, the strongest kind; which was shouting for someone to give her solace but in this very moment it seemed the solace was far away.

Being the top officers of the firm casted them today, Shivay has to go for something important coming just today, and she knew he was relieved that he got something other than to be with her in this moment …cause they both wanted to pretend nothing happened, they wanted to engage themselves and he got the chance.

**She imagined herself on the wing in their garden with the unborn baby in future someday where she was trying hard to make him enjoy the swing but he was not,

She imagined herself with him watching some cartoon where the squeals and squeaks of the squirrels were not pleasing him,

She imagined herself with the baby in every possible situation and she knew as a person her abilities needed some big show if the unborn baby was coming with Down’s syndrome. **

And she asked her gods, for the strength and for the powers to help her baby in every possible way.


They had returned from the hospital after giving the blood and serum samples as was needed for further screening and it was not a wise decision to make any more delay. They have to make themselves ready for any kind of situation that was visiting him as the results were coming in the next four days’ time.

He was just telling others on home about all this when suddenly this mishap happened on the site; the crane working on the site has been crashed and a few works were injured, now as one of the top official he was responsible for the wreck and thus was needed on the site.

He knew he had no choice but to visit the site and the hospital but he was relived too for he was away from his chaotic personal life. Here he could pretend he was strong and help others but he didn’t want to be at home because he wasn’t that strong. He was selfish and he wasn’t selfish.

As he met a few of the families crying for their men , he made them assured they will be helped by all the means be it money or any kind of support and as he was approaching the last of beds something caught his eyes and he couldn’t help but ask about them.


It had been so late and Cheeku wasn’t home, the old lady who he called Mai was worried as well hungry from the delay.

It never happened till date, she didn’t know the address of factory so could not learn anything. The other person who knew about that factory was Ragi and he himself was in hospital…. Sipping the water from the plastic bottle she thought to close her eyes for a while with the thought Perhaps he has gotten more works today, he will be back soon.


Sky was clear exactly like a beautiful spring morning, sweet fragrance touching his nostrils. he was walking to the plateau with immense happiness… and a big kite was making her way to him, the big kite with perfect shape as they said which was easy to fly to the skies, higher skies.

 and suddenly it flew away he ran to catch him… but before him a little kid not more than 4 or 5 touched it and understanding fell upon him, smiling he approached the kid.

And together they were flying the kite but suddenly the atmosphere turned grey and the kid pulled him to somewhere, to some other world and as he turned back his old life disappeared.



Hello everyone, first of all my apologies for being late and now thank you if you are reading it 😊 it is one sensitive subject and so when people read I get happy.

Now this chapter has many questions and I know they are building the curiosity but what to say, I feel really bad saying next update will take time.

Stay happy and health and enjoy the chapter, as usual I will be waiting for your response.

Until next time, With love Morusya ❤


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