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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-36

HALOOO ALL… This is Moonlight_luver back.. how are you guys??  Sorry for the delay friends.. ‘Vishu’ went good Prabha… Everyone were busy with the preparations… you know the main part of Vishu is ‘ Kaineettam ‘ means, the elders will give us money.. God! I started to earn before getting job.. OMM.. Everything was so traditional.. Ok guys.. Enough of my bak-baks.. If I start, then will never stop… Off to the story.. side away the mistakes friends… Happy reading!!..

—— Next Morning——-*

@Raja’s room..

Raja was looking the mountain through the window.. his eyes were reflecting the view.. he strengthened his grip on the bar recollecting the time he had…  he knowledged of a touch on his shoulder..

“ you really think Gayathri, Everything will be fine? “ Raja asked with eyes fixed out itself..

“Yes… I trust Shivaay.. and I’m sure, he’ll sort out everything.. “ she gave out a smile sighing..

“ I do trust him.. but still I’m little afraid… hope we didn’t put Shivaay’s life into danger for our selfishness… “ Gayathri’s smile faded involuntarily… her face changed into a tensed one…


Shivaay entered the hall which seemed quite empty.. he looked around to see Anirihil’s Photos..he took baby steps moving forth.. He stood in the middle and looked down making the floor wet with his watery eyes.. he saw the lighted Sculpture of God… He moved forward closing his eyes gently..

“Dadi says that, with good people good things only happen… But I’ve never believed in those… but Anika do… God! Please prove it to me that their beliefs are true… help me to win Anika.. I can’t let her go..hope I’ll get what I want…. “

“ What do you want Shivaay ? “ hit the voice of Anika into Shivaay’s ears.. he truned back to see Anika coming downstairs sliding her hand over and over again.. She neared Shivaay with a confused face..

“ Whah Shivaay! You do pray! Well I’ve never seen that… so, what did you pray? “ she folded her hands and cracked the question…

“ We never disclose the matter we prayed.. It’s btw me and God.. “ He managed to fix a smile over his sorrows..

“Bhayya! Shall we leave? “ came Raju panting.. Anika’s face frowned listening it..

“ where are you guys leaving? “ Came Anika’s next question.. Shivaay closed his eyes tight and gave Raju a dead glare…

“ N.. Nowhere.. we were just thinking to roam around.. isn’t it Raju?.. Raju nodded giving full watt smile.. Anika was feeling something weird.. she opened her mouth to come up with the next question, but before she could complete, Shivaay interfered holding her hand…

“umm… Anika.. seem to be so tired.. Go and rest.. go na… “ Shivaay started pushing her back but gently..

“Arrey, I’m ok Shivaay!.. doctor said that I’m perfect now…. “ She said stopping herself from the move..

“Who?  That Doctor? I knew it..I knew it that he is a no.1 dupe.. go and sleep… c’mon.. go! Look! Oh God you’re sweating… Raju..Look, look… “ Shivaay bulged his eyes out..

“ hohhh Akka! Look at you….  Your eyes are dull and..and.. your hair! “

“ what happened to my hair??? “ she touched her hair..

“ Akka! It’s all messed.. and you’re sweating…. “

“Yes Anika! You’re whole sweating… “

“ Am I? “

“ Yes YOU ARE! “ screamed both Shivju.. Anika got scared hearing them screaming… All the other members arrived there hearing this..Raja was confused with the happenings..

“Anika.. thum jao aur rest karo..Ok?.. “ Shivaay made his mind and lead her the way..

“par Shivaay mai teek hoo…”

“Anikaaa…I’m saying na, you need to rest.. please go.. “ he said in a pleading tone… and that was the only thing enough to mold up Anika…

“ Achha teek hai… I’m going.. but be careful while travelling..Ok? “ she caressed Shivaay’s face and went up slowly… Shivaay looked Anika till she vanished from his sight..

“I’m sorry Anika.. I can’t tell anything to you… forgive me.. “ he thought himself but soon got broken with Raja’s voice..

“ Shivaay? Where are you going ? “ Raja inquired.. Shivaay again looked up and ensured that Anika is gone… he held Raju’s hand and walked swiftly…

“ I’ll tell you later Uncle… but for now, I’ve to go.. “ he pedaled his legs fastly saying..

“ ITHNI BHI JALDI KYA HAI SHIVAAY!!!…? “ came an unknown voice from the door… Shivaay’s feet got stopped while Raja’s eyes globed out widely… There came a man of about 28… he was with a well-built body with hair set perfectly.. his eyes were frightening ones..his hands showed all his veins out… he moved further and maintained a meter btw him and Shivaay…

“ Seems like you’re in a hurry Shivaay!… “ he folded his hands looking him sympathetically..

“ Who are you? “  Shivaay asked with his bold voice..

“Whhaoh! You must be kidding… don’t you know me? Kamaal hai! Why Raja? Why didn’t you tell Shivaay about your Son in law? “ he gazed Raja with his frightening eyes.. Shivaay received the greatest shock of all… the person in front of him was none other than CHARLIE… Shivaay looked Raja whose eyes were spitting scariness… that cleared Shivaay’s doubt at the very moment.. Gauri and Rohit looked each other with disbelieve.. Shivaay held Raju’s hand tightly for which he looked Shivaay up..

“ you go Raju… I’ll catch you later… “ he signaled him to go more, to run from there coz he knew how dangerous HE is… Raju looked him again and Charlie.. he ran from there tightening his trousers…

“ So… you’re Charlie! “ said Shivaay giving a pleasant smile… Charlie smiled back with the same attitude…

“ you know what I like in you the most! Your attitude… you know, in fact everyone know that you’re gonna loose but still that..that smile..that smile is still fixed there below the holes.. how shame…! Huh, what will I expect other than this from you! Well, I don’t want to waste my time talking with you… now, you’re not an obstruction for me… the time I had given has run out Shivaay! Your so called Father in law ruined all the time he had.. Now it’s play time.. Shivaay, pehle mai thujhse dar tha da.. thought that you would become a biggest backstop for me.. But haa, it didn’t happen… Haaahahahaaa… have to admit.. I have to admit this…”  HE neared Raja..  “ that, you’re such a fool! I gave how much time..? how much time?? Yep! 20 years… 20 years you had.. but, what did you do? nothing! C’mon Raja, you should’ve guessed na… what did you think that I’ll give a simple task to win your daughter back? Ha.. no.. I had already made that 200 acres land into our name, but yeah didn’t declare it officially.. I saw you running.. running years for your daughter! But…I.. “  HE laughed…  “ I really enjoyed it Raja.. I really did! Ok.. Whatever, no use of saying the past! Let’s look at the future..  So, what were we saying!  Yeah Anika.. hufffff… even her name’s so beautiful! Meant to be taken by me only!  Ok..ok let’s off to the topic…  Raja, ss..sorry, sorry, now relation is gonna change.. so, how about uncle? No.. seems like a stranger! I’ll call you dad! Yeah, that would be perfect… Dad!.. Thumne meri dad ka hadh cut liya na, now see how I’ll cut your daughter’s life! “ HE warned him in low voice.. Raja’s eyes were becoming a scared one..

“ So, where’s Anika? My hone wali biwi! My Anika? Oh upstairs? I’ll get her… she also should see her husband..” Charlie freshened up his hair and walked aiming the stair but he got stopped by a strong hand over his chest..

“ Sochna bhi math Charlie… don’t you dare.. “ came the heavy voice of Shivaay!

“ Really Shivaay? You’ll stop me? Ohhho.. I think you still didn’t get it.. Anika is mine now.. I will marry her… don’t you forget about the charter Shivaay.. Years before Radhika was made to sign in the charter proclaiming her whole property and HER DAUGHTER’S RIGHT now belongs to Malhothra’s… that ‘now’ has become now.. Radhika is dead but that document isn’t.. Raja cut my dad’s hand.. I saw him wincing in pain.. I saw him in difficulties suffering for everything.. and now the time has come.. has arrived.. you all will have to pay.. specially Anika..  it was all bcoz of her… I always had hatred for her…. But..but don’t know when my feelings turned.. if dad can do wrong then why can’t I? Anika can also repeat the history, can’t she?  let these mom daughter follow the same path! Then I started following her… even her smallest breath will come across my eyes.. her eyes, her lips, her hot br*st everything made me mad.. still it makes me mad!! Hrrrhhaaaah… “  Shivaay closed his fist tight..

“ Radhika just sacrificed her life for Anika.. but I? I sacrificed my everything.. 24×7 I’m behind her.. Wherever she goes, I follow her.. I can’t help but to do.. I cannot concentrate in anything rather than her.. I’ve waited too long.. but.. but btw us, unexpectedly u came…. can’t even imagine how enraged I was!.. I..I was not even in my senses.. whenever I get angry coz of Anika, I hurt her.. now, it has become my entertainment… but now, it’s on my control.. I had promised my dad that I’ll bring her at any cost.. and we, the malhothra’s never break our promises….if you still stop me Shivaay, then you can’t even imagine how horrible Anika’s stage will be… I can do anything with her! Anything….. “ HE raised his eye-bros giving an indirect warning to him.. Shivaay gazed him with his green eyes but mesmerizingly it turned into grey… suddenly his lips started moving… is he smiling? Thought Charlie…

Shivaay clapped his hands giving HIM a terrific laugh and rounded HIM…Everyone were surprised with this reaction… Tears were making it’s way from everyone’s eyes but Shivaay was the only one there with a changed face… Gauri closed her mouth and cried listening to the deep mysteries which was near her but didn’t know.. Raja and Gayathri looked each other with eyes completely worried.. Charlie looked him with weird faces..

“haaahn Charlie… Charlie… Char, lie.. I thought that you are a consciously alerted man.. but.. haaahaaha… you just broke it man! Ok.. Ok..Ok… “ Shivaay brushed his nose and the very moment, his expressions changed into a serious one… “ may be you’ve got a wrong base Charlie… you don’t know who I am… Agar mai apne pe aa gaya, tho thumharelie achha nehi hoga… “  he lowered his voice but with his bold style..  “ let me remind you, Anika is my wife… MY WIFE!.. and I’ve never given anyone the right to come between us… No one dared to..but you did.. and now you’ll have to face the wrath of that… umm…well, I’ve heard that the Malhothra’s never break their promises… then prove it to me.. you had said about an auction! Do you remember? Then conduct it… Tomorrow! Next day, we’ll do it… the mansion is in Delhi.. isn’t it? Which is more than a 1500 crores .. Fix the place and time.. on time, we’ll be there… “

“ but Shivaay… “ interfered Gayathri..

“ I’ve made my decision aunty.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi never step back from his words… “

“ ithna confident math ho jao Shivaay.. it isn’t good..must say, you’ve gained a lot many information  Anika tho mera hi hoga.. chahe kuch bhi ho jaye.. “ Charlie confined his words..

“ She’s mine.. I repeat, SHE IS MINE… till her Shivaay is alive, no one can separate Anika from him.. not even you.. you can’t even touch my Anika! “ Shivaay took a step forward so as to lock his line..

“ Shivaayyy!!! Shivaayyy!!! Shivaaay! Only a day more… after that Anika will become mine..what will you do then? Mai bhi tho dekhoon ki aisa kya hai iss Shivaay Singh Oberoi mei.. but remember a thing, when Anika becomes mine, she’ll have to face the hell for your this show… I’ll give HER the doom for your performs.. Note my words Shivaay.!! “ Charlie pointed his fore finger right towards his nose..don’t know why but his line made Shivaay a little shattered… not even in his wildest dream he can think of hurting his Anika..

“ only when she becomes… not in this century.. How beautiful and impossible dream.. keep dreaming Charlie..keep dreaming.. “ Shivaay said leaving a cool smile..

“ Ok then… tomorrow morning 10 o’clock.. At the mansion in Delhi.. be ready to get defeated.. “

“ same line goes to you…” Shivaay folded his hands saying…Charlie fire-eyed the other members and left firing his engine.. Shivaay’s fist was a tight one… Raja neared Shivaay and held his shoulder gently…

“ Sh..Shivaay.. are you sure about all these? “ he asked in a low voice…

“ Do think twice Shivaay.. “ Raghav suggested him..

“ bhayya, what’s all this happening? “ gauri cried screaming the question..

“I’ve to do this… for Anikaaa….. “ he bowed his head making a tear to fall directly from eyes..

“ SHIVAAYY……” Anika’s cracking voice made everyone shiver with shock.. Shivaay’s eyes grew bigger with the sound… Everyone turned back only to see Anika with reddish eyes.. her lips were pale and face shivering with shock… her hands and feet were trembling with fear… TEARS were flowing from her eyes unconditionally..


Precap : Anika hears the whole conversation… Anika breaks down before Raja… Anika says Shivaay to leave from there… Shivika’s intense emotional shot… Shivika’s severe hug!!


Hey folks… sorry for the delay buddies.. so how was the part? Short one it is but do adjust with it fellas… Guys can’t talk much… many celebrations are going on here regarding ‘ VISHU ‘.. I’ve to go friends… Sorry for not replying to the comments.. ok so do tell me how was the part… Raji, did I satisfy u?

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