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Swasan OS: Love that changes a heart

A huge palace is shown in which a middle aged man and a lady are shoen sitting in royal attire

Lady :what should we do king the time is coming near (tensed with moist voice)

King: he will destroy our kingdom totally but before  that we have to make swara married

A young men is shown fighting in war field sitting on his horse with soldiers around, he gets down and starts fighting with sword

King: if he attacks on our kingdom na and if bychance his gaze falls on swara then he will not leave her

Just then someone tries to attack behind but he immediately turns back and stabs the person making the blood fall on his face making the environment silent as it was the king of another kingdom who had got killed

Queen :i am not worried for me but i have heard they made princess of another kingdom as their mistress

The same man is shown placing flag on the palace: india is ours

We see the ladies who are crying and begging are dragged ruthlessly and palaced are in cages

Queen :pls god save our child

We see lord Krishna’s idol watching them and a flowers falls indicating a blessing to them

Next day

On the other side we see a same young man in royal attire riding a horse with a bow on his back and there was a gun in his hands

“sanskar is no prey”says his brother who  gets shocked when prince points gun at his direction and shoots. Making him close his eyes in fear thinking now what is going in his mind now because no one guess what prince sanskar thinks and do, there is always something unexpected is expected from him at any moment

Laksh opens his eyes and sees prince smirking looking at his back in a particular direction

He turns back and sees a man lying there in pool of blood

Prince: people think that i am become king by playing with toys only(says he wiping his gun)

Laksh: prince how you get to know about him (surprised)

Prince: because i am prince not you and laksh if you again called me prince then(points gun at him)next target will be you (smirking at him)

Laksh: but prince(gulps) ok sanskar

Both moved from there riding their house and reaches there camp where everyone bowed down infront of them giving respect making laksh proud whereas sanskar walks from there in attitude without paying any heed to them.
He observes that how everyone are standing still on sanskar presence fearing of any mistake and their they have to face consequences which they also don’t know

Laksh: finally sanskar we have almost conquered survanshi dynasty is on our hands except the surva shipping​ which is under the king pratap

Sanskar: don’t worry we have send mahendra there, he must have dis his work

Just then a soldier came in and informs that mahendra has came, he nods his head giving permission

A middle aged man comes in and bows down infront of him giving respect

“prince this empire is in loss due to the capturing of other empires by us”

Sanskar: wonderful (says he with a evil smile)

“and the most precious possession of the empire their princess swara who is called as another form of fairy white as milk, her eyes are like some ocean anyone will get drown in them and her hairs.she  is soft like rose and will be soo good under (he got interrupted as sanskar stopped her and  he leaves from there)

Sanskar: laksh i will come back soon

Laksh(confused) :but where(he leaves from there before laksh can ask further)

Sanskar is shown entering in his kakhsh(room)where a girl is shown sitting in bridal clothes

He walks towards her and sits besides her: finally i have got you(says he caressing her face lovingly and opens her viel)

Just then a knife lands on his chest making him shocked and a raged swara is shown whose eyes are red in anger

“what you thought prince sanskar princess of survanshi are sooo weak that i will fall on your feet ”

Just then sanskar who was in shock and was breathing heavily laughs and takes the knife out from the armor

“i expected this from you princess i know you are tigress that’s why i was with you with plan (laughs)that’s why i am flattered on you and your charm but tch tch soo sorry for you now, you hate me soo but you have to live your whole life “says he and sleeps there on another side leaving swara in tears remembering her past

She remembers how sanskar attacked their empire and in order to save it he makes a deal of her marriage with him which her father denied first because he knows that sanskar will make her life a living hell but being the princess of empire she thinking of their people and made her father agree for the marriage”

“no i will not fall weak for sure”says she looking at him who was fast asleep and leans down on her side

Sanskar opens his eyes and remembers how he saw her for the first time

After leaving from there he comes in survanshi palace dressed as a soldier and watched her making him get flattered on hercon first sight. As he was famous for his sharp brain and he leaves from there with anyone notice

Sun rays peeped through curtains making sanskar to open his eyes making himwitness the most beautiful sight infront of him

His wife was sleeping cutely like a innocent child who was looking so pure and beautiful, he chuckles remembering her behavior and gets up and walks away

After sometime swara gets up without opening her eyes and starts shouting

Swara: ragini ragini how many times i have told you too keep the curtains close but you never listen to me(sanskar turns to her and was going to say something but seeing her cute face smiles and closes the curtains making her smile and making sanskar lost)

Just then reality strikes in her mind and she opens her eyes and sees sanskar naughtily

Swara:. Prince(says she in shock)

Sanskar: yes princess swara soon to be queen swarq

Swara: woh i was calling for ragini curtains (she was not getting words to say)

Sanskar(sternly but smiles inside) :its ok but next time be careful don’t dare to order me…. He was surprised that he never hears any order from anyone and how easily he followed her order(goes from there and swara mutters some curses to him)

Once both were on a trip to a temple in which they met with some beggars of another kingdom

Swara gets down from her palki and walks to them and starts removing her jewel for giving them so it can help but a hand stops them making her angry

“please prince i know they are not from your kingdom but it doesn’t mean them you will not help them or either let me help them”

“princess just go and sit on your place and don’t you dare to remove these jewelry again its our ancestor jewelry”

Par….. but”(protesting)

Jaise(leave)… Says he sternly

Swara goes and sits in palki with an angry face just then she turns her face to curse but the scenario made her shocked

He was giving all his jewels to them which he was wearing with a smile and was asking to them if they need any help they can contact him

This was the first incident in which she observed him closely, she observed a kind hearted ruler in him who cares for his people. he developed respect for him in her heart ie a special place

Days started passing sanskar always used to irritate her and she always used to curse him but the hatred which swara was having in her heart was getting removed from her heart seeing sanskar nature and behavior for her, for his empire because she has heard in his empire that he is very selfish and cruel but after getting married to him he gets to know that he is totally different person who was making her to fall for him soo hard

Once on their trip some soldiers attacked them because. Of inner conspiracy of. An member who wished to touched her, that member was his minsiter mahendra who always used to stare her but remembering his condition she always get horrified

Because his hands were cut brutally by him due to which he was winching in pain, his screams were echoing in the whole palace making all terrified

There was crowning ceremony for declaring him king and her queen suddenly one of his minister interrupted

“prince this girl can’t be queen of ours because she is survanshi and in our rules survanshi are our enemies its written in our records ”

Listening this he got angry making the minister to gulp and immediately called his another minister and ordered him something to write

The minister nodded and wrote something. After that he declared something making other shocked

“it was declared that now survansh and survanshi are close friends and any rebel against it will be punished with death ”

Sanskar(sternly in his court):now anyone has any problem (making all silent whereas swara was just admiring the man infront of him who was his husband the king of the empire and now is her love who has won her love with his nature)

In night sanskar enters his kaksh and sees it decorated beautifully like his first night whereas swara was sitting on bed like before

Sanskar moves towards him and whispers in shock: swara

Swara looks down in shyness making him understand that she is ready to take their relationship on next level

Sanskar lifts her face facing him lovingly and places a kiss on her forehead making her to feel his love

Sanskar moves towards her face and stops infront of her lips and whispers : kitna tadpayoge swara keh bhi doo (how much you will make me crave)

Swara: i love you king, my prince, my everything

And here starts their journey of being together

……………. Os written for challenge……..
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