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Swasan OS: jab bana uska hi bana

A dark room is shown where a man was sitting  on floor keeping his head in between his knees and there was a picture on his chest which he was hugging it tightly showing how much it is important for him ,his life depends on it

Just then door screeching sound is heard and a man enters

Man:bhai(with moist voice)

The man looks up and smiles faintly seeing him and gets up taking the picture carefully showing how much picture is important for him.he places the picture carefully on the side table

Man:what happened laksh?

Laksh(tears started coming from her eyes seeing his condition read eyes,tears stained face and face looking extremely pale showing how much lifeless he is):come sanskar bhai(gulps his tears)its time for dinner

Sanskar:oh its night , i didn’t get to knew.i was sooo lost in my swara ,her company always makes me forget my world…..says he looking at swara’s picture lovingly with soo much love adoration in his eyes.

Laksh(chocked voice not able to take more):bhai come soon

Sanskar(still looking at her picture):hmmm(laksh walks out of room and starts crying leaning against the door, ragini who came there to call both of them sees his condition and some tears escapes from her eyes knowing what might had happen)

She walks towards him and pulls him in a bone crushing hug

Laksh:it had been 5 months ragini to that incident where swara got fell from  thatcliff  and still there is no news of her making bhai’s hope shattered. He is becoming insane day by day

Whereas sanskar was looking at picture lovingly :shona mein bas abhi aaya

Aye khuda…. Aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana

He comes out and starts eating his dinner silently whereas his whole family was just observing in how much pain in he is but still is trying to smile for them thinking they will feel pain

Laksh: i am done (chocks)

Sanskar: laksh sit and have your food  .we should not waste our food remember swara used to say this(smiles lovingly remembering her and finishes her food silently lost in her memories )

Sanskar walks in their room and suddenly sees a diary in hidden corner of bed, he walks towards it and takes out the diary.

He sits on the bed and opens its. The front was decorated beautiful with written “my sanskar”and a handsome pic of him was attached to it

He turns the page and sees further where his and swara’s pictures were attached and their memories were written

Just then he reads a page in which something was written

Dont know diary nowadays i am feeling something bad is going to happen. If something happens to me pls god ji make my sanskar strong or else he will die.i want h to keep me alive in him

Sanskar closes his eyes and starts crying for the first time after swara’s missing :i will fullfill your dreams princess and will keep you alive in me. I will do i will

After 1 yr

A guy is shown singing closing his eyes remembering someone Who is non other than sanskar singing remembering swaea

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji, baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use
Har kahaani me saare kisson me
Dil ki duniya ke sachche rishton mein
Zindagani ke saare hisson mein
Tu likh de mera use
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana

Uska hoon us mein hoon us se hoon
Usi ka rehne de
Main toh pyaasa hoon
hai dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de gali de sheher de
Usi ke naam ke
Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste
Dil mujhe de agar, dard de uska par
Uski ho woh hansee, goonje jo mera ghar
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko
Tu chahe aadha kar
Chahe le le tu meri zindagi par
Ye mujh se vaada kar
Uske ashqon pe, ghamon pe dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar
Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi
Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete jee baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal, har ek lamhe me
Tu likh de mera use
Ae Khuda Ae khuda
Aye Khuda Aye khuda

So here we present the singing sensation of year “mr sanskar maheswari who had won the people in so much of less time”

Sanskar standing there smiles faintly to him

Anchor: sir so who is the beauty to whom you dedicate your every song? India wants to know

Sanskar: what do you mean?

Anchor: common sir we all know how much love is hidden in your voice when you sing. Pls tell sir

Sanskar(smiles):my wife

Anchor :oh sir you are married, you broke our hearts including me (chuckles)where is she

Sanskar: she is no more but still she is everywhere with me. I can feel her presence everywhere.

Anchor :wherever she is na, she will be proud of you sir

Sanskar smiles faintly to her and a tear escapes his eye showing his pain

After that interview gets finish and sanskar reaches park and sits there enjoying the weather

SanskAr: i love you swara…. She how weather is sooo much chilled but still soo enjoyable

He closes his eyes and listens a voice

Tum bhi tanha thay
Hum bhi tanha thay
Milke rone lage (x2)

His eyes got open immediately listening the voice feeling some connection with it

Ek jaise thay dono ke gham daga hone lage
Tujhme muskurate hain
Tujhme gungunaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain
Tere hi khayalon mein
Doobe doobe jaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain

He gets up and starts walking towards the source unknowingly which was connecting him without his knowledge
Thode bhare hain hum, thode se khaali hain
Tum bhi ho uljhe se, hum bhi sawaali hain
Kuch tum bhi kore ho, kuch hum bhi saare hain
Ik aasmaan par hum do chaand aadhe hain
Kam hai zameen bhi thodi, Kam aasmaan hai
Lagta adhoora, tum bin har jahaan hai
Apni har kami me hum ab tujhe hi paate hain
Khud ko tere pass hi chhod aate hain
Jitni bhi viraani hai tujhse hi sajaate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain

He starts walking towards the voice remembering his memories with swara

Do raaz milte hain, Humraaz bante hain

Sannate aise hi aawaaz bante hain
Khamoshi me teri, meri sadaayein hain
Meri hatheli me, teri duaayen hain
Ik saath tera ho toh sau manzile ho
Tanhaai teri, meri mehfile ho
Hum teri nigahon se khud me jhilmilate hain
Khud ko tere paas hi chhod aate hain
Tujhse apni raaton ko subah banate hain

Just then he stops infront of a girl was was facing her back to him singing the song. He moves his hand to place on her shoulder to call her but Just then his ph making him disturb and the girl moves from there

Sanskar: where that girl went? (looking here and there)why i was feeling so connected with her.

Sanskar reaches his room which is filled with swara’s pictures :i fullfilled your dreams princess but today i am missing you soo much. (lovingly)although you are with me everytime but today this heart is aching so much for you. (chocked voice)pls come back or take me with you(cries)this sanskar maheswari never cried after reading your diary knowing that you don’t like my tears but today this heart is not ready to listen anything (his thoughts got broken when he hears a knock, he hurriedly wipes his tears and gives the permission to enter)

Laksh: bhai bhai i am soo happy today. Its a good news

Sanskar: don’t tell me you are going to be a father again

Laksh: bhai pls i can’t handle that swaransh and you are talking about another child

Sanskar: haha

Laksh: bhai you have got a offer to sing with sg and today she has called you to meet. I am very middle

today after that you will reach on heights

Sanskar(mumbles):what i will do on those heights where swara will not be with me.

Laksh(st):i bet bhai after this meeting you will love these heights

Both sanlak reached the place where laksh covers sanskar eyes saying something is there to surprise him

Sanskar reaches there and laksh pushes him inside and locks the door

“Laksh laksh”

But there was no voice only silence

Sanskar opens his eyes and a song starts which was girl singing

He gets shocked and walks towards the girl who was standing singing the song

Sanskar:kon ho tum

The girl turns and is revealed to be swara who was looking at her lovingly

Swara kneels down infront of him:i love you mr sanskar maheswari,will you hold this swaranshi no no sorry i am swara na.will you hold your swara’s hand again which i left in middle

Sanskar was numb hearing her not able to believe his swara was back to him,and was standing infront of him

Swara:umm can you answer pls.my knees are painina.(cutely)

Sanskar kneels down and hugs her immediately crying all his pain out which he has hidden inside him seeing him

Sanskar:swara you are my swara na.not any illusion or my dre which will break if i will open my eyes(cries)you will not leave me again

Swara:nope sanskar i will not leave me again.its a promise,its sanskar’s swara promise

After crying sanskar gets stable
And ask her where she was for soo many days

Swara:sanskar i was in  for some months after i woke up mine memory was lost and the people who found me gave me new identity swaranshi ganrsh.i made my new name in music Industry along with you but never came infront of people.after that

“I saw her in a park and collected information about her.due to which i got to know she is our swara even for confirmation me did dna test which proved she is swara maheswari” says laksh coming infront of them

Swara:first it was difficult to believe them but after seeing proofs i believed

Sanskar:it means you don’t remember me(he says getting up)

Swara:no but

Sanskar:it means you don’t remember our love(says sanskar moving back in shock)

Swara: i don’t remember but

Sanskar: no need swara to sympathy to me. (just then he recieves a slap making him shock)

Swara:shut up.ok just listen to me blabbering like a donkey. Yes i don’t remember you but i love you alot mr maheswari.when i first saw you on tv na i felt a attraction towards,whenever i listened your songs i used to fell in love with you more and used to fell pain in songs whenever you used to dedicate those songs to mebut i thought its just an attraction but when laksh told me everything i got to know its my love for you(says in tears and starts to leave)

Sanskar holds her wrist and pulls her hugging her

Sanskar:i love you too swara,i love you tooo we will start again

Swasan:aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana (st)

So is the end or start of the beginning?
Sorry for boring os having mood so wrote and its having many mistakes pls pardon

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