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Part 51:

“By whom?” was Laksh’s next question.

“Lovely” The driver again said lovingly, Laksh was irritated.

“Hey, don’t lie; I can see no other human other than both of us here, I can’t sit at back…Wahan Bohot Jhatke Lagte Hai.” Laksh said, his voice changing from anger to sadness.

" Laksh said, his voice changing from anger to sadness

“Arey, not human, Lovely, My cat…I am sorry but you’ll have to sit at the back if you want to come with me otherwise…” The driver didn’t complete and started walking towards his truck while Laksh stopped him holding his hand.

“Can’t you make your Lovely sit at back, please?” Laksh said looking towards him innocently.

The driver widened his eyes staring at Laksh, “No, never, my Lovely will sit with me, if you want to come then its ok otherwise…” The driver again stopped in his words, got his hand free and started moving towards the truck.

Laksh stamped his foot hard on road, “Abb Mujhe Billi Ke Chakar Mein Piche Bethna Padega, Yeh Billiyan Hoti Hi Aise Hain…” Laksh thought remembering Shona whom he had named ‘Billi’ too.

The driver almost entered his truck, “I’ll just come…and sit at the backside.” Laksh said reluctantly while the driver nodded with a cute smile.

Laksh went to his car, took out his bag and ran towards truck’s backside, on the way, he opened the door of the seat accompanying the driver and stared at the white cat sitting inside, “I thought I should atleast see Lovely once.” Laksh said gritting his teeth.

Lovely meowed at Laksh cutely.

"She is so cute, right?" The driver said lovingly while Laksh nodded and again said gritting his teeth, "Very cute

“She is so cute, right?” The driver said lovingly while Laksh nodded and again said gritting his teeth, “Very cute.”

Laksh closed the door and went to sit in backside among the dried grasses kept there; he climbed up, kept his bag at a side and tried to move the grass aside to make place to sit, the driver started the truck meanwhile and with a slight push due to the truck starting, Laksh fell down on the dried grass itself with a thud.

“Ouch!” Laksh screamed as edges of dried grass hurt him but no one heard, “Mumma, Kahan Phas Gaya.” Laksh cursed himself for even taking this journey then realizing no one heard, he again stood up taking the support of the side of the truck, keeping aside the grass, he settled at a corner of the truck still angry at himself.


“So which route?” Raj asked as he and Swara were settled in his car now, Swara was dialling Ragini’s number.

“Let’s go to the Vada Pav stall you always take me to, I love the Vasa Pav there.” Swara said as her eyes were still fixed in her phone, she placed the phone on her ear as she dialled the phone.

" Swara said as her eyes were still fixed in her phone, she placed the phone on her ear as she dialled the phone

“Speaker, Speaker…” Raj shouted like an innocent child.

“First I’ll talk so stop screaming.” Swara made clear in her usual bossy style while Raj made a bubble of his face as he turned forward and looked towards the road, he hadn’t started the car yet.

“Hello Swara.” Ragini said trying to act more energetic than she actually was, she and Sanskar hadn’t talked from past 10 minutes as she clearly said she won’t talk to him, this ended up making her sadder than Sanskar, he actually didn’t mind as he started talking to an old lady sitting on the seat ahead of him, well he even tried to ignite Ragini by claiming her as his wife who was in anger in front of the lady, Ragini couldn’t speak anything out of ego while Sanskar enjoyed teasing her.

“Raginiiiiii, You…I don’t want to talk to you…” Swara said cutely as Ragini looked towards Sanskar who instantly turned to her as he heard Swara’s name, “Is it Swara?” he asked while Ragini kept the index finger of her left hand on her lips to indicate him to be quiet.

Sanskar realizing Swara doesn’t know about Ragini coming to Kolkata and him being with her started teasing her, “Swaaaaaaaarrrrrrraaaaaaaa…” He acted as if shouting but inaudible.

“Sanskar.” Ragini whispered angrily keeping her hand on the phone’s speaker while Sanskar laughed.

" Ragini whispered angrily keeping her hand on the phone's speaker while Sanskar laughed

“I was missing Swara, I am so happy she called.” Sanskar said innocently while Ragini passed him a deadly glare, she placed her left hand on his mouth and started talking to Swara.

“Umnnnn” Sanskar tried to get free while Swara screamed from other side, “Means I said I won’t talk to you so you would go silent, you didn’t even ask me the reason for my anger, Ragini…you broke my heart.” Swara said dramatically while a flash of smile appeared on Ragini’s face with her words.

" Swara said dramatically while a flash of smile appeared on Ragini's face with her words

“Drama Queen…” Raj said hearing Swara while Swara looked at him making a crying face.

“Shut up Haan, I’ll get angry with her…I have the right to do so, she knew all this while that you love me yet kept it a secret, you snatched my Ragu, I thought she never kept any secrets from me.” Swara said as she sniffed back a tear.

Meanwhile, Sanskar got free from Ragini’s hand and stuck out his tongue at her, he was about to say something.

“Sanskar, no please, please…Swara will get to know the truth, please.” Ragini almost pleaded putting her hand again on the speaker while Sanskar silently laughed.

“Ok, ok but you will talk to me na, if you won’t, I have Swara to talk…”

“Ok, I was just trying to teach you a lesson for following me, I wasn’t really angry,” Ragini admitted realizing there was no way out.

Sanskar smiled as he touched her nose and pressed it cutely, “I knew it Jaan.”

“What did you just call me? Jaan? When did I become your Jaan?” Ragini stressed the last word angrily.

"What did you just call me? Jaan? When did I become your Jaan?" Ragini stressed the last word angrily

“I know, my mistake, you can never be my jaan, you are to my cute grandmother, Monkey na…” Sanskar pulled her cheeks while Ragini was brimming with irritation.

“Sans…” Sanskar kept a hand on her mouth before she could complete as he indicated towards her phone, she still had her hand on speaker and Swara was saying something from other side, inaudible to Ragini.

Ragini closed her eyes as she hit her head, passing some glares to Sanskar who was laughing she started talking to Swara.

“Swara, did you say anything?” Swara widened her mouth as she heard the words.

"Swara, did you say anything?" Swara widened her mouth as she heard the words

“Haan, Bohot Kuch Kaha Ragini, Ragu…you lied to me.” Swara almost shouted but stopped in her words as she made a cute childish expression, Raj snatched the phone from Swara’s hand as he stuck out his tongue at her, ” I have rightly named you drama queen, Itni acting.” Raj said placing the phone on his ears while talking to Swara who hit him on his shoulder.

“You lied to me…”    “But what did I do? Why are you both angry with me?” Swaragini together said the words, Swara sadly, Ragini confused.

Raj hit his head as he realized Ragini misunderstood him and Swara was in no mood to forgive him, infact he realized that Swara had been deciding to call Ragini ever since she realized Ragini knew about Raj’s love, Swara was surely planning to take their class together.

Putting the phone on speaker, Raj said to Ragini taking a deep breath, “Ragini, I proposed Swara and she too loves me.” Ragini smiled as she heard it, “Really, Meri treat?” Swara blushed unknowingly as she heard Ragini.

Then overcoming her blushing and again hitting Raj’s shoulder, Swara said, “I wanted to tell this to Ragini and you Ragini, forget your party, first I’ll take your class…You didn’t tell me anything na.” Realizing Swara was getting angry at her for this reason all this while, Ragini laughed, “Who is asking party from you? I am asking it from Raj, from my brother…you know how much I helped him…” Ragini said as Sanskar pulled her cheeks mid way, Ragini couldn’t say anything as she tried to free her cheeks from her left hand, Sanskar laughed cutely as he left her.

" Ragini said as Sanskar pulled her cheeks mid way, Ragini couldn't say anything as she tried to free her cheeks from her left hand, Sanskar laughed cutely as he left her

“Apko To Hum Badme Dekhte Hain.” Ragini said as Sanskar nodded sweetly.

“Kise Dekhna Hai?” SwaRaj together asked while Sanskar replied to Ragini.

“Jitna Marzi Dekh Lena, Mujhe problem Nahi, infact I’ll love it.” Ragini opened her mouth wide at his words while Sanskar took the phone from her hand and put it on speaker.

Ragini realizing what he had done closed her mouth, took phone from him and replied, “Ek Bandar Hai, Khidhki Ke Bahar Se Pareshan Kar Raha Hai…Usse Hi.” Ragini said staring angrily at Sanskar who still smiled at her.

“Tu Bandar Ko Bhi App Bolti Hai?” Swara questioned while Sanskar again laughed silently hearing her words, Ragini closed her eyes wondering what to reply now.

“Swara, actually, the bus has just stopped at a Dhaba, I have to take some things to eat, I’ll call you later.” Ragini said cutting the call while as soon as the call was cut Sanskar burst out into audible laughter.

Ragini stared at him laughing , angrily as she beat him lightly on his shoulder, “Sanskar, you…” She continued beating him while Sanskar continued laughing, unaffected.

“Why was Ragini behaving so weird?” Swara asked Raj while he placed her phone in her hand and answered seriously, “Actually, she is your best friend na…being with you might have affected her brain.”Swara at first heard him attentively thinking he was answering her seriously but hearing the complete reply, she hit him on his head slightly with her hand, Raj started laughing.

“Oh, Really…Now being with me will affect your brain too.” Swara continued beating him while he continued laughing too.


After some beating, Ragini got tired and sat quietly, again angry.

“Ragu.” Sanskar called her, no reply.

“Rageshwari.” Sanskar again called her, no reply.

“Ragini.” Again no reply.

“Jaan.” Ragini turned to him at glared at him.

"Don't stare at me like that, you promised me you'll talk to me

“Don’t stare at me like that, you promised me you’ll talk to me.” Sanskar said raising his eyebrows mischievously.

“That was with a deal that you won’t disturb me while I talk to Swara.” Ragini replied, still angry.

“No, the deal was that I won’t let Swara know about me being with you, I did that.” Sanskar smiled cutely.

“Sanskar, App Humein Itna Tang Kyun Karte Hain?” Ragini said tired of this.

“Because I love disturbing you.” Sanskar smiled while Ragini looked at him moving her head in a ‘no’.

“App Sudhrenge Nahi Na…”

“Sudhrana Chahta Kaun Hai?” Sanskar smiled while Ragini too smiled.

"Sudhrana Chahta Kaun Hai?" Sanskar smiled while Ragini too smiled

“App…Pagal Hain.” Ragini laughed while Sanskar nodded.

“For making you laugh, I can become real wala Pagal too.” Sanskar winked.


“Means we are outside college only from past half an hour?” Swara questioned Raj once she was content with beating him.

“Actually, if you allowed me to drive, I would have driven for sure.” Raj said in a dramatic tone while Swara looked at him.

“What?” Raj asked as Swara was staring at him from past 5 minutes now.

“I am allowing now, drive na.” Swara said as a small smile crept up her lips, Raj moved her head in a ‘You!’ look.

“Lie, you like staring at me.” Raj said as he started driving.

Swara opened her mouth wide as she heard him, well she did like staring at him.


A/N: So hows it? Some teasing on their part? I do hope you all liked it. I was so happy seeing you all actively respond to my game in last part, hope even you all liked it. Now question for today is, “Are you losing interest in this FF?” , I would love to hear truthful responses even if they are hurtful because I do feel that way, please do reply.And as you all know, if you all liked it then please do consider liking and commenting, I would really be happy.

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