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She – one shot on IB

“Life isn’t a fairytale” she have heard it many times from many people but she being herself had never believed that.

She was always dreamt of a prince charming coming into her life.  Many had laughed at her dream but she had always choose to ignore them because there are more pessimist in the world.

To everyone’s disbelief she had found her prince charming but not every love story has an “ happily ever after” right of course it’s not.

If you thought that her love story was wrong at the end than you are wrong because it’s wrong from the start.

He was her prince but she was not his princess.  But rather to everyone displeasure and astonishment she was the witch in his perfect love story.  Everyone shipped them everyone thought they would make a wonderful pair but they didn’t.

She felt herself an idiot and regretted the day when she saw herself falling for the chocolate brown she always loved to eat chocolates.  That’s why his orbs looked beautiful to her when he would hold her from falling her stupid didn’t growl for food but erupted a huge amount of butterflies she hated it. She must have hated him for creating this genuine feeling to her but being the stupid girl she is she loved him with all her heart.

And that’s it everything started to mess up when she thought everything is perfect he started to hate he accused her for messing up all his life.

But she never found fault in that it doesn’t sound imperfect is it???

Is “Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi” sounded imperfect no right.  It sounded perfect for her in all means.  But not to him it sounded something inappropriate to him.

It was sad that he didn’t love her.  Love was always what she wanted in her life.  “life isn’t a bed of roses” atleast for her.  Her parents were always fighting around and to her shock and displeasure her father had an affair.  But she was the girl who hides her pain with a smile

And she always envies the oberois for their love for each other.  But she was soon made to understand that she was one among them.  She was one of them.  She could hang on them anytime she want.

And now a smile took place in her beautiful place she was happy that she backed out of everything.  The plan of destroying the oberois the kapoors where her cousins ofcourse the oberois were some  what involved in that.  She must be in  the place of bhavya swaping the position of bhavya but she hasn’t done that.  Thanks to her thanks to ISHANA.

She was out of the picture a long time ago.  She has seen her once when om bhai was painting her.  But she know she has broken om bhai upon repair but she must have been given time to explain herself but she wasn’t.

She love him till now dearly but now they are no more now om bhai has got an soulmate.  She have thought many time did oberois have taken any oath to break their loved ones heart no right???

Now she shouldn’t worry of anyone or anything because she has cleared every mess she had created.  She was now standing near the place which always gives her an motherly aroma.  Thinking of what had happened a few hours ago she smiled to herself in triumph.


She had written a note to rudra and moved out of the house safely placing it on his room.

Of course everyone was initially shocked because she had given them all the proofs to arrest all the enemies who were working together to destroy the oberois and their relationships.

With a personal note to rudra stating that “don’t you want to hear the angel’s last speech”

And initially no one understood it but rudra can “HOW CAN HE FORGET HIS LOVE ANGEL”.  The one who gives endless relationship goals.  The one who can he relay on without any doubt the one who can hear all his secrets and laugh at it.

He ran to his room from the hall and he in a moment switched on the radio with all of the family members looking at him keenly no one questioned him.  Or rather no one know what to talk.  Everyone was speechless. And the voice from the radio stopped all of them from their inner turmoil.

Goodmorning to all of you.  As all of you know that that I have been absent for a long time and sorry for that but never mind this is my last speech and last show officially so now you must be happy that your love angel is back.

So today’s topic is all about LOVE.  Love is not always the four word it is not simple as you say it.  I love you doesn’t explain all the person’s feelings it just tell the other that he will love her for all his life.  Love is always the burning passion and the endless stream of affection.  Wherever you are when you are with your partner it’s called home.  “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS” isn’t it???.  Love is all about dreaming about your future with your one with a happily ever after.  Crossing all the barriers with you holding your partner’s hands with eachother.  It is all about dreaming of him and smiling like a maniac while thinking of it in the morning.  Afterall love is all about taking chances isn’t it. But I have missed the chance your love angel have missed it.  I wishno one was unfortunate as I am.  And sorry for that guys now it’s your love angel time to say good bye.

That was no one know what to speak the show had ended with a brief good bye.  And they all know it was her.


There she was standing at the end of the cliff where her mother one died or rather killed herself this place always give her an motherly aroma.  Seeing the sunset the day was full of adventures and she was tired of it she has no one to place her head in their shoulders and sleep peacefully.

She has promised herself one time that she would never ever attempt to kill herself.  But here she was. She had always thought the one who kills themselves are the one who couldn’t face the life and now she was going to be one among them now.

“SOUMYA” his voice rang around the empty hill region.  She hated it when he felt vulnerable all because of her.  How did she forget that he knew this place he knew too well of her he knew that she will here.  But how can he never figure out his feelings for her.  And she hated him for that.

“We can speak it out sumo, we are still friends remember” he said. Now all the oberois have joined him.

She very well knew it was the time to confront everybody she knew they should hold no regrets and she should too.  “I remember it rudra we are still friends that’s the thing I hate myself for breaking the friendship of ours I have already breaked it when I have lost all of your trust on me. Remember om bhaiya you always told me that the trust once broken trust can’t be given back and I know I have breaked it.  Do you remember shivaay bhai telling me that a family member never ever in there dream too think of hurting their loved one right but I have done it right dadi I am not the one whom your friend sended to you I am the one who broke all your hearts trust and everything pinky aunty is always right a dog from the street should never be taken to home because it always behaves as a street dog and I have done it right I will always miss u all anika bhabhi I wish you could change me give me hopes like you do but it’s too late and I need your help tell sahil that I said a good time to him”

Before anyone can say a word and stop her. She should go far away from them because she knew that there affection could stop her.

“ I hope in my next birth. I wouldn’t hurt any of you and break your trust and finally tell prinku that she was always a good friend I could relay on. I wish you all would have an happily ever after and would forgive me for my deeds”

“I wish you rudra and envy bhavya for that your love will always protect her from the evil” that’s it .   It was a goodbye from her side .

Before anyone could stop her she jumped off from the cliff with a smile on her face saying the four words”I am coming ma”.  Now she know that there is no more pain no more heart breaks because she is going to drift herself into a peaceful sleep.  That no one can disturb her mother would be there holding her too close to her heart.  And there is no better place then mother’s arm right. Is there anything better than that right??????


If you survived till the end a hat’s off to you guys because I know I suck at description and grammar so thanks for all who gave it a try.  please leave your opinions down on the comment box. And importantly it’s not edidted.

I am not the one who support suicide but instead of messing up her character seriously they may stop her character. Importantly no BASHING.


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