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sajna ve twinj ff part 17

Sajna ve twinj ff part 17

( dedicated to all who asked for it and my love my life my everything is under construction and others too i have stopped writing in middle now dont have mood to write I lost that enthusiasm to write any thing and i think its not worthy so better to take break surely ill complete my all stories and start writing again when i think i can write right now i cant may be I am feeling low and disappointed dont know why may be mistake is mine that i couldnt write well thank you all for bearing me. Thank you for those who commented and liked also dislikers i love you my supporters sorry for saying the above lines surely ill complete my all those ff for you people but i need some time to get that hope again in me that i can write something. Was having many ideas while writing this(current) ff before starting to write it but right now feeling like i just forgot everything and cant write anything or say I am not able to be a good writer to make you all happy by my writing )

At twinj mansion

Riya left for college as soon as she left kunj came back to home twinkle working in kitchen kunj came slowly there twinkle didnt notice him he back hugged twinkle
Twinkle – ahha screamed being scared
Kunj – shh siyappa queen why are you screaming
Twinkle – ufff kunj you😮😮😮
Kunj pull her by waist

Kunj- yes me only your husband jisko thu bilkul time nahi dethi
Twinkle – awww acha ji
Kunj – haan ji he lifted her up and made her to sit on slab of kitchen he came close to her and rubbed his cheeks against her cheeks
Twinkle- kunj leave me what are you doing
Kunj – shh now no one can stop me dont disturb me now he tucked her hair behind ears which were covering her face then he looked at her pink lips he cupped her face Twinkle closed her eyes giving permission there lips above to meet
Servent – maam where shoud I keep this vegetables

Hearing servent voice twinkle pushed kunj
Kunj made irritated face
Kunj – ha aavo thu ek kam thi romance ki band baja karne key liye aur usse mere sar per rakho 😏😏
Servent- what ?
Twinkle- kunj!!! Shut up… and lilly keep them in fridge servent busy in her work kunj kissed twinkle cheeks quickly she looked at him being shocked and touched her cheeks
Twinkle- you shameless ..look where we are
Kunj – acha I am shameless now ill show you how much shameless I am he said and lifted her in bridal style
Twinkle- kunj leave me what servents will think huh
Kunj- shut up always what kids will think,what riya thinks, and now what servents think huh they all know I am your husband twinkle snd also know I am father of your kids so one will put me in jail dont worry.
Twinkle- hahaha you are funny 😂😂😂
Kunj- jithna has na hey has lo meri jaan till room afterwards you will moan my name winking at her kunj placed her on bed and closed door behind
Twinkle- kunj leave me i have to prepare for lunch
Kunj- first let me have my food you cant escape now siyappa queen

Twinkle- who want to escape shying kunj pushed twinkle on bed and came above her
Kunj- so ready for punishment she node in yes kunj nuzzled his face in her neck and started to give wet kisses and bites there hard twinkle moan his name and turns around in shy kunj made her to face him and did same to other side then looked at her lips and within no time there lips meet and they kissed passionately after sometime they broke kiss breathing heavily twinkle shocked to see her top is not there kunj again captured her lips kissing widely twinke making him calm by rubbing his back kunj took her both hands and pinned it above her head and tied it from piece of cloth so she cant move her hands then he looked at her from top to bottem she is wearing only her short skirt kunj smirked at her twinkle became red in shy kunj continued his sweet tortures and then he covered them self with blanket and two souls become one again.after 3 hours twinkle sleeping on kunj chest making some imaginary drawings and kunj held her by waist tightly and cuddling with her.
Kunj- ufff finally today i got time to romace thank you baba ji
Twinkle- for that work you came soon from office

Kunj- yes baby actually today i didnt go office only
Twinkle- oh why you didnt told me huh
Kunj- if i have told you , you would have spoiled my plan by tellibg kids papa dont have office today and they will sit in home then we would have played ringa ringa roses with them right like last time twinkle smiledat him kunj pulled her close to him and asked can we go for another round quickly
Twinkle- kunj…. you are becoming naughty day by day they took bath and got ready
Kunj- you are glowing today siyappa qyeen if any one asks what is reason behind it then tell my name ok
Twinkle- aur kuch!!! Huh kuch bhi twinkle remembered something she started to kiss on kunj bare chest came upon him and kissed his cheeks ,forehead and kissed on his eyes kunj enjoying it
Twinkle- kunj ….
Kunj understood she want to tell something he switched there position
Kunj- tell me what you want to tell
Twinkle- kunj vo vo….kunj kissing on her neck twinkle closed her eyes
Twinkle- kunj bebe called me she is so sad without us kunj so we have to think now to go back to amritsar. We will forget everything kunj why we punishing those who doesn’t committed any mistake. We will not forgive the people who did mistake but others kunj think about them. Bebe just wanted family to stay together.

Kunj looked at twinkle angrily she got scared he got up from her twinkle held his hand he jerk it
Kunj- how many times I should tell you to not to take amritsar name infront of me haan dont you get it at once you spoiled my mood Twinkle. And haan we will never go there if they want to come and meet us no problem like maa papa comes to meet us when they want but Ill not go there and coming to what you said bebe yes I love bebe lot and respect her decision so only there family living there happily but I cant take risk to live with them under one roof because i cant stay with murderers who tried to kill my wife and babies I dont have big heart like you to forgive them . I will first look for safety of my family then other things . And its may be thousands times i repeated you same still you dont get it. Damn it I was in good mood but you spoiled it. He was above to get up twinkle pulled him and came above him and hugged him tightly
Kunj- leave me
Twinkle- no sadu
Kunj- twinkle i said leave

Twinkle held him tight
Twinkle- sorry na kunj forgive me please sorry for hurting you ill not repeat this again sorry sorry
Kunj- hmm
Twinkle- what hmm prove me that you forgive me. I am sorry na yar I promise you ill not do it again pinki promise in cute voice kunj smiled at her he switched there position came on top of her
Kunj- you said me to prove that i forgive you right so siyappa queen within no time there lips meet its very wild kiss kunj showing his anger hurt and love and care all in one twinkle to responding equally they slept there cuddling twinkles phone rang.
Kunj- who is that idiot now yar
Twinkle received call
Twinkle- ok we will come

Kunj- twinkle who was on call?
Twinkle- our kids class teacher she told
Kunj – ill tell kanasu complaint again that she pushed someone or fight with someone.
Twinkle- arey first listen today is there parents meeting they informed me about it but you made me forget it kunj raised his one eyebrow … now they called and reminded same ..see sadu because of you everything happens in your romance i forgot about my kids parents meet
Kunj- yes i did everything and you were sitting like innocent kid right look at this scratches on my body. Tell now it is also did by me only you enjoyed more than me ok.
Twinkle- awww kunj cuddled more

Twinkle- ok now leave me
Kunj- twinkle give me one more baby na yar I am missing small babies in home we will plan for new little sadu or siyappa queen twinkle pushed him
Twinkle- new baby huh vo ek kham tha mera sar khane key liye . This two devils are there na they are enough for me they are only so toughto handle and in that you are planning to give me new baby huh no baba i am happy with this two only.
Kunj- in that case I am handling three babies twinkle got shocked
Twinkle- what where is other one huh you cheat me 😭😭😭😢😢😢 to whom you gave baby huh mummy ji papa ji
Kunj- shut up. I mean to say tanvir kanasu snd twinkle baby you are also like baby only
Twinkle- oh then tell like that ….wait what you told I am also baby you sadu
Kunj- you agreed that you are also baby . Now dont waste time baby we have to go to school now they both got ready and left for school

At school

Kids are playing in park
Tanvir standing in middle of girls some girls are of his age and others are elders who came there to look at him and talk with him
Girl- today you are looking good
Tanvir- haha shying thank you one girl gave him rose
Tanvir- thank you ☺☺☺
Girl 2 – you are so cute😍😍 and kiss him on cheeks….will you become my friend
Tanvir- ok friends
Girl 2 – you to kiss me
Tanvir- no no first ill ask mumma if she gives permission then ill kiss you ok come lets dance
Girl 3 – I dont know how to dance
Tanvir – why to worry when tanvir is here ill teach you . He cutely did balle balle step and teaching them also
Girl- hey will chacha dance

Tanvir- uffo its not chacha dance rose its salsa my mumma pappa do it nicely but ill try he held his best friend rose hand and dancing his friends came there boys
Boys – oye leave him girls come tanvir we will play
Tanvir- ok coming where are our other friends?
Kanasu sitting like queen and her friends gang of girls behind her showing attitude like her only they are her best friends
Some boys came there with there tiffin box and smiled at them
Arshi – we will give smile
Kanasu- no show some attitude dont smile turn your faces to other side all girls did
Boy – hey kanasu you are looking pretty today
Kanasu- not only today ill look pretty always and say me something new which i dont know
Boy2- kanasu taste this giving his box she eat it
Kanasu- so good yar yummy
Boy 2 -will you become my friend?
Kanasu- ill think and tell you 😎😎

Another cute boy gave her chocolate
Kanasu kissed on his cheeks
Kanasu- keep it up he pull her cheeks saying you are cute she gave him smile
Kanasu- thank you adi
Adi – can i dance with you they both dance and enjoying and other kids too
Kanasu- I think I am beautiful girl in class beauty with brains combination. I have everything best with me.
Rose- oh stop it ok. Iam also pretty
Tanvir- yes
Kanasu – what shy baby . Who called you here to give your opinion
Tanvir- oye I am not shy baby you jealous baby
Kanasu- oye with whom you talk like this haan see ill not share anything with you
Tanvir- ill tell mumma
Kanasu- huhu shy baby
Tanvir- ill tell papa
Kanasu- huhu kanasu kisi sey nahi darthi hey
Rose – hey you dont tell anything to him

Kanasu- oye ill tell ehat you will do . You mad girl
Both started fighting pulling each other hair
Tanvir- stop it stop it girls rose leave my sister kanasu smirk at her
Rose- oh i supported you
Tanvir – dont harm my kanasu they both not keaving each other some couple entered schoold shock to see them they are twinj and other couple is rose mom and dad. Rose’s dad raj is kunj’s friend and his wife seema thinks she is twinkle friend but twinkle dont think like that she doesnt like her
Kunj – kanasu stop it. Raj and kunj stop them kunj lifted kanasu
Kunj- what is this?
Kanasu- she started first

Rose – no she
Raj – stop it now take this chocolates and become friends again they did and busy in there play
Seema – Hi mr.kunj sarna you are looking so hot today
Kunj- oh thank you . Seema hugged kunj raj giving smile looking at them and twinkle burning in jealousy she imagines like pulling her hair and kicking her from top floor she looked at kunj angrily kunj gulf in fear
Kunj pov (oh my god why she always do like this infront of twinkle . Siyappa queen will kill me now )he got seperated from seema giving nervous smile
Raj – twinkle you looking gorgeous and above to take her hand but kunj held it
Kunj – hi raj how are you
Twinkle pov (now ill show you kunj)
Twinkle- raj you are looking so handsome today this color suits on you man
Kunj- gritting his teeth acha siyappa queen ye bhikhari handsome dikh raha hey tuje bhad mey milo thum bathavunga looking handsome mimicking her raj gets call he excuse himself
Kunj – chalo twinkle
Seema – what you told
Kunj – it mrans come seema chalo means come
Seema – oh your voice is so cute

Twinkle- and you are chalak lomdi
Seema – what lomdi
Kunj- twinkle shut your mouth it means you are pretty
Seems- oh i see twinkle you are also lomdi more than me kunj trying to control laugh
Twinkle- kunj
Kunj- sorry
Twinkle- ha bewadi danth kya dheeka rahi hey haan bandhar jaishe lag rahi hey jab dekho mera pathi ko hug karne aathi hey .
Kunj – means
Seems – i know i know she is telling this color suits me I am right kunj node in yes smiling and drag twinkle from there they meet teacher
Kunj- so how they are studying ma’am
Teacher – both are good in studies and in every activity but kanasu fight with everyone and always tells story about serial and tanvir he is good but now days he start to dance with girls no problem but in middle of class they do it

Twinj looks each other face
Kunj- ill tell them ma’am. Thank you kunj lift kanasu and twinkle lift tanvir they made them to sit in car
Kunj tell everything what there teacher told
Tanvir- yes she is right
Twinkle- what she is right haan next time i dont want to listen any complaints
Kanasu- close your ears mom thats it
Kunj – hahaha😂😂😂😂
Twinkle- kunj.. she saw rose in tanvir pocket
Twinkle- oye junior sadu who gave that rose to you

Kunj- 😮😮😮
Tanvir- shying oh mumma
Kunj- he is shying like you Twinkle
Twinkle- you shut up and you chota sadu continue
Tanvir- new girl she gave me mumma and also kiss me here and said me to give it to her too
Kunj- what rose
Tanvir- no kiss kunj stop car in middle being shock
Kunj- did you gave? 😮😮😮 where
Tanvir – no i said ill ask mumma permission then will give you
Twinkle- 😮😮😮 no safety for my sons ijjath all girls are behind him
Tanvir- kanasu too mumma all boys waiting to dance with her .
Kanasu- haan and they give me chocolate daily and gives there tiffin to lovely boys
Twinj – 😮😮😮😮😮
Kunj – dekho dekho tere bache kya kar rahe hey

Twinkle- vo tere bhi bache hey dont blame me now
Kunj- kya khake janm di thi inn dono ko
Twinkle- huhu thu kya khake mujko khaya tha
Kunj- dirty mind theh both goes to shopping as babies demanded and spends quality time together.

In India
Amritsar (morning)
At sarna mansion
Yuhi room yuvi sleeping on bed with his daughter yuvani and mahi on floor yuvi got up from bed and looked at his cute daughter he smiled looking at her and kissed on her forehead then his eyes fell on mahi . His smile changes to anger .
Yuvi – oye mahi get up she didnt move he took jug of water and pour it on her mahi wake up in jerk
Mahi – ahh what the hell
Yuvi- yes hell is for you only my so called jaan he pull her hairs
Mahi – ahha yuvi leave me ahha
Yuvi- dont you dare to scream whats time haan
Mahi – it is 6.00 ahha leave me please

Yuvi – then dont you know i want coffe when i wake up go now get coffe for me he push her mahi goes from there crying and brings coffe for him and gives it to him.
Yuvi sitting in balcony he takes one sip of coffe
Yuvi – what the f**k!!! Did you put all sugar in it haa and gets up from his chair abd slap her hard across face
Mahi -aha yuvi dont lie i tasted it before coming here its correct he slap her again telling you talk back with me
Mahi – please yuvi why you torture me like this everyday forgive me please
Yuvi- dont you know what you did you played with my feeling. So ill never forgive you daily you have to cry for your mistakes.

Mahi – why you doing this with me I am mother of your baby .
Yuvi – dont call yourself as mother . You dont know meaning of it you snatched baby from its mother. You played with emotions of people . How you can think that i forgive you huh never to give you pain i kept you with me . You know right now dont waste my time go and do your work.

When tanvir incident happened and everyone got to know what mahi did everyone angry with her and yuvi too she played with his emotions saying him lie that tanvir is his baby and now when he got to know truth he totally broke down . He just cant beleave it. When tanvir was baby and when yuvi took him in his arms thinking its his baby a new feeling of being father grown in him. When those tiny hands held him he thought it will never leave him for whole life.he was loving his everything his giggles, laughs,cries and those noises till now he remembers every move of tanvir.
He decided to give divorce to mahi . And wanted to file complaint against her because she tried to kill twinkle. She came to him to ask forgiveness. He slap her hard and pushed herand told her not to enter home again hevwas angry on her fpr killing his baby to she never cared fpr her baby which was in her womb. Mahi became unconscious he ignored her doctor checked her and call him inside to talk about her health yuvi said I am not interested she is no one to me then they gave news she is pregnent. He didnt believe it . Then after some check up he got to know they are telling truth so to save his baby this time he acted like he forgive her and rest you know after baby born . He started to torture mahi a lot an

At hospital mahi gave birth to baby girl she was taking rest doctor gave baby to yuvi he asked how is mahi? They said fine you can meet her
No i dont want to meet her but give me baby ill take her home he left to sarna mansion with only baby and mahi in hospital only mahi woke up only to see only she in in ward then no one else mahi search for yuvi and her baby and nurse inform her they left long back mahi reaches sarna mansion
Yuvi – dont you dare to come in
Mahi – w.what ..yuvi
Anitha – yuvi what is this
Yuvi – please you dont say anything to me mom
Anita- but suddenly what happened to you?

Bebe – yuvi puttar ye kya chal raha hey?
Yuvi – sorry because of my wife kunj and twinkle left home i wanted to thorow her out pf my life that time only but my baby stopped me to save this innocent baby i bear her 9 months only to take my baby now i dont want her. She played with eeryone emotions and tortured innocent tanvir she snatched someone baby for her selfishness. She seperated mom from her child . When couple crying in pain of loosing there baby this b*t*h enjoying everything. Iske andhar mamatha ki ek bundh bhi nahi hey .
Mahi – yuvi
Yuvi- shut up..and what you did with me hahaha actually I deserve it mahi i did so many mistakes in my life by listening to my mom. May be just my karma hit me in this way when you cheated me I understood pain of twinkle . I also cheated her in name of love for some stupid revenge of my mom i made fun of her love and when she got to know its all lie she was broken i broke her trust on me and in which pain she went though i didnt understood that time. But now when you brokemy trust i got value of it. God gave me punishment in this way and you are big mistake of my life. I have decided it ill give you divorce
Bebe – yuvi i know she did mistake but you cant make baby away from its mom
Yuvi- but she did this with twinkle

Bebe- you dont stoop low to her level they all try to convence him he said ok ill give chance mahi go in there room yuvi come there and close door.
Mahi- thank you for forgiving me
Yuvi – who said that haan now listen only infront of all you are my wife not in room here you are my servents and you did great mistake to enter here now ill show you what yuvraj luthra does with the people who cheat him. From now daily ill torture you to the core daily yiu have to cry in guilt. From that time mahi lost everything her husband love and care everything what all she had she losted it by her works its her fault totally she made innocent soul to cry now crying everyday
Yuvi try to comtact twinj but kunj never received his calls kunj was angry on everyone. In London he worked hard day and night and now in top position from there only he is trying his best to destroy luthra’s business and also surjith’s .
Fb end
Yuvani woke up

Yuvi – gritting his teeth slowly mahi wipe your tears
Yuvi lifted yuvani
Yuvani – good morning papa.. hey mumma why your cheeks are red
Mahi – oh oh
Yuvi – she applied makeup baby right mahi?
Mahi – yes come yuvani ill give you bath
Yuvani- no my papa gives me . I love papa kissing him
Yuvi – mahi go and make everything ready my office bag , tiffin everything if any mistake then you know right mahi node in yes in fear and left from there

Precap – bebe serious usha called kunj and tells him to come back to amritsar
To be continued…..

(Good bye love you all keep smiling….ignore error no proof reading )

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